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Thanks for the interest in To Find Purpose! I hope you like it when you decide to start reading it.

Good day! Thank you for checking out my new story!

2214096 Ah, yes. The reason for the Griffon reactions was the size of the city. A small city with a police force not as used to horror as some others. They've seen some shit, but nothing like this careless brutality. Griffons are–in my story at least–a tight-knit species based upon piety and close bonds. For a Griffon to so carelessly murder their own kind is something seen as barbaric and un-Griffon. I should actually edit those chapter to reflect this, thank you.

Keep that up, by the way. Your constructive criticism is spot-on and highly appreciated.


P.S.– The next chapter is on its way. Also, try listening to the Dead Space 2 OST, it inspired a lot of my writing.

2213955 Your Human And You: Twisted Product. It was very interesting to read so far and your way of writing is carrying this story well. Your depictions of the brutality placed on the victims and their corpses are realistic and not outlandishly exaggerated like you see in some of these other "dark" fics on this site. Another thing is your description of your Human, or more appropriately, your lack of. Your decision to not let the reader see his thoughts and at best catch glimpses of his thought process was, in my opinion, genius on your part. The describing of a serial killer's mind for a book or any kind of entertainment medium is a delicate process that must be treated with a modicum of respect, especially for a fiction writer, or else all your left with of your character is the "I killed for no other reason than I could" cliche. Which makes for an awful read. Also, the description of the human's "Feeding" of his victims' fear & confusion and his indifference to murdering the child while reading the poster outside were well written and much needed details for the character.

While you have me here, may I ask you a question?
It's pertaining to the reactions of the detectives themselves. In particular their reactions to the victims' abuse and their various forms of display, were, in my opinion a little too green around the gills. In a carnivorous society in which they eat and, I assume, force humans to fight each other like pit fighters which even in the canon universe the ponies partook in, one would kind of expect them to be a tad bit reserved in their reactions towards violence and viscera. I mean, you don't have a police force have a detective branch and expect them to chase down overdue library books and shoplifters do you? Yes I understand that walking into a crime scene and seeing a murdered child who was bled out all for the sake of a big "Fuck you" on the wall would send most humans in a state of horror and existential rage, but one would think what those Griffons saw in that room was their own mother and child, based off their expressions alone. (Some would expect a modicum of professionalism at least)

Ah. But there it is, I'm not an expert on Griffon behavior and as much as it pains me to admit, I'm not an expert on human behavior either, and in the end this is your story with your rules and if the Griffons need to act that way then so be it. I was just curious as to why they did,

As for the story itself, even if it may never be finished, I believe it will hold my admiration and respect for its' quality and for being what it is (a breath of fresh air) forever!

Sincerely yours, BLADE V23:moustache:

p.s. I read the fic while listening to the Hitman: Contracts ost, it made it that much more entertaining.

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