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After gathering quite a few people to fight alongside me in "Birthday Wish", this sequel presents a way for each of them to go to Equestria themselves. However, it won't be a relaxing vacation...
The Changelings demand their promise is kept. People have been having weird dreams. James is going to sacrifice himself to save Equestria. With these problems left unsolved, it's up to the Rebel Alliance to once again bring peace to both worlds.

Not sure how this "interactive" thing will work, but I'll find a way. PMs are welcomed and will be replied to. Let's begin.

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Now some rest, I hope I can protect Eve *sigh* who would have assumed that my wish would become reality even before my birthday *look up in the sky*.

Oh gosh I'm actually here!!! *gulp* At the changeling hive….eep….

Guys? Are you ok? What happend?

3618127 It is real, or just a story? Well if it is I wish you luck guys. It look like I am not with you...

3618199 You don't need to be afraid little one *nuzzle you between your ears*. I will make sure that you will stay safe, that is a promise.

3618290 There maybe a way for you, try to reach James, or read what was written within the forum. I have to look after Eve, there are changelings everywhere around us. They are entering and leaving the Hive currently. I just hope that there will be a break so we can get further away.

YES!:moustache: Looks like this is already going well! I'm AWESOME! Your AWESOME! HECK WE ARE ALL AWESOME!......sorry i got a bit carried away there...well this is gonna be interesting and incredible...hey Night Heart! You think you can get away from the changelings without being spotted or would you fight them if they got to close?( I prefer the second but i think it's still best to get away incognito/stealthily...hehe incognito...:rainbowlaugh:)...Well i'm off! Good Day!:moustache:

Hope I'm a Pegasus, I've always wanted to fly, but my vision problems make me unable to join any kind of flying service.

Just a small detail about me if I get written, I always carry my knife, no matter what. My dad gave it to me about 3 years ago. And while I would carry his pistol and a bulletproof vest, I can't wear those as a pony.

Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter. :D

well i'm still fighting with James against the beasty here...might comment later...:moustache:

For reference, you can just place me down as Clever Build. Two words.

Still disoriented, though... Think Luna would have done better with that? And... Where exactly did she put me? Night? Eve? Where the heck are you guys? James?

3620252 *stick head outside of the bush and look around* Hi everyone, sorry I can not say much at the moment, it´s to risky to write to much the changelings could notice me in some way. So I will make it short. We are sleeping within the bush. Eve is currently curled against my side to keep herself warm so she can sleep for now. I will try stay awake so that we don't get any suprises from the changelings *yaawwwnn* ... sorry. Where we are, I don't really know. The only thing I can see are a few bushes and this towering grenish grey and black building of the hive that towers above us. It remembers me a little of the movie alien if you get my drift *yasawwwnn*, excuse me again I am a little sleepy. I hope the sun rises soon it´s hard to stay awake.

Welp...here I am. I...really don't think I can say anything that's not cliché.
Aw, what the hell, YOLO.
Alright guys let's do this!

Well I'm guessing you all know what happened with me so I'm not gonna say it...

Hey, guys, I REALLY hate to tell you all this, but I will have no time to write the story until I get out of school in a little over a week. :fluttershbad: See, I MIGHT have been able to write it at night after school, but my mom wants me to write a short story for school and it has to be original. So no fanfiction. So I'm going to write a story about a cat at Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I'm afraid it's going to have to be on pause. Once I get out of school for Christmas break, I'll be able to write a lot more. I'm sorry guys... school :facehoof:

3622666 Don't worry bout a thing!....no I'm not writing the full song but what I mean is we understand...well at least I do and we'll just wait, no probs man...well until then...

3620558 *yawn* I'm tired too... But I'm still sorta reeling from it all. I mean, I'm in Equestria! :pinkiehappy: I wonder where Clever is... And Incognito?..... Wait, I just thought of something. *looks at self* Am I a Pegasus? Or a Unicorn? Darn, it's too dark to see. Speaking of darkness, did I *yaaaawn* tell you I *yawn* really tired? Cause... I am...... *curls up by Night* G'night.....

Huh...funny no one asks about me BUT I guess that's just how it is...for now at least...hey Night Heart! Can ya see this?

3622666 School? *snort* Tell me about it. At least we got science.

3622840 3622771 It´s okay Eve *gentle nuzzle your neck* if you want you can sleep a little. I will keep you save. I think you are maybe an alicorn as far as I can say in this darkness. How do you feel? I hope you are not hungry or anything.

Yes IncognitoBlazer I can read your comments, it is a little tricky and I get a little headache by writing, but it seems that as we thought earth ponies also have some magic in them, but it hurts a little, but I think it will be easier over time. I can not write much because the changlings could maybe trace the magic to our location. But what do you need from me?

3622903 *perks up* I'm a WHAT?! *smiles hugely, but quiets down* Alicorn?!!! As in, wings, strength, AND a horn!? *lets out a quiet squee*
As for posting, well... It doesn't feel that hard. I have to concentrate, but it's still kinda easy.

3622944 Yes little one, as far as I can say, but please be not to loud, I don't want to risk that anything happens to you. Are you ok or do you need something.

3622903 Well I just wanted to make sure that no ally is without communication with the rest...and also to make sure I can somehow check on your status of your situation and the health of the both of you because No one left behind and I will at least know you both are safe even the I can't help you directly... 3622944 well someone's an alicorn without expecting it...hmmm well stay with Night Heart even though you are an alicorn, and also both of you stay hidden...

