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Avery is a thirty-year-old guy who loves My Little Pony along with other anime too, he also is a scientist. Sort of, he thinks he still has many things that need to improve and learn. Long words short, he is a perfectionist and never satisfied with what he accomplished. One day, when heading out to eat lunch, he noticed a store he never saw before, which changes his life forever.

T-rated for language and dirty jokes that might appear from time to time.

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Wait, I’m a bit confused, is thatcher MC in twilight? If so why haven’t they recognized her, especially shiny armor, or is this like a universe where twilight never existed

Chapter 1 will give you some hints about OG Twi and Avery Twi:raritywink: Also, who is thatcher MC?

There are spelling errors everywhere but I don’t care because twilight sparkle acting like a pinkie pie is enough for me I will be reading this so long as you keep adding more to it and I thank you for giving me the experience so far already I should watch the store his career closely but I think it will shape up to be something either very interesting very very stupid either way I will have fun

Thank you! Also, might telling me where my spelling errors are? I mean English isn't my mother tongue after all.

at first you got a good plot and was interested. But then it just become hella random. Also anti magic but also hypnotic? WTH?

Basically, I just write down what I think about at that moment. Sorry, that you don't like it, but I can tell you it will get even more random.

I feel like TP is for twilight pinkie Barbara I’m not sure

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