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It's your birthday, but this time it's completely different from your other birthdays. This is your first birthday in Equestria and all of your friends come to wish you a happy Birthday. Of course Pinkie Pie throws you an over the top party and you have a lot of fun. Afterwards, your friends give you a present, each unique and different. But the present Twilight gives you is even more unique.

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*Original comment deleted*
Didn't realize till after posting that you were the guy who doesn't like being helped. I've edited the comment instead of deleting because that makes it look like you are censoring.

Congratulation,its was for the 'd'aww' and i d'awwed a lot at this

if you want to make more Patches stories i would definitely read them

Pretty short, but it was cute for the length.

More Patches please!:pinkiesmile:

awwww.... I DEMAND A SEQUEL!!!!!!

For a moment, I thought you were referring to this patches.

If you say you see your plushie walking around your house, I'd question your sanity... but where I'm from, that's a good thing! :pinkiecrazy: In honesty though, this story had feels, and I'm gonna go check the sequel now...

Beautiful story

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