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After so long, the barrier preventing the monsters of the underground from feeling the sunlight on their skin (or fur, scales, bones, etc.) has shattered. Everyone is exploding with anticipation to see the horizon from the top of Mt. Ebott, to feel the clean fresh air, and to experience the wonders of the surface. Giddy excitement turns to confused shock when everyone finds them self not atop a mountain overlooking the sunrise, but in a dark forest with an air of fear in the mist at their feet.

The lives of the residents of Ponyville get a little more interesting when seven visitors unlike anything Equestria has ever seen appear out of the Everfree forest. While they are intimidating at first (especially a certain blue one), they are quite friendly once you get to know them. There are only a few problems, they have nowhere to stay, and many more of their kind are coming.

Crossover between Undertale by Toby Fox and MLP:FiM. Set at the times of the True Pacifist ending and before the Season 4 finale respectively. Moderate spoilers for Undertale.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 166 )

I'm liking this so far. I will keep an eye for future chapters.

OH mi god... tem redi fur dis!!!!!

These two chapters left me with a big grin on my face. Faved/tracked.

this has a lot of potential... im quite interested

yep... putting it on my traking list!

this is a great read so far. it's got lots of potential, i hope it doesn't get cut off.

lol Loving this so far.:D .... I do hope that Frisk in this is female though. I like to see her and Chara as counterparts: Chara as a male and Frisk as a female. But, that's just my preference.

Oh, and out of curiosity, do you have plans to later have them be in fights later on? Cause I've got ideas as to how their powers would translate into a 3D setting, if you're interested.

There will be fights, and I have some idea of how I am going to transfer them into 3-D and incorporate them into the story.
How that will happen will remain a mystery....
...for now. :raritywink:

6786184 lol Well, still feel up to discussing ideas about such?^^

Comment posted by PokemonVirus deleted Jan 1st, 2016

Oh, Sans. Just wait until he meets Pinkie Pie.

From the land down under? Was he from Tartarus!?

From the land down under

.......Oh god.........


Good chapter....

Really? Wowie! Thank you so much Ms. F-Fl-Fluttershy! You have no idea how much this means to us!”

“It’s no problem at all! Oh, but it’s just Fluttershy… sir.”

“Right just Fluttershy! I’ll go get my friends, they’ll be so happy to hear this!”

Why does this cliché always make me laugh!?

Great chapter btw!


The sight of a talking zebra who only speaks in rhymes in a creepy old forest...

It fills you with determination.


You are capturing their personalities on spot.

I love it.

For as long as this story will go on for, I'll make a determination a running gag here too.

The fact that somebody is actually doing a story about the famous video game Undertale and is actually quite good...

It fills you with determination.

might want to check the chapter title, "visior" should be "visitor."

You receive a *like* from one of your readers...

It fills you with determination.

Hey if the shot Flowery with the element/ rainbow power would he turn back into kid Arsriel for good? It worked for Luna, Sunset and human Twilight.

6788986 Might want to check again, the "t" is in the wrong place. :P

Thanks again, I also fixed the description, meant for it to be before season 4 not 3. :twilightblush:

Wowie! You've earned a favorite from me. Your writing matches the character's personality very well. Looking forward to more! :heart:

Seeing Papyrus give Fluttershy an autograph...

Fills me with determination.

Hrm... the messages... W. D. Gaster?

Tracking this, along with a half-dozen other Undertale fics until they run long enough I know which ones are good.

Seeing a fic like this... Fills you with Determination.

Next Chapter is almost done' I've been really busy recently but it should be up real soon.

6824583 That's good to hear. :)
IRL always takes importance even if it means I quit site

Guys! I have a confession! I don't like Toriel. Papyrus is best mother. Asgore is actually a good ruler and this story needs more Mettaton.

So before Season 4's finale huh? Looks like badass pacifist Frisk is going mercy the **** out of Tirek.

Are you talking about that one comic dub with buff Undyne trying to make Sans super buff? Also, is Frisk a shameless flirt, a pun master or a mute?

It was well worth the wait. Good job!

Popato chisps, you say?

Which comic is that? The reference is to something in-game.
Also Frisk talks in a special kind of way.

We have a winner!

XDDD Gotta love messing with Dash. She's just so fun to mess with.

A new story
It fills you with determination.

Comment posted by Sarachi deleted May 12th, 2018

Now I want to see an Undertale mod with each of the Mane 6's fights.

Frisk knows Cooking with Undyne only ever ends one way, and I might have expected tensions would flare when Undyne and Dash met... Wonderful. :rainbowwild:

Sadly, the chisp machine is really easy to miss if you don't know about it, and even if you do, you probably have better healing items on you at that point.

My favorite food item in UT is the Spider Donut, because in the menu it gets abbreviated to 'SpiderDont' and when you eat it, it says "Don't worry, the spider didn't."

6786184 I'm assuming any fights would be played for comedy because a central point about Frisk/Chara in the Genocide route is how functionally invincible their time powers make them and some would argue that True Pacifist Frisk is in his/her own way every bit as powerful as Genocide Chara.

It kind of takes the tension out of things knowing that Frisk can lolnope anything less powerful than Omega Flowey.

Except when you're in Serious Mode, then it's just Pie.

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