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I'm happy to make a friend


Fluttershy was always a mother to the animals she cared for. Always helping other ponies when they're in trouble, putting aside her own fears to help them. But a chance meeting with an injured foal may be her hardest challenge she could ever do.

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This is a little better than before. Looking forward to more.

7144374 Yeah. It turns out moving fast between tabs while editing a story can result on a delete option.......I think you get what happened

Comment posted by Sonic Rainboom Dash deleted Apr 26th, 2016

"hE IS NOt mEanT tO Be HeRE. hE wILL RuIN tHis wORld. He MuSt nOT LiVE."

well damn, not even five chapters and flare already has haters lol
nice story btw :)

7162970 All will be explained in due time.

I always laugh whenever I read a story with the pony health care system not being free.
Equestria, the land of friendship, where the biggest villain get second(s) chance(s) and where you gotta pay to get medial help...

Anyway, decent chapter, even if I think your protagonist is going along far too easily, no denial, no conflict...

A child is a big difference from an animal.

Not as far as I'm concerned:moustache:

7166562 That wasn't really a proportional response...

;r&f&g/j(ยด P.O.V

"hE IS NOt mEanT tO Be HeRE. hE wILL RuIN tHis wORld. He MuSt nOT LiVE."

hhhmmmm I think I have enough of those adoption storys I prefer, to give this a chance.

I mean I never really know what to expect if storys like this start to get mystical. In some storys the bonding moment's suffer because of that, but I give it a fair chance, till now it is good enough.

will there be a next chapter?

if you are happy to make friends, then I'm happy to be your friend :pinkiesmile:

great story but need to fix the grammar error in it

awesome story still has grammar error in it

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