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One foggy morning in Ponyville, the residents wake up to find their deepest darkest secrets sloppily written in red paint on their homes. No one knows who the culprit was, the only thing that the town knows is that it will not come off, no matter how hard you scrub. The town is baffled, humiliated, and in shambles. But no more than Twilight and her friends.

In a time where everything you fought to keep hidden is out into the open, will you embrace your faults or sins, or will you let them consume just who you really are?

Time to fess up, Ponyville.

Thanks to ThePristineEye for the coverart!

Also thanks to Kleora for editing!

Oh, and Skeeter The Lurker for proofreading.

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Um...You switched to center alignment partway through. Other than that, this is interesting. Is there going to be more? I noticed that this story is marked as Complete, yet you've written it in such a way that it appears there will be more chapters coming.


Just fixed the formatting issue. So no more, and thanks for telling me that part about complete...eheh, I clicked the wrong button.

It is most certainly not complete.

Damnit! Why did I think of this?!

Is this not going to be continued? I see a "compete" tag with only one chapter...

Ah, good. I submitted my comment before any of the others shoed up, so I wasn't even sure.

I'm curious as to see who's secret we'll learn of next.:pinkiecrazy:

MY GOD! You sir earn a fav/liked/follow from me!:moustache:

Between the fog and the uncovering parts of yourself you don't want to face, this screams 'Persona 4' to me. That's not a bad thing.

Might wanna comb through it for typos, though. I noticed a few.



You got one HELL of an idea here...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Wow!! You should put "We have stolen from the bank." On Sweet Apple Acres or something!!:ajbemused: <--- Someone's mad at me! :) (Just kidding)

This is amazing! 10/10 for me!! Continue your work! It's wonderful!!

I can't wait to see Celestia and Luna's secret revealed!:rainbowkiss:

3622554 haha that's not bad. I already got something in mind for AJ though...

What the hell, man. I'm goimg to read this.

3622474 Oh hey Skeeter! And thank ya kindly!


Sees two comments on here. One by Eakin. One by Skeeter.

Ignores Eakin, replies to Skeeter.


~Skeeter The Lurker

3622467. EAKIN COMMENTED ON MY STORY. Best day ever! C:

This cover art makes me think Dash is up to something. :trixieshiftright:


Look above my first comment.

Or below, if you have it newer first.

~Skeeter The Lurker

My idea for Celestia's secret...


Ohh, interesting. I am curious to read more.

Great premise, very good implication of an age old concept. You have my attention with this story.
Will there be shipping in this? I hope not...

3622872 That romance box was left unchecked for a reason

Instant fave on this, but I must ask you one, single thing.
Please don't rip my heart out. Please.

Comment posted by Xerzes deleted Dec 13th, 2013

DonĀ“t forget this one:

3622877 Thank you so much. If this thing continues down this path, you might even earn a favourite from me (I only favourite super-amazing stories, or incomplete stories that take a long time to update. The good, very good, and the great only get likes from me)
Most stories, even amazing ones, don't usually get me this excited over their first chapters, but you sir have done it!

Oh, gosh this would be pure torture. I have to wonder if this spell encompasses all of Equestria, or just Ponyville. Have my like and fav. I'll be waiting for more.

3622937 Oh wow, thanks bro! Trust me, I have plans for this that I'm sure you and everyone else will love!

3622953 Looking forward to it! By the way, how long is this story going to be? From what I'm getting out of the first chapter, 15,000-25,000 words would seem ideal, but then again it's only the first chapter...

3623008 Somewhere between 15,000 and 30,000 is what I believe too , that's unless I add more to the story. I had an idea but I'm not too sure if I'm going to implement it yet. Only time will tell!

Twilight's secret ain't all that bad, all in all. Some of the others are going to be, though. Fascinating concept. Practically biblical in its nature. How often do you plan to update?

The premise reminds me of an episode of Murder, She Wrote. I may take a look based on that alone.

I can't decide if your premise here is fascinating or horrifying. Possibly both.

For the record, is there any particular reason Twi has her secret splashed across the front of her house, but Spike doesn't? you don't have to say anything spoilery if it is to be properly addressed in the future, but it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine to dismiss/disregard Spike with little to no explanation, and you do say it happened to EVERYone.....

3623030. Most likely often. I already wrote a little bit of the next chapter

3623040 I chose not to include Spike for a reason. Will explain as the story progresses!

i know what my secret is


3623056 Dunno what entertains me more, your username or your comment...

I like this but please no more of that um 'subject matter' :twilightoops:

Damn, son. Featured already! Nice.
Looks like we have a new epic on our hands...

edit: Congratulations. You've just attained more favourites in 4 hours with this single story than I have total in 3 1/2 months with 4 of mine.

i have a sneaking suspicion im going to fucking love this.
bravo thus far

Cyn, you make this old, crinkly sponge proud. :heart:

Wow. Following.

I hope this is one of those stories where at the climax the town is in a mass hysteria and they start accusing one another.

3623022 I started my current fic, Aged Scales, thinking that it would only be around 10,000 words. It is now 27,000 words and only around 65% finished. A good idea only translates into a good story if it flows well, and sometimes letting it flow properly can make it turn out a lot longer or even a lot shorter than originally planned. Just sayin' that it's a good idea to keep an open mind about the length of one's own stories. :raritywink:

3623137 yay bob didn't disown me this time!

Haha just kidding. Thanks man

Hmm, I like the idea of this. You have my attention now.

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