3622990>>3622976 Eep... Sorry.....But I'm feeling okay.

3623054 Do not worry it is fine, I'm just advising you in that matter...oh and if you were going to ask, I can keep posting for quite some time without trouble, even though I am sorta IN TROUBLE at the moment, you know with this beasty and all...


Hey, guys... Wish I was with you. Still not sure where I am... think I am either unconscious or blind. Either way, I don't know where I am.

I don't know about the headache from posting, I seem to have an affinity for it. Probably how I am doing this at all, while being possibly unconscious.

Yvette, you're a- Wow, congratulations! You seem to enjoy it.

You know, even if I am blind, the funny thing is that I don't seem to mind much. I do know that we have to regroup somewhere. Night, I'll see if I can try to find you guys... definitely getting a vibe from Yvette. Good thing she's an Alicorn, she's giving off a big feeling. Wish I could see, though.

3624131 ahh you are still with us...somewhere...aren't you teleporting still in the pitch dark? That's how it seems to me at least...we will regroup, just not yet...

3624150 Good, and no... I feel things around me, but this is darker than pitch black. Even in darkness, I can see images my eyes make up for me. This is nothing. I think... I don't know. It's hopefully nothing. But still, if it is what I think, I don't feel too bad about it. I've always loved sight, but this feels peaceful.

3624168 maybe you are in between reality and where ever it is someone goes when the teleporting is in progress...could explain what is happening to you...

3624168 And I know what you mean...darkness can be very peaceful, especially with pure silence and no disturbances...then you are free to think and rest in the dark if it is undisturbed...what I mean is I know what you mean...

3624177 Hopefully, I think I closed my eyes during the flash by Luna... Oh, God. I hope that's not what it was... I can still feel. It seems like I am on rocks. Don't know where that could be.

By the way, congrats on the powerful magic. I hear that's your specialty.

3624189 No, it's fine, I just mean that I have always been scared of blindness, but not now. I feel peaceful with the idea.

3624270 In a way, Yes it is and Thanks! Not many have talked about that since the beginning of this second part of Birthday Wish (maybe they jelly?Lol) 3624278 oh ok

3624305 Nah, they may nots be jelly. I mean, we have an Alicorn, someone who saved this world twice over... Yeah, not that much jelly going around. :trollestia: (God, emoticons are hard to do. But worth it.)

3624418 nah I'm just sayin, and by emoticons being hard to do does that mean you aren't using a PC? And no much jelly going around...YET! Everything's got nothing on me!...I mean technically if you trust me and believe my past comments on the forum...No one knows(not even myself) what I'm capable of because I have so far never reached my full potential...well enough about that and back to the task at han...er hoof...Taking out this thing that James was leading away but it came back! Well I'm still surprised I can post while fighting...huh...

3624131>>3625694 *yawn* Hmmph…..Good morning….*perks up* Thanks, Clever. It's morning now…I think… *GASP* I just thought of something. This is just a theory, but…. if I'm an Alicorn…. does that mean…. I'm a princess? :pinkiegasp: (Man, emoticons ARE hard to do…)

3625823 ...maybe you are?*shrugs*...but of what?

3625836 *blush* well…I don't really know…..It looks like Night's still sleeping..

3625852 huh figures...he hasn't said anything s-whoa!-sorry just dodged something, what was I saying-oh yeah um so he probably is asleep but I think he'll wake up soon...

3625861 Hmp. At least you are having some action. I'm still sitting blind on this rocky- I don't even know where it is. And there is no way you are the best. At all. Maybe you are up there, but I have a hard time believing that you are the most powerful just because you have good magicks.

3625852 Well, a princess! Congratulations! Also, from what I can tell, we are not that far away from each other. I mean, I don't know where we are in relation to any landmarks, but we can't be that far away. Amazing what being blind lets me do. Hope I can get my bearings and find you, though, as I said, that would be hard without sight.

3626378 WHAT?!?! Oh nononono that's not at all what I meant! I was just saying that I don't know my full potential, so it could be really powerful or just a tiny bit more then now...I'm not saying I'm the most powerful thing ever, just saying what's on this comment...

3626385 Oh, I get it now. Good. Also, if what I am getting the sense of is right, then maybe I can help with the 'potential unleashed' thing.

After you guys beat that beast, can you try to find me? I doubt I could survive in the wilderness blind. :ajsleepy: Shameful, I know.

3626378 *blush* well, I don't really know if I am one, I was just guessing..

3626421 Well, if you are, or not, congrats anyway!

3626397 Aw don't worry we'll find you, Eve, and Night Heart...and don't worry, we go dis!

3626480 Thanks for that! Good luck not dying!

3626484 Haha, don't worry about me dying, cause I won't, not that easily anyway...

3626492 Yeah, that would be nice.

3626564 what do you mean by that?

3626571 Not dying is a good thing to put on your priority list...

3626573 ummm oh ok then, but I'm not gonna die until everything I was meant to do is done, and thank god for his help in not letting me die the many times I should've been dead in the past...well I guess I understand what you meant but even when I am dying I'm not giving up that easily...you get what I mean?

3626616 Yes, I understand. God continue to help you.

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