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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


Will those Yaks never learn to behave?

Twilight has no idea how to handle the destructive, angry, and whiney attitudes of the Yak delegates when they come to town. She's tried being nice, she's tried giving everything they ask for, but nothing seems to make them happy. As a last resort she turns to her...er...friend Anon for advice.
Lucky for her, he has memories of community building from back when he was in a frat in college. Surely, what works on dumb new pledges will work on yaks, right?

-written drunk, should be read drunk too :heart: -

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Man, I bet those Yaks got a great impression of Equestria. I'm sure they will think it's just like heavin' on Earth.

-unsure if just a pun or also a reference to When They Come-

...I have feelings about this.

No reference intended. It was all in good pun


Dear god. It never stops.

The cause of, and solution to most of life's problems.

That's a great title, and you almost drew me in with it!

Then I saw "Anon" in the description, so I guess I'll have to go read something else.


Hey, suit yourself! Anon in equestria certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, but thank you for the compliment on the title.

6528434 I'll give a second look to any Anon in Equestria story that doesn't involve him (me) having sexual congress with ponies.

6527914 That was a really good Please, kill me now, end this torture!!, I liked it!

Gr8 