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Good day to you! I am a teenage writer who spends WAY too much time on the PC. I am a lone, nocturnal, British brony. I write and I love it!


Humanity has been travelling the stars for a good 120 years now. Each new Earth-like planet they find they make peace with and trade resources to make sure humanity never goes hungry. When they find the planet that holds Equestria, they are met with an over-protective ruler who has seen Equestria burn because foreigners have arrived in hopes that they could conquer it. She will not let it happen again.

This is a one shot inspired by other stories constantly depicting Celestia as a ruler so protective that she is willing to shun humanity completely because they might want to conquer Equestria. I will not be continuing this story past the possible beginning.

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Pretty good, keep up the good work:moustache:

“It doesn’t matter anyway, because *cough*... because we called the rest of the fleet to fire down on this area from orbit. The cannons have probably already been shot and the shots should *cough*... should impact any second now.”

xTSGx #3 · Nov 5th, 2012 · · 1 ·

I love how in these kind of fanfics, humanity never has a Prime Directive. You would think one of the first things we'd do once we got FTL drives would be to establish some kind of protocol for first contact, instead of going "herp derp let's just wildly land on this planet without establishing diplomatic relations first". That's just asking for a Poor Communications Kills. Also, kudos to humanity for not only violating all four Geneva Conventions but also the Genocide Convention. Yup, you sure did show just how peaceful you are.

1566304 'Why don't you just put her in charge!?' He said. I think he regrets doing so now.

Ehh, I wasn't too keen on this one. For one thing, while not having shield generators on your landing craft is forgivable, lacking armor that can stand up to catapult shots isn't. And putting windows on your spacecraft is just asking for trouble. Not to mention that lasers are going to be much more effective at dealing with asteroids then cannon-fired shells. In fact this whole thing could have been prevented by landing remote controlled drones to negotiate with the planets inhabitants.

Capping it off is the matter that at the end of the story, instead of mounting a rescue mission the humans proceed to fire on the city containing their own people. I'm frankly amazed that they've lasted this long.

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