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Just because you're breathing, doesn't mean that you're alive. Just because you're human, doesn't mean you have to die. ~ Vincent Bennett


Home to a wide variety of species and their various communities, the planet Equus is shared peacefully between prey and predators alike.

And, in her ever present benevolence, Princess Celestia has kept an open door policy on immigration into her, almost, Utopian country for years. So when a fumbling Anon suddenly appeared in Canterlot one day nobody panicked, he was peacefully taken to the Princess and explained his predicament to her. Understanding his situation, the Princess informed him that she would try her hardest to help him, but that it could also be awhile before there was any major progress in that effort.

So, with nothing better to do, the human applied for the reasonably easy Equestrian citizenship. Princess Celestia, hearing about this, decided to help Anon with his efforts and sent the human to Ponyville under her former pupil's charge, believing that it would be easier on him and to help the lonely human make some good friends along the way.

If only she knew how much suffering would come from that foolish decision.

(Part of Vol.1 of the One Shot O'Clock)

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Fucking brilliant!!! :rainbowlaugh:

One of the best fics I've ever read, great job!

s1 #4 · Jul 19th, 2016 · · ·

The parts with the Mane six remind me of the these comics:
And the part with Quill Scribbler remind of this:
And the whole story remind of the many MLP artworks of the artist Shoutingisfun.

Is it bad I want to see him get with Scribbler?

Heh, this fic is exactly my kind of guilty pleasure. Lewd shenanigans ahoy! :ajsmug:

Side note: is Scribbler supposed to be a changeling?

She then levitated a notebook and quill over to her with a lime green shaded magical aura.

“Now, I just have one more question for you," Quill said as she levitated her notebook to the table and removed her glasses, meeting Anon's eyes with her pleasantly shaded ruby ones.

Unicorn magical auras (as far as I can recall) match their eye color. The only ones who don't are changelings, who have a green-colored aura. So it's possible maybe? This doesn't subtract from the fic in any way, or even matter really, it's just some random thing I thought of.

7444861 No, she wasn't supposed to be a changeling, I just thought it sounded aesthetically pleasing. Thanks for pointing that out, but from what I can remember Celestia, Cadence and Shining Armor all have magical auras that do not match their eye colors. I will definitely keep that bit of information in mind for my future writings.

You did me a real solid right there, thanks man.


7449198 Ah, you know, you're right. It's a general tendency but not a hard rule.

"Good afternoon, Princess. Well, it seems like your the last one, also I know this must be time consuming and I apologize if I've been keeping you from your daily schedule," Greeted Quill.


And don't forget to add the new Anon tag to this!

"I swear to god, Twilight. If you don't give back my clothes right now, I'm going to sh:flutterrage:t in your sink!"

Kind of expected something like that, but the BAM nature of it made me lose it. This is one of those stories that really, really needs more love than it did. It's just way too damn funny!

I realize I'm wildly late to this party, but I don't even care. This story is bucking hilarious. I was reading it during a very boring meeting, and I about absolutely lost my shit several times. "Finish the story without making your boss question your sanity" became a game for me less than halfway through. Absolutely stellar work.

I haven't laughed This hard in a long time this is funny

this story was hilarious and I loved it

You should continue writing in this world.

I loved it!

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Maybe he should tell Celestia the element bearers all need husbands considering they can't stop trying to put the moves on him whether he likes it or not.

I loved it and my favorite part was definitely the apple pie :ajsmug:

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