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Sans, after being defeated by the human Frisk, gets sent to Equestria. Will he be accepted? Will he help our favorite pony's? Or will the memories he contains from the resets break him and cause him to distrust everyone?

"Or will I just be to lazy to give a bone?"

[Expect bad jokes, slight tear jerking, and a Sans who remembers all of the times he killed Frisk.]

Edited by Bryce98
"He's a pretty bryce guy! *snickers*"

MLP:FIM is owned by Hasbro
Undertale is owned by Toby Fox
Cover art belongs to AllSeeingOwl on deviantart

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 112 )

6636460 "Ya dude, whatcha want? Is something bothering ya?"

6636469 "What's wrong with my puns, do they make you... temporal?" *snickers*

“The names Sans, I would tell you a bone joke, but many people don’t find those humorous!”

Don't you mean... humerus?

Random Pony: Fairy, no!
Fairy, yes!

Excellent, Now I want some MOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRR! :flutterrage:
Please :fluttershysad:

No. God is dead and we killed him.

6636944 thank you, it turns out spelling things correctly (and auto correct) might be my bane for this story.

6636984 "He actually spelled just went through the entire story and used google auto correct for most of it, he is a horrible speller."


Say's the one who can't put together a sentence correctly!

"Meh, I was just feelin lazy, so I cut out some words in between some other words."

Great story so far, Undertale's awesome. Can't wait for new chapters!

The story is pretty good, but your grammar and spelling could use some work.
If you ever want any help with that sort of thing, I'd be glad to lend a hand. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

Love it, keep it up!

You win the internet. Keep it going.

I was waiting for a story about Sans to appear.


*Puts in tracking folder*

@chapters *Prologue

not sure if intentional but @title *Humorous

One minor complaint: Sans NEVER uses capital letters unless emphasizing a word (in all caps, like the 'NEVER' back there), or he is making a point (like when he says 'You're gonna have a bad time). He doesn't even capitalize 'i' or names like 'sans' or 'papyrus'. Please fix it, it bugs me more than it should.

As soon as I saw the fucking bone pun, I knew it was an Undertale fic...

Which is good, I mean.

I added this to my bookshelf "Heavy on the Feels" Because It's frikkin SANS...and I didn't gave a better one to put it in.

"You wanna have a bad time?"
Keep thinking of that whenever I think of Sans.

I want to read this. I want to enjoy it. But I can't, because it needs editing. Badly.

In the very first line, you left an apostrophe out of "kid's" (possessives usually have an apostrophe) and put one in "eyes" (plurals almost never do). There are many more editing issues in the first paragraph alone, to the point that I couldn't stand to read farther than that.

Also it's spelled "Prologue" not "Prolouge".

To keep you determined, for sans, and for papyrus's sake.

As many have pointed out, you could really use an editor. It might scare off some people, which is a shame, because it (from what I've seen) is quite enjoyable. I'l track it for now, but do try to get a hold of an editor. Maybe some of the peeps in the comments want to help?:raritywink:If they don't, I might be interested, but then again, I've never done anything like that before, sooooo.... yeah...:twilightblush:
Good luck! :pinkiehappy:

Just for a great mix to keep ya'll determined.

One quick question, could you have sans fight an enemy with his POWER TO DODGE IN SLIPPER! Like Tirek or Sombra :trollestia:

have a quest to find his brother

I realized the title wasn't misspelled lol.

But the chapter is. "Prolouge" should be spelled as "Prologue."

Why is Sans capitalizing his speech?

6641049 Everyone who played the game knows that when Sans makes a pun, it's colored yellow

6642371 I'm not trying to make this a 100% like the game (was to put down when I couldn't use Comic Sans.) so there will be differences. Like with there being capitalization when he speaks.

6642787 K, thanks for clearing that up. Also, Sans is awesome. :heart:

6643550 But if Comic Sans gets added, I will redo everything with his speech.

6638748 sense they are putting music vids ima put my fav.

6644069 I'm confused... but I'm smiling... have a prize :moustache:

Pfffft cmon guys this is the best one.

He's clearly dodging in slippers, DOES HIS POWER KNOW NO END!

6644069 I don't I've heard something more hilarious than that. Besides his horrible puns.
6644813 thumbs up for the rock cover

Comment posted by Joker_F5 deleted Nov 18th, 2015

Hello, so I was introduced to Undertale recently, and my favorite character is Sans, so I thought why not throw him into magic horse land and see what happens!

At first Undyne was my favourite, but then it was Muffet, .......Mettaton was funny too, but I think my favourite characters were Papyrus, Undyne, and maybe Muffet too. I just like her look, and the music, but she hasn´t done a lot in the game, so the first two have to be my favourite characters I think.

I think I would like to read more.

Oh man... Damn it Sans! You are my favorite guy character next to Papyrus. Next my fave Females are Toriel and Muffet.

It's sad that Sans will never hook up with Toriel now.. :fluttershysad::fluttercry::applecry::raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2:

This was made on my birthday... So happy!!

6659092 been busy with life ya know? There will be one soon.

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