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Frisk and her friends have finnaly escaped the Underground, but they didn't walk out onto earth. They......heh, you get the idea.

*Crossover with Undertale and takes place after True Pacifist ending.
Takes place after Mlp season 5 finale*

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Sand looked at him confused before turning his head and he looked shocked for the first time. "Welll, that's never happened

"I don't know Luna," She said. "But I think we should head to Ponyville.

Let me know if there's any speling errors and he sure to fix it

Its to believe he's our relative

Something is missing in this last sentence. The rest I've put in bold. Also the second one is missing ending quotations.

6919717 :rainbowlaugh: GOD DAMMIT! Thanks

*one minute later*


Very interested in where this story will go :pinkiehappy:

Pap's gonna be Pap, I guess...

Her friends on the other hand were having an even more difficult time since they've never seen it, except for Papyrus and Sans since they have no eyes.

Missing word.

There are some simple errors, but this intro is amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Yes, yes it was. Poor Rose and Flutters. Keep up the good work!

Poor Rose! :rainbowlaugh: Anyways, this looks promising and good, even if the chapter has less than 1000 words (which I prefer). Keep up with this! :rainbowkiss: Also, another thing: The lack of Mettaton in this disturbs me, but we have Undyne here (who is my favorite) so I guess this is indeed awesome :twilightsmile:

i like this so far... it has potentical... and yes i know that's typo'ed.. i have horrid spelling...

welp can't what to see more... and pvzMLP stay determined!

Frisk hoof-palmed.

You mean face-hoofed, right?

the cover art is absolutely adorable, im not even joking. :raritystarry:


I was just thinking of this story, wanting to see what happened next, only to hit the homepage button and see it in the updated story list.

GET OUT OF MY HEEEEAD oh wait don't do that. Gimme more.

The yellow flower...

Hmm...since this is post the Pacifist ending, Flowey might actually be good now.

6929804 I hope so, Tats. I really hope so...

6929804 Hehe. Don't worry he'll be Good, but.......

Golly, they're right fucked aren't they:pinkiehappy:

6930038 Why do I have the feeling that he will have similar attitude as Discord, the "don't worry, I am not evil anymore, but I will still mess with you"?

Just fucking burn it. BURN THE MONSTER FLOWER.

..........A Flower...A freaking talking flower that she could eat if she wanted.....is one of Rainbow Dash's nightmares.....I'm not sure whether that's suppose to be funny or pathetically sad on her part. Good laugh regardless.

6932486 Remember that one episode with Luna and the Tantabus?

6932496 I remember it, why was there a talking flower or something? Only detail I can't remember.

Yes. Her awesome dream of fighting Changelings turned into a peaceful, tranquil nightmare of singing yellow flowers. One even sang about playing a flute before doing so.

I don't get it. Why is Flowey so nice if he was experimented on by Twilight?

6932837 No there was another yellow flower in the middle of the room. Flowey was by a bookcase.

6932856 Wasn't there an Undertale fic where Flowey kept on being eaten by everypony?

6932496 Please have at least a thousand words. It's torture reading such teeny bits at a time.

you don't seem to be working yourself, down to the bone

6933084 yeah yeah this chapter was meant to be a short joke/troll chapter.

6933136 like the picture though, very well done and very adorable

Papyrus rubbed the back of his skull. "Well....see....about that." He tried to get the words out.


6933319 No it's actually well

I dont mind the shortness, but I too, wish for longer. Anyway keep up the good work.

As they landed Papyrus's head was upside down.

red is corrected words

6933530 I'll try, but no guarantees

6934643 Im fine with that. You too, has a life

Does Toriel not know Flowey is her son?

You know you can make them long right?

Oh no... Things are going to be crazy

6936091 Prolly not.

Beautiful Chapter as per usual. Freaking Asgore is all knowing and stuff. Also, "Oh! Hello Princessssssss, the monsters are right behind me. The King and Queen are wanting to meet you." *nervous chuckle*

6936091 From what I understand Asgore and Frisk are the only ones that know.

6936790 odd i've done the TPR few times and when i talked to Asgore and them they never really say/hint to knowing what happened... or if they do they never let know... i would have to check the wiki again.. that's where all the info is and might let us know if Asgore knows or not...

but keep up the great work pvzMLP but i'm sure it will be Snow problem for ya..

6936843 Then again, Flowey never did say if he told Asgore he was Asriel.

6936790 I thought it was only Frisk and maybe Sans.

6936790 Actually, I'm pretty sure Asgore doesn't know either. While Flowey did tell him everything the first time around, he eventually reset to before he did so. There's no telling whether or not he ever told Asgore again.

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