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The tales of Equestria series is a series that first depicts things before Luna was banished to the moon, and before Discord was sealed away, and ties that in with the events of the present.

This includes the return of and friends and old enemies, all who are lead by an evil Alicorn who plots to overthrow Celestia and rule Equestria.

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Awww Oblivion dont do anything stupid

Need more! :twilightsmile:


I'm not finished with this chapter.

I'll finish it this week...:ajsmug:




wait....WHAT!? daring doo!?

257569 Eeyup.

Also, if you didn't realize already, Cloud Popper is the ancestor of Rainbow Dash. :rainbowwild:

i enjoy this story. i will be tracking it now :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

That was greate, but can we closely look at the part: "As he looked as his body, he noticed his body was decorated with even more bruises and scrapes, and his talon arm was wrapped in bandages. | Discord sighed at his wrecked body...". Don't you thing that the word "body" was a little bit overused? I am not a native speaker so I am propably wrong, but wouldn't it sound nicer like that: "As he looked as his body, he noticed IT was decorated with even more bruises..."?

I love this story! Love it, love it, love it!:flutterrage::rainbowkiss:

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