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Lovestruck and her daughter move to Ponyville, partly at the insistence of Princess Cadance. It's been years since Lovestruck was last in Ponville, and for her five year old daughter this is a whole new experience. After a certain incident, which will not be named in order to keep some parties happy, Lovestruck moved to the Crystal Empire to assist Princess Cadance at the insistence of Princess Luna, now after Lovestruck has known the rewards of having had her own bundle of joy for a few years Princess Cadance has suggested that Lovestruck and her daughter return to Ponyville so that the filly can understand why the town is so important to her mother, and maybe make some good friends in the process.

This story takes place in the Kilalaverse, so please let me know if I'm futzing up some of her characters when they are in the story.

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Some spelling errors here and there, but otherwise interesting!

5633863 I'll be going back and see if I can spot and fix them later. Also thanks for the fave, wanted to say it on your page, but for some reason I couldn't leave a comment there.

I rely want to know how the masterplan goes :twilightoops:

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