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Frontier Militia pilot Kody Steele and his titan, FX-1913, experience a dimension shattering journey when FX's Phase Shift drive leaks. Finding themselves in Equestria, they have no other options but to adjust to the new scenery, and the unique locals.

Before long, they find themselves playing a pivotal part in a nation-wide conflict, forced to use superior technology to turn the tides of war.

Will it be enough to get everyone out unscathed?

Titanfall 2 Crossover.
Tags change as the story develops.


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Sweet. I'm working on a similar story. Can't wait to see how someone else's take on the "Titan in Equestria" scenario!

Liked and followed!

This is a .... Pretty good story...and I mean really good...so far... I haven't even found a spelling mistake.... Keep up this good work man, because it really hard to find a good Titanfall story

Im intrigued so far. Cant wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you! I'm also curious as to how you might approach this crossover. I look forward to reading your story, once it's released. :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much! This is the first of many stories I've allowed myself to upload; I'm incredibly self-critical so it's somewhat miraculous that this particular story made it through. I must've gotten lucky so far, I don't actually spellcheck that much. Glad you're enjoying it though!

Hopefully it lives up to your expectations. :twilightsheepish:

Zenai #5 · Dec 1st, 2016 · · · 1 ·

Seems like a unique crossover with good writing. Will read more once released. :twilightsmile:

I'm really impressed on how everyone acts in-character and doesn't attack the guy because he's "different", it's refreshing to see that sort of thing after so many stories ran that trope into the ground.

Great job man, I look forward to see what this story brings.

Not bad. Keep it up!

I'll admit I started reading this and expected it to, well to be blunt, be utter garbage. I'm very pleasantly surprised and hope you keep it up. No major errors that I saw btw. Might want to change your long description up a bit though. The way it sits now is kind of cluttered and doesn't do a good representation of the story.

Might need to keep an eye out for me being a gun nazi later on though.

Thumbs up and onto my watchlist.

Really like the direction this is going, keep up the good work! :rainbowwild:

Interesting. I look forward to more.

Keep it up.

While I do not agree with the shortness of the chapter, I still immensly enjoyed this chapter! Great English, decent humor while still keeping it fairly realistic. (Or at least it's realistic considering that it's an alternate reality with magic horses. )

Do update when you can, I'm anticipating the continuation of this small gem. Have a favorite. :twilightsmile:

I'll give you a full on review once I feel like the story is complete.

i know next to nothing about titanfall 2, but this is perfection.

Great story, good humor but too short im afraid.

Aim for making your chapters about from 5-7000 words long as it is the ''golden'' middle. anything more and some people could get bored halfway. And it allows you to update more regularly if you get into a rutine of about 5-7k words.

Thank you! I personally feel it's far from perfection but I appreciate it!

Allow me to apologise again for the chapter shortness. I was indeed a little drunk due to a family issue, and I stopped writing before I ran the risk of writing nonsense. There will be a point where the story is complete. I have the basic frame of an ending planned out in my head, but it's considerably far away. I'll try to keep the small amount of humour going the way it is, as it seems to be working.
Thank you for the favourite! It means a lot to me that you're enjoying what I've written so far. :twilightsmile:

Thank you. I'll try my best! :raritywink:

Thank you again for reading. I'm glad I'm taking it places that everyone seems to like.

I'm pleased I could surprise you. Noted about the long desc, I've expanded on it a little and I hope it sits better. If not, just let me know again. I'll keep trying until I get it right. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you like it. I tend to lose sight of personalities in the middle of writing, so I'm happy to hear I'm managing to keep the characters consistent. I was never too keen on what's essentially racism in some stories; I'd rather the ponies be taken by (scientific) curiosity as opposed to thinking any new creature is going to kill them without mercy. They're a friendly bunch in canon, are they not? :twilightsheepish:

I understand that I'm currently writing chapters that are too short. I need to find a rhythm at the moment, as life is a rollercoaster of hell right now. The updates will definitely slow down, and hopefully the quality and wordcount will increase.
Thank you, though. I appreciate the advice, and I hope I can keep you interested.

7763200 Looks a lot better to me. :twilightsmile:

Hm, short chapters but... I'm actually fond of the humor it's got.

I can't wait to see how this all plays out, especially with the interactions between pilot and titan, since it may end up to be quite interesting.

On that note, at least Twilight isn't thinking about attempting to dissemble the titan yet, but really...? Wearing the same pilot suit for MONTHS? No wonder Rarity is having ideas of what clothing to make him... or at least I think she's planning it? Oh and I wonder how they would react this his free flowing momentum. Especially if he could have a chance to showcase his wall running.

Hoo boy do I love me a titanfall fic. Ima follow this one to see how it turns out, keep up the good work!

Lovin' this story so far, you got my like, and I'm definitely watching for any future updates!

More Please. :pinkiehappy:

I apologise for the longer period between updates, but I'm going to try and make bigger chapters from now on. You guys deserve it. Unfortunately this means they'll be more sparse, and I have no particular schedule for them. I might try to push out one a week, but no promises.

Awesome. Thanks.

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it thus far.

The development of the titan/pilot relationship is still a mystery to me; I'm writing this very impulsively. Chances are it's not going to go much further than it is, considering it's already so close to a typical relationship between super close friends. I even feel that is taking it too far.

Twilight will get curious pretty soon. It's in her nature to be as such, and honestly I feel it's wrong that I've made her so tame. And Kody will get a chance to show off soon enough. His kind of movement takes a lot of practice to keep up to scratch. :twilightsmile:

I'll try my best to keep it up. Cheers!

