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This story is a sequel to Starlight and Sans

Author's Note: Featured! Oh my God, thank you all so, SO much! :D

Life for Equestria will never be quite the same now that two worlds have united. The Monsters from the Underground of Earth, the human ambassador Frisk, both are eager to make friends with a new kind of being...the pony. And the ponies, in turn, are quite eager to welcome more friends into their lives, especially those who seem so willing and talented! What could go wrong? Well...actually a lot. But a lot can go RIGHT too!

A collection of stories done in collaboration with me and MisterEbony, to give to you, the reader, a peek into the best of two worlds. I hope you all enjoy them half as much as we enjoyed writing them!

Chapters (51)
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Comments ( 536 )

I was going to congratulate you on the adaptation of Crunchy Frog, but then you went and called it by name.

Also there's a "flower" that should be "flour".

Still, I like it enough to thumb and follow.

Frisk has an ethnicity?

Ok. You win. I laughed. :rainbowwild:

Trust me there'll be more. :)


Well, yeah, in this one, he does. Cuz his skin color and appearance in the game kinda made me think "Oh, he's got yellow skin but brown hair, so...Asian-American, a "half blood". Cool."


Ah, thank you! I'll fix that. It's always good when people point out my minor errors.


Then I've done my job! ^_^

Frisk had a really bad time, din'he? :applejackunsure:

Poor lil' hero. :fluttershysad:

Great start! I love the idea with Muffet and changelings:)

Okay, I am very interested. A crossover slice of life with Undertale containing a unique and entertaining form of narrative exposition? Sold! :raritystarry:

Now I wanna see what the rest of the characters shall do :moustache:

Wait... The player is still here? Ohhhh frisk, you little genius.

6874405 Okay, fine. Frisk's skin tone DOES have a yellow tint. Please tell me you didn't make Frisk Asian-American because of its eyes...


Not really, it was the skin color mostly. The idea of him being kind of half Asian, Half American made me think back to Cyborg 009's main character, Joe, who's seen as strange because despite being Japanese in appearance, he has distinctly brown hair which most Japanese people don't have. So as such, he feels he doesn't belong in the orphanage he's in, and often feels the odd man out, getting into trouble without meaning to. I kept thinking of him when I saw Frisk, and decided to make Frisk an Asian American because it seemed to fit.

6876468 That makes sense. I miss Cyborg 009...

"Go to HELL." Muffet snarled, black eyes flaring as Burgerpants gave her a wry smirk.

"Sorry, Muffet. Can't. I'm all outta vacation days."

Burgerpants doesn't give a FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!:pinkiehappy:

Volunteering to help Muffet with her business ventures fills you with DETERMINATION.

6875424 Luckily, this is probably the worst 'bad time' True Pacifist Frisk will have. At least until s/he(I personally favor female if Frisk has a gender at all) breaks a Pinkie Promise. That could just make Megalovania look like the Toriel nonlethal fight.

Why not have foals play with gaster blasters?

like them so far!
how about one with asriel?

6884560 make papyrus have some googly eyed blasters.

6884560 I'm not so sure the Crusaders should learn how to make the Gaster Blasters. I mean... they already have their cutie marks, right?

Rarity and Mettaton next plz:)

OH... MY... GOD... *runs to background*
*whispers in background*
*runs back from the background* ok awesome idea activated!
Have Papyrus try to join either Princess Celestia's or Princess Luna's Royal Guard! (or both if he fails to join one-)
... Is there a lawn mower being used somewhere near me???
... and why does it sound like it's getting closer???
... wait do you think he...? ... no way... :twilightoops:
!?!?! OH BUCK!!!!!! *open portal to other dimension by accident but still goes through anyway*
*thud*DRAT WHERE DID HE GO??? I SAW HIM RIGHT HERE... DIDN'T I???*walks off rubbing his head in confusion*

Not only a few paragraphs in and the fourth wall is already broken... I guess it could be worse, as for ideas? Well I wonder what Payprus would try to do, but more importantly, I wonder why Undyne would do in this world, would she be a royal guard or would she make attempts to be a chef?

Still, a great read.


Indeed, me and ME made this anthology tale to try and have a little something for everyone and mostly to approach this kind of material in a lighthearted sense. If it can make people happy...I'll know I've done my job.

Oh, Sans and his many shortcuts :rainbowlaugh:

It would never be more than that really, since sans was more like a big uncle to Frisk and Asriel, and Toriel had no interest in marrying again after Asgore.

Awwwwww, my OTP :fluttershysad: *Soriel trash*

If it's ideas you're looking for, how about a pranking war with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash trying to go up against Sans :rainbowwild:

Also, this rendition of Heartache is awesome.

