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I am Equestria's first sentient automaton. Electricity pulses through my wires, and logic gates dictate the threading of my thoughts. For some of the others, this difference appears to be too great to overcome. My only friends in life are my creator, her lab assistant, and a stuffed doll from a young foal.

I'm so lonely...why can't they see that?

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This pleases me........continue.

I was skeptical at first, but this seems promising. Please continue.

I love this story so far. I couldn't find any common grammar errors or misspellings. This is a great quality chapter.
Do you do your own editing or is there somebody else doing it for you?

Keep up the fantastic work!! :pinkiehappy:

For the most part, I do my own editing, usually as I'm writing. Whenever I hit a snag with writing the newest part, I'll take a break and edit the earlier bits of the chapter. Then I usually send it off to a friend to proof-read and check continuity before posting.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Seeing an update on this after 2+ years of silence gives me hope that I'll still have some readers on my own stories once I get stable enough to start writing again. Definitely gonna give this a read.

BTW, congrats on hitting the Feature Box. :raritywink: That's how I came here.

Edit: So, a couple chapters in, now. Yeah, I am most definitely going to follow this. Circuitry is pretty much the definition of "underrated story". There is absolutely no reason that writing this good is sitting at 20 some-odd likes.

I'm sold on the concept, and glad the sudden revival drew my attention. Hope you keep updating!


There is absolutely no reason that writing this good is sitting at 20 some-odd likes

Make that 48.:trollestia:

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Er... if the N stands for Newton, then... Well... I mean, there is rigged, and then there is... that guy's rigged... 255 NEWTONS = 1134.3 Pound Force

Johnny five, is alive

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