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Star Log, the lesser-known older sister of Daring Do, is an intelligent filly, and later mare, who adores her family and wants her younger sister to be a bit more social. Her talent for maps and charts doesn’t seem like it will amount to much, even if it also aids in her writing of stories, but she might be surprised how that could change.

Early chapters are focused on early years of Star Log and her time with her family, while the later chapters will focus on her time as an adult.

Warning: some of the later chapters could get pretty dark, probably even a little grim. Appropriate tags will be added in as the story progresses

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Snow Feather is a relatively unknown Art Restorer in Canterlot, and for the most part she likes it that way. Of course when I say in Canterlot I really mean near Canterlot, seeing as her little shop is a good trot outside the city proper. She's had no real problems, besides the occasional entitled elite trying to reprimand her for telling them they wasted their bits on a forgery and were duped by a supposed expert into believing it was the genuine article.

This version of the character was crafted for the Quill and Blade universe, which is the primary property of Anzel and Crystal Wishes. The original version is for a world I'm still working on, her story there has yet to be posted.

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This story is a sequel to Queen Takes Dragon

It's been almost five years since Spike and Chrysalis started living together. They are now raising a family of considerable size to a pony, but considered small by changeling standards. With 24 individual changeling foals, some with distinct properties that might make them more mischievous in the coming years, the two can have their hands full from time to time. However their peace becomes threatened when Chrysalis's "side of the family" makes an appearance, things seem to only get more complicated when Chrysalis and the princesses try to take the peaceful diplomatic approach.

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After Twilight Sparkle moved to Magiville it took her a few weeks to make everything feel just the way she wanted it to, now it's been a few weeks and she's getting ready to make some preparations with her friends.

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Lovestruck and her daughter move to Ponyville, partly at the insistence of Princess Cadance. It's been years since Lovestruck was last in Ponville, and for her five year old daughter this is a whole new experience. After a certain incident, which will not be named in order to keep some parties happy, Lovestruck moved to the Crystal Empire to assist Princess Cadance at the insistence of Princess Luna, now after Lovestruck has known the rewards of having had her own bundle of joy for a few years Princess Cadance has suggested that Lovestruck and her daughter return to Ponyville so that the filly can understand why the town is so important to her mother, and maybe make some good friends in the process.

This story takes place in the Kilalaverse, so please let me know if I'm futzing up some of her characters when they are in the story.

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This is my first entry into a kilala97 fan contest. In fact it's my first entry into a fan contest period.

The story is about how Candy and Pinkie discovered her terrible sense of direction, I don't know how good it will be since this my first time writing a story like this. The story will bounce back and forth between the time of the actually event and the ones telling/listening to the story. The story starts with the premise I had, Candy's little sister asking how they found out she had a bad sense of direction to begin with. Hope it's acceptable to everyone, and I got all the characters somewhere in the ballpark. If it works out I might try for another entry or just turn it into a set of stories told by older siblings to younger siblings about how they arrived to a certain self discovery.

Also for those of you who have designs on giving the story down votes please leave comments about why you dislike the story.

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Rec, Mandi and Claudia are young Seekers for a group known as the Tempest Association, or Association for short, and are considered one of the best young Seeker teams that they have. So what happens when a trio of teens and a young girl from a world like our own, but with the foundations of all the old stories existing in a different way than most would anticipate, end up in a world of Pastel colored talking equines with many of those old myths being living creatures? We are about to find out!

This is my first attempt at a crossover, also could be considered my first Humans in Equestia story

This is a Huntik crossover story

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Storm Walker, Dream Step, and Eclipse Touch have made their escape from Bridleton to Equestria. Why? That and more will be answered. Also be prepared for magic lessons and life lessons for both teachers and students.

This is my second go at the story, as is evident by the new title. I am trying for a revised version of the story, give input on how the changes are coming. As always, I don't have any problems with you using my OCs for your own projects and just give me a heads up they will be used.

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After reading an article about a new team of super powered ponies Masked Matter-Horn and Radiance travel to Derby Heights to learn about a new trio of super powered ponies. After a brief encounter with the city's criminal element they meet the trio and learn something that sends the Masked Matter-Horn into a series of actions she and Radiance never thought the mare would even play at.

This is a one-shot Power Ponies story, feel free to use it as a source for your own projects. I didn't know what other categories to put in, feel free to tell me. The first chapter was now being treated as a test run, things will be expanded in the soon-to-come official chapters. Tags will be added as needed, feel free to tell me what tags are needed in the comments of the chapters. If the story starts getting more gruesome I will be changing the rating.

You'll also notice I added a new genre to the story, that's because after taking a close look at my writing that's what I noticed it was like. While I will admit it does have potential adventure elements I will also point out that when I tried to check off Slice of Life and Adventure the system told me they were conflicting genres and didn't allow it.

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Silver Fall is a rare sort of dragon, a hybrid of Western and Eastern dragon. She always had been a bit too different, driven home by her choice of partner and fact she had offspring with him. Add abilities that most dragons don’t have typically have. Now, she’s trying to have some semblance of an ordinary life, with ponies. Enjoy, and please no auto-hates; seriously I don't want to see a mass of thumbs down with no explanation, if you dislike the story explain why.

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