Thank you, hopefully I live up to your expectations.

Here is more. More is here. You have more. :rainbowwild:

Might want to use the crossover tag

Kmon m8 you gotta pay attention in a warzone

I'm thinking of writing a theme song for this story. I'm literally not sure which direction I'd go; I play quite a lot of genres but it's mostly metal, or things with a lot of guitars. Not sure it'd fit. Maybe something electronic?

Make it a mixture of the two. The metal represents the giant hunks of metal we call Titans, and the electronic represents the technology aspect of things. Just a thought.

I'm now rethinking my crossover so it won't look like a copy. The, I'm glad about that! I wasn't doing to hot.

I'm really enjoying this! The long chapter was a pleasant surprise.


I'm laughing, thanks for pointing out my super dumb mistake. Fixed.

Titanfall horsefic; right on, man!
Keep up the good work, cant wait to see whats next

This story's looking pretty good, so far. Looking forward to reading it 'till the very end.

maybe something a little like... THIS


Close. I can think of another Titanfall 2 song that could work. But he can also make his own if he wants to.


TitanFall Music is best game music. These are my favorites of the TitanFall songs.

While I do enjoy the story still, I'm slightly bothered by the fact that he doesn't even seem to try to get back to his old world. While it was a war going on there, it must have been considered a HOME. So, while I do wish for more internal conflicts and a slightly longer time before simply accepting to be permanently there, I do enjoy it. Update soon. :twilightsmile:

7788482 align with Giants is my favorite :derpytongue2:

7789143 Mine too! the call back to Until the Titanfall makes it even cooler for the people that remembered it.


Keep in mind, he's pumped full of meds because he recieved head trauma when he landed. Eventually he's probably going to become right as rain and get his normal train of thought back, right? :trollestia:


mind if I throw my hat in? I would say this song my tryhardninja would work

Good story. I'd like to see more!

I'm working as fast as I can on the new chapter. I apologise profusely for it taking so long; I'm going through a pretty rough patch right now. Not to mention I was away from my computer for a week, celebrating the holidays with my family. Rest assured, it's coming, but I can't give a date.

Sorry, and thank you.

I feel like the voice of FX would be somewhat similar to Tone or Ion's.

"Someone landing a little heavily doesn't justify attacking with prejudice."

Landing "a little heavily" just outside of a town, and then approaching with weapon drawn and a mech at your back? Assuming you were up to no good isn't unreasonable here.

I understand you, however:

Considering they were attacked almost immediately after getting up, one can assume that Rainbow Dash had been observing them for a period of time beforehand, which would imply that she'd seen Kody just laying about on the grass. Besides, the ponies don't know what Kody's weapon is, so wouldn't immediately assume it's such a thing, considering they're generally a peaceful species.

Also, I specified in the next chapter that the walking journey took twenty minutes. Not really too far away, but not exactly close. Not close enough for everyone (besides a select few with a vantage point, say, RD on a cloud) to see and assume as a threat, and even then it's not exactly close enough to BE a threat to the town.

Mech-wise, yeah. I can understand RD acting a little aggressive when faced with something taller than a house; that was really the main reason she was aggressive. In hindsight I should have written her attacking FX but I dont particularly want to change it now. The injury will probably be referenced in the future.

Forgive me for the paragraphs, I just wanted to explain my reasoning.

7949049 seeing how's you responded to a comment within the last 24 hours I'm guessing the story isn't dead, just delayed by life stuff? Even if it is dead atm, have a like and fav. I've seen "dead" stories come back so I always track stuff I love regardless. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go show people why YouTubers are wrong about Northstar sucking :moustache:

Definitely not dead, just severely delayed because I currently can't get any motivation to do anything creative. Thank you for the like + fav regardless, I try almost every day to make myself write, but that could kill the quality of what I write. This is the first thing I've written properly and released here; the overwhelmingly positive reaction has set the idea in my brain that I have to write the best content I possibly can to please everyone, which is playing a part in the delay.

Going to put the story on hiatus whilst I regain the motivation to write.

7953441 that's perfectly fine man. I can understand completely. And I think we would all prefer to wait a bit for a really good chapter than have a rushed one that feels bland and dry and drives us away from the story. Take your time man, great things take time. Don't rush lol

7946880 Wow, I didn't realize this had gotten a reply! :applejackconfused:

I do get what you're saying here, and I'm not disputing that it was an overreaction. Just that he has no right to be indignant here. Whatever his intentions, his posture was undeniably aggressive, and he had no way of knowing it wouldn't be seen as such.


Suppose someone trained in what's effectively a military force would have a generally aggressive posture. Fair play. The intention was to portray a relaxed 'meandering'. just loosely holding his rifle by his chest and wandering forwards, but it makes sense that he'd be trained to hold a combat stance, and that it would kind of 'bleed' into his normal movements, as it were.

God I swear I'm trying to write this story and want to write this story but hhhhhh

8018444 Posture in this case was meant to be figurative. :twilightblush: My point was simply that he's acting as if he hasn't done anything to be imply hostility, while he has a weapon in his hand and a heavily armed mech backing him up.

And yeah, I know how that goes. I can't seem to get any momentum with writing these days.


im sorry im very tired

Yeah, that does make sense. Big things are intimidating in FX's case, and a rifle isn't exactly inconspicuous either.
im good at writing sometimes trust me i totally think my paragraphs through

Ooh! I like this so far:twilightsmile:

*tracks and likes*

I shall spammeth thy like button!

Excellent chapter hope an new one comes out soon

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