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A girl so bad at writing she took to learning how to write at University. How'm I doing so far? Yeah, I know-- I'm working on it, I promise.


I'm not a memerable face-- just one seen often at funeral's and on the street with my bow-tie by my side-- but my, don't I have some great stories to tell. Gather round young'un's and hear all 'bout my adventures with my friends and family: Smithie, Tad, Dolittle, and of course your friendly neighbourhood Waddy. It's sure to be one good slice of life ride-- and maybe a slice of pie too eh?

Other stories in the history archives:
The Diary of Diddy Discord
The Legend of Alicorn
The Journals of Silas Sombra

First story-- Waddle you do about it?-- it's not meant to be a brilliant mystery-- but if you want a mystery later you can ask for it? The first slice of ol' Waddle's life.

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Comments ( 6 )

Who the heck cares about Waddles? That's dumb to write a story about him. :ajbemused:

2697539 Thanks. Well it's good to see that at least nine people care about ol' Waddles. :derpytongue2:

Nice to see you again Cid. Long time no see.

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