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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".


This story was inspired by Twilight Did WHAT?!

Suddenly hearing Pinkie Pie screaming, Eric Reed ran as fast as possible to Sugarcube Corner, where he discovers a heavily distraught Pinkie.

Pinkie claims that she did "something awful" by mistake, and when she tells Eric what it is, he can't believe his ears!

However, the context of what Pinkie said she did might be a little different from what she actually did, even if it's still...murder?!

This story takes place after the events of my "A Giant Adventure to Equestria" story, but it's not required to read it first to understand this story. All you need to know is who Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle are.

However, if you want to check it out and learn the OC human character's Eric Reed's backstory, how and why he's in Equestria, and how his bonds with the other characters formed, here's the link, and it's an 18-chapter story.

A Giant Adventure to Equestria

Last but definitely not least, special thanks to TheHardie-Boy for proofreading this story

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Me at the start: :twilightoops:
Me in the middle: :rainbowhuh:
Me at the end: :facehoof: I should not have been suprised, Pinkie.

Well done! I loved this!

So much for that idea I had that she murdered a Soufflé
Those things are pansies


She might next time...as long as Twilight doesn't murder Pinkie out of pure insanity. :twilightangry2:

Man, you're really killing it with your increasing follower count. I'm proud of you ^^

Once again, the Twilight program has crashed because of pinkie translation error.

It was a gray rock, wearing a pink bow. "Pinkie, is this 'Berry'?" I calmly asked while picking up the rock, but I had to fight the urge to scream.

Okay. My sympathies for having to be so insane that you could write this line. But my congratulations on making me laugh so dang hard with it!

Rocks of the Sedimentary Family, are able to excel at Tag with minimal training.

Largely due to their sediment transportation backgrounds by water (rivers, lakes, and oceans), ice (glaciers), and the wind.

Hide and Seek is also a favorite among the Metamorphic Family, especially during prolonged, intense games due to their profound physical or chemical changes.

This story is so Pinkie.

She does have a knack for mistaking sediment classifications.

Congratulations on earning a spot within my own specimen catalog.


I should of saw that coming.


If you didn't; subversion successful. :rainbowlaugh:

And to be honest, despite what I told Pinkie, I didn’t know if Twilight could use her princess status to protect Pinkie. Her power as a princess isn’t as strong as Princess Celestia’s. In fact, Celestia could probably strip Twilight’s princess status and maybe even take Twi's Alicorn wings if she wanted to.

Eh, personally I doubt that, I think there evenly matched, or at least there'd be the only crater left by the time either one is defeated.


Could be. I personally thought that Celestia is the strongest of all the alicorns (but not by that much), but Twilight could potentially become the strongest alicorn in time, being the element of magic.

Even with jokes about Celestia being useless aside, while it's true that she hasn't been able to take down a villain in the show, but no alicorn has beaten o a villain one-on-one. They always had help, either with the Elements, friends, or with the power of love with her husband.

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