6884702 as in sans showing them the blasters

Hmmm...Gaster Blasters....

Speaking of which, have you two thought of anything involving W.D. Gaster himself? I know due to his mysterious accident he doesn't technically exist anymore, but hell, if we can break the Wall so readily I'm sure we could find a way.

Anyway, liking the story so far. Keep it up!


If you honestly wish to know my own personal thought, it was that Gaster, since he has 666666 HP, an AT of 66666 and DF of 66666 and somehow survived being spread across time and space when that shoulda completely OBLITERATED him...

That he actually discovered LOVE and EXP because he did experiments on humans. And that he perhaps got godly powers HIMSELF, and that was the reason why humans went to war with monsters: they found out about this kind of thing. After all, the plaques of history in the game show a monster with 7 human souls, what they'd look like. If I was an ancient human, I'D be scared out of my mind by a godly being of insane power that could steal my soul and obliterate me in an instant too. After all, Asriel pretty much wiped the floor with you and he was a child, and holding back cuz he loved you. Someone that's a grown adult and not held back by a childish desire to not end a game? Yeaaah.

And THAT, again, in my mind, is why he was researching time travel. He felt so guilty over what he did he wanted to go back in time and fix his mistakes. After all, Alphys and Sans tried to fix the machine he was in and failed. They wouldn't have done that or had the "Don't forget" picture if Gaster was a bad guy, a real jerk. So I think he wanted to make amends for what he did, but never got the chance and got scattered into pieces instead. I definitely want to involve him in this.

6885722 What if Gaster tried to break the Barrier? Look what it did to Chara and Asriel! They had a human soul to spare, which may have actually reduced the backlash. In Gaster's case, without a soul handy he may have been outright REMOVED, although with the barrier now down he could reform. Or be channeled occasionally by Madame Pinkie Pie, Spirit Medium Extraordinaire. Or be soulbound to a now-talking cartoony skull pin by other Madame Pinkie shenanigans.

Suggestion 2: Purified/reformed ex-villains support group.
Membership: Asriel(Channeling Flowey occasionally for laughs), Asgore, Luna, Chrysalis?, Discord, any other suggestions?

How about Sans substituting for Undyne as a PE teacher. The kids could play a very tough game of dodge ball.

6885722 Interesting.

We know so very little about his character (as in, what Toby actually chose to feed us, since he loves to troll us all so much), and I have seen a ridiculous amount of fan theories regarding his past. We know he was somehow connected to Sans, as such, my personal favorite theory is that he was actually the father of Sans and Papyrus.

I read another one that said Sans at some point actually found out about what happened to Gaster (don't ask how, I have no idea), and managed to create a breach in time-space and went on his own personal journey to save him. Sans failed, however, but was endowed with tremendous power in the process, hence the reason why Sans is so powerful.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Go with your gut. Since there's no official head canon the field is wiiiide open. All in all, far too much potential in this area to NOT write something about him.

"A time-honored tradition going back centuries to my grandmother Shelob"

Lord of the Rings reference?


Indeed! I LOVE little references and Easter Eggs. ;)

Pony-Changeling unions are possible now?


Indeed, it's not like the difference between, say, a dog and a cat. And Changelings are naturally designed to imitate other species even on a genetic level, so I figured it wouldn't be that much a stretch.

For the Fans works well as music for Shinedown's confession near the end of the chapter. This really brought out the Slice of Life tag.


Yeah, this story's gonna have a lil' bit of everything in it!

:derpytongue2: ...What's with characters I love breaking the fourth wall?
:twilightsheepish: I think I put enough duct tape on it! I... I think!
:ajbemused: Darkus, you missed a spot. *points at Asriel*

Heh, that last line. That was such a crazy chapter. Too bad Sans wasn't in it.

Symbol Of Unbound Love

Nice :moustache:

*Thumbs up*


Nice... *snaps fingers in approval*

:twilightsmile: Calmie down, Darkus. Calmie down.

Anyway, that was cute. Rose Frisk... um... Frose? ...was pretty awesome. Hee hee hee.

Huh... How about that, Papyrus did have a goal achieved as a Royal Guard... a bit surprising but not all too unexpected, now I sort of wonder how well he'll do in the guard. Though know him? Probably better than he would think.

"Ummm... .y-y-y-y-y-y-y-ou know, justsitting here and not having bad thoughts about Undyne and Rainbow Dash, eeeehhehehehe....." She scratched the back of her dinosaur like head.
"Something WONDERFUL just happened." Discord said, many miles away, looking up from his sandwich and beaming in delight.

Shipfic writers. Fan artists. You know what must be done. Make it so.

is it just me or does crunchy donuts sound amazing?

Oh dear... Please tell me that stone will not affect the timeline!

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