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Hey! So I'm basically new here and just learning the ropes of writing fanfiction. Let's see how it goes. I'm also the translator of the great "Spike's Mirror" by Saldana.


Young Celestia has gone into hiding in the underbelly of Equestria. Through his vile scheming, Discord has driven her out of Canterlot Castle, engineering a civil war; Luna, her mind and soul poisoned by Discord, has turned into Nightmare Moon. Sooner or later, Celestia must face what she knows is her destiny: to confront and banish her own sister, before the advent of Eternal Night.

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Oh yay!

I am so happy to see this up! :twilightsmile:

Bleak. Dark. Gritty.

Once again, I have to congratulate you on your skill at description. The reader is immediately thrust into this new grey Equestria. And the despair in the air is palpable.

Also very much loving the portrayal of Celestia. The loss of innocence, doing what is necessary to survive, and the bitterness that comes with it, all executed very well. This is a protagonist I can sympathize with. The child has to grow up before its time to be able to face the world's cruelty.

And yet the story never fully descends into that dark abyss, silver rays of hope remain. Foxtrot's kindness and the return of Acier (I actually pumped my fist into the air when I read his name) set a nice contrast to the rest of the chapter. I'm hoping to read more of the latter - his interaction with Celestia especially. I have a soft spot for gruff, old soldier characters.

So far this reads very nicely. The much shorter chapter-length doesn't seem to be a problem at all. Though, then again, this is merely the introduction. The style doesn't seem all that different to me. It's still very elaborate, but only when it needs to be. Verbosity doesn't have to be a bad thing, though. It's a matter of implementation.

Good stuff, Sparkle.

Keep it coming

Yes! Yes! I am extremely excited to see this go up and I am glad you are continuing this story.

I have not read this yet. But I must compliment how much you're willing to do for your unfortunately small amount of followers. I do recall the moment where you were in a dilemma of whether leaving the story on permanent hiatus or continuing on. And now, you're creating the sequel to it. Great perseverance.

My journey into another (hopefully) amazing wall of text begins.

i just now got the chance to read this and I think it pretty good. I hope you do continue this story because I was really looking for every time price of grace got updated. I be watching you now good luck.

Well I was going to post this on your recent announcement, but you've removed that it seems, so I'll post it here instead.

You're stories inspire much, boredom is not one of them, The Price of Grace was a beautiful story, well written, engaging, great characters and a protagonist you could feel for, and truth be told I wish I came across it much earlier. It was one of the better stories I've read to do with MLP and I'm rather harsh, if the story doesn't grip me from the first chapter I'll move on, I may give it till the second chapter to be more fair, again The Price of Grace had me on the first chapter which is quite rare for me, in fact after reading the first chapter I signed up solely so I could comment on such, needless to say when I read some of the comments that seemed to suggest you were going to quit I was crushed, I'd found a great story and it seemed as soon as I had, it was going to end, unfinished, gratefully that didn't turn out to be the case.

Now The Nightmare had me on the first chapter as well, it was(an hopefully still will be) shaping up to be just as beautiful, well written, and engaging as the first. I must admit I'm slightly crushed that you've decided to put it on Hiatus(still I'm glad it's no longer listed as 'cancelled') for now, which I'm hoping is merely temporary, I was looking forward to the next chapter.

Of course, either way, I'm grateful that you wrote The Price of Grace, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, the long chapters didn't concern me at all, although that's an uncommon view. Remember, you have a small amount of people that check back daily to see whether you've updated, myself included.

I did have more to say, but I feel as if this is sufficient.

A shame.

At least it was changed from "Cancelled" to "On Hiatus".

I can, of course, understand your reasoning, and even if not, I would have no right to tell you what to do. Creative writing takes a lot of energy (and a lot of heart), and if you genuinely feel that your efforts are wasted, then moving on and doing something else seems like a sensible choice.

Even so, the selfish prick in me hopes that this particular "Nightmare" won't leave you alone, and that you will eventually come back and finish it. I'll be vigilant for updates.

And should you decide not to, know that I wish you luck in your future endeavors regardless. You have talent. If not here, I hope you can find the appreciation you deserve for it elsewhere.


- Neighkodemus

I really do hope that this story continues, its a simply exclent read that I have really injoyed.


Yes, one of the few that I really enjoy. I would love nothing more than to see this continued :twilightsmile:

I have only recently stumbled upon The Price of Grace, as I found it in the comments for Paradise. The comment that the link was embedded in said that the story was underapreciated. I would have to agree with said sentiment, in that this story surpasses any other that I have ha the pleasure to read in this genre. I believe that The Price of Grace should be recognized as one of the great fics of the fandom rather than be recognized by only a few as it is now. With that said, I am looking foward to the rest of The Nightmare if you so choose to write it. Thank you for the effort that you have already put into this story.

There goes another story that never to be finished :fluttercry:

Well, it's On Hiatus, not canceled. We can still hope.


Right, Sparkle? PLEASE?

Ooh, does this mean it's off hiatus? Reading now.

So does this mean that this story is on again? If so, then I am grateful since I have enjoyed the price of grace a lot! Keep up the good work buddy :)

Yes! Yes! Oh god yes! Good to see you back :D I shall read this chapter greedily.

It been awhile. Are you now working on this story.:pinkiehappy:

Whale oil beef hooked

Oh thank god, I was beginning to, I was thinking it was cancelled.

ooo fuck I didn't know this updated

Yo aurthor were you at?!MOAR PLEASE!! :flutterrage::fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershysad::ajbemused:

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