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I'm terribly uninteresting so I think I'll pass on the bio, thanks.


Anonymous; the only human in Equestria, leads a mild-manner life as a simple grunt working for the Ponyville Natural History Museum. And boy, is he bored of it. The whimsy of living in Equestria has come and gone, and now it's just the same old-same old. But that all changes when the museum gets a hold of new exhibit: a draconequus statue. Surely nothing bad could possibly happen involving something like that. Right...?

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I always thought Eris's personality was British???

You're my bestie too, Aniki.

... The beginning of this reminds me of that old anime Tenchi Muyo... I MEAN... Uh, Anime? what is that? I do not know what that is!:twilightblush::scootangel:

im gonna read the frick out of this... after school:twilightblush:

Anon's got some weird taste in girls! I guess he prefers noodle dragons. :pinkiehappy:

Someon's been copying the chase scene from the first Tenchi Muyo OAV with Eris in place of Ryoko. It will be interesting to see if Twily takes the place of Yosho or Ayeka.

Twily as Professor Washu-chan... GENIUS!

Pfft... I'm not really a fan of 2nd-Person PoVs, but... you know what? I'm giving this a shot, simply because of Eris.


The comparison to Tenchi Muyo doesn't quite line up directly. There's only a single all-powerful but playful entity who seems vaguely attracted to our star, Anonymous.

If there's any direct comparison, I'd have to say it's much more like I Dream Of Genie but with the alternate Genie (In the TV show, good Genie's sister, apparently named Genie as well, was the world-wise, bad-girl of the two). Reasons being that he freed her from some prison (no wishes for you), she can bend reality at her whim, he is doing everything he can to keep her a secret, when he think's she'll be discovered something prevents it to make him look like a lunatic in everyponys eye, and the clincher being that she likes him (he's dooooooomed).

Still, this has shenanigans written all over it and for that I'm gonna read the hell out of this one. :pinkiecrazy:

Assuming he survives long enough to see a few chapters, is Eris related to Discord at all? God help him if Eris is "little sister", because the Princesses can't do anything for him here when "big brother" catches wind of some mortal whelp 'dating' Eris. If he break's Eris heart, death will only be the beginning...

well Overlord Kog you did it again:rainbowlaugh: I think ill name my Necron Overlord after you:yay:

Comment posted by PokeSEGA64 deleted Mar 5th, 2014

i enjoy this, there isnt enough eris stories out there

This is a Golden Apple of a story :D

Please write more! I'm suddenly hooked and I can't wait!

Don't make me beg. :flutterrage:

I do hope young Eris will cause some DESTRUCTION.

Also, Story faved and liked.


Seriously dude? You copied this stuff off from Tenchi Muyo??? You brilliant bastard!! :D!! I can totally picture Eris doing this stuff, actng like Ryoko!! I'm a big fan of Tenchi!! This has been fav'ed!! ^_^

"Told you, I was just playing." She batted at the hem of your t-shit.

hem of your t-shit

your t-shit


Might wanna fix that.:pinkiehappy:

lol this is amazing. "RAINING FUCKING BULLETS IS THE FORECAST" im still laughing my @ss off, i think im too easily amused sometimes :rainbowlaugh:


Ya'll wouldn't be the first to notice the similarities. Hell, I didn't until people brought it up after I first wrote it. Tenchi was the furthest thing from my mind when it was being written. I call it a "happy accident". And I more or less tend to run with it, to some degree, since people seem to enjoy the allusions the show.


Well, don't I feel sheepish.


"is Eris related to Discord at all?"

You'll hafta wait and see.

Oh Ryoko you crazy crazy bitch. If you don't immediately ask poor Tenchi for his balls I'm going to be dissapointed.

"Face it, tiger...you just hit the jackpot!"

Anything Spider-Man related deserves a like from me.:raritywink:

Olivia Olson aka the voice of Marceline from Adventure Time

God that is awesome! Marceline is the best character on Adventure Time by far. Plus if you ever seen a pic of Olivia Olson she smokin hot!


Marceline is the best character on Adventure Time by far.

This is a fact of life.

Plus if you ever seen a pic of Olivia Olson she smokin hot!

Dude, you don't even need to tell me twice. Preachin' to the choir here.

I like what you are doing here. Not enough Eris stories that aren't just her being gender flipped Discord.

Never watched Adventure Time so I will have to watch a YouTube clip or something to get an idea of her voice.

Her meeting with Anon really reminds me of this old anime called Tenchi Muyo I used to watch like a decade ago. It is almost exactly like how Tenchi met Ryoko.

Anyway looking forward to more man.

This dude needs to grow a pair of balls. Jesus.

Pretty good so far. Seems to be a bit... quick though. I mean, yes, this is Eris. But... I can't help but imagine that things are escalating quickly. :unsuresweetie: Then again, I could just be hyper-sensitive to those kinds of things. Reading too many fan-fics on FIMFiction will do that to ya. :twilightblush:

The way she could switch between cute and cold was a little unnerving.

Seems normal to me.


4038782 Vagoo. Discord don't have that!

There shipping is a bi fast passed. There is no real reason for them to grow as a pair. Seems like the "Disney Princess Syndrome" where two characters just love each other for no rime or reason. Might want to work on that.

Twilight is being a jerk in this story. Always makes me hate her. But that's just me, so no reason to change.

Also: Since Anon has been in EQ for 3 years, I can believe that he has started to take an interest in the natives of Eq, but seriously. a draconequus that fast? Might want to think about that too.

Note: I never try to be a jerk when criticizing, even if it feels like it. I kinda like this story so I don't want it to screw over.

Yes! Thank you, I'm not the only one that saw that.

Could you maybe name Anonymous something else?
I think it offends Anonymous, the hackers.

totally anticipating more chapters, mate! Keep up the good work :yay:

"Teasing? That...was teasing? You...You are..."

What a really original name you chose for her! Almost as original as Dusk Shine

Well this story seems like it'll be some fun, can't wait for more :D

4039375 Oh, I look forward to this.


This story bring's a smile on my face :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by s1 deleted Mar 7th, 2014

Sweet! Love it so far, and I love Marceline so... fav.:twilightsmile:

Heard about this story from a friend and I must say im impressed.:pinkiehappy:

You DO realize how many times this has already been said, don't you? :ajbemused:

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