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little big pony

Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


Sometimes a perfectly good Thursday afternoon is ruined by an otherworldly suitor. Sometimes that suitor is egged on by the love of your life. Bonbon has gotten used to it.


Artist is slypon.

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Comment posted by Captain_Stallion deleted Dec 24th, 2019

The hyoo-man tried to reach for his cassette--which was labeled “Lovin’ Funky Tunes”--only for the earth pony to kick it away. He made a face, reaching into his pocket and producing another cassette. Its title read “Lovin’ Funky Tunes 2: Electric Boogaloo”.

Why did this kill me with laughter...

If the Cover art wasn't enough for me to check this out, the sure craziness is.

Poor Bon-Bon

I've always enjoyed Bon Bon stories.

Author Interviewer

What's a 'sutor'? <.< Do you perhaps mean 'suitor'?


This was suprisingly sweet

This picture and story are just adorable. Also I feel even to her own annoyance, BonBon really loves the crazy ones.

That is easily the weirdest bid for polyamory I have ever come across.

“Maybe you could even stuff something up his butt.”

“I’m not a hundred percent down for that but I won’t give you a hard no.”

A mare walking by the trio let out a scoff, rolling her eyes. A few stallions chuckled good-naturedly. A group of foals trotted toward them, only to be quickly round up and led away by Cheerilee, who was giving them all a dirty look.

Cheerilee definitely wants to stuff something up the hyoo-man's butt. Or him stuff something up hers. Either works.

I don't know whether this is hilarious or pathetic that they do that everyday...I'm gonna go with hilarious!

I can imagine the days following up to this

If he was willing to go for the classic boom box outside the house trick, then he's even clearly done more, like flash mobs and the like. It doesn't help that Lyra wants the love triangle

Hey she gets her mare and her human. Why wouldn't she want her Bonnie to be into it. it helps that Bonnie is seems to love crazy, must be a hangover for when she was a monster hunter for Celesita.

That was damn funny, from beginning to end. Nice work.

Love the subversion of the usual trope. Would love to see a continuation of this.

I'm just going to go ahead and assume from this point forward that Rule 63 Bon-Bon has the voice, and more or less the personality of, DBZ Abridged Cell.

9993351 It appears fixed in the main description, but not in the short one. 🤷

Author Interviewer

Fixed in both now. :B

This story is pure gold...granted I didn’t expect the human appearing..guess I should read tags better huh?

The thought put a pip in the earth pony’s step as she walked […]


Pip vs pep

It could really only be one song he was playing.

Was this like a sequel to cuddle bug?

thank you, i needed a giggle before going to work.

The title and the ending implies that Bon Bon has a minimum wage human workforce, which is honestly quite a funny concept.


The lovable grump personified.

“Absolutely not.”

“Why? What, are you gay?”

“Yes. With you. My wife.”

Best line, absolutely hilarious.


Forgot to comment when I first read the story, love it to bits.

Big sooooftie! :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

“Why? What, are you gay?”
“Yes. With you. My wife.”

This joke will never get old. :3

This all happened in less than two seconds. Bonbon had moved so quickly and efficiently that neither the hyoo-man or her wife could react. It took several seconds after earth pony had settled herself for their brains to even process what happened.

So this is the power of Ultra Instinct?:rainbowlaugh: Nice cute and funny story!

“Butts are for sitting. You’ll be doing that a lot on the couch....”

I see what you did there.

First time in a good, long while that I actually busted out laughing from a story. You get a like and a favorite.

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