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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.


there is nothing worst then getting prank, especially when the people who prank you, know you. that is the worst! now while Anon himself is not the victim of a prank, he is the victim of circumstance when when he get's dragged into an escalating prank war. although, he doesn't seem to mind.

Authors Notes:
Just because the story has a Teen rating, and has the Sex tag, there is no actual 'clop' in the story. Just some implied situation, and some things that Anon does in the story.

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i'm not sure if i've stated this or not, but mostly all the fics i write stem from a picture that catches my interest, and i developed the story from there.

“In retrospect Tap…it was blatantly obvious that stack of waffles was a trap.” Anon said as he re-adjusted Double Tap’s position in his arms. “I mean it was a stack of freshly made waffles in the middle of the park…don’t you think that was just a WEEE bit suspicious?”


I immediately thought of this

and you'd be correct!

Maybe you should change the rating to Teen and add the >sex tag for this part:

The only that that does bother the young man, was the fact that his face has been mere inches from Double Taps rear end, and getting a generous view of her tail hole, marehood, and her little teats. All of which were causing so many mixed emotions to swirl inside his head…and maybe something else down south, hint, hint.

At least, that's how I think it's what supposed to be added.

I wonder what they're doing upstairs...

Pranking him, duh

Seriously they should've asked Anon first if double tap dragged him into this or if he joined willingly to shoot them down, why should anon lie tho? The punishment could've been to make him attack double tap while they all get their assault on her done and anon like holding her down so it's easier for them lol XD:rainbowlaugh:

"What are we doing on the bed guys?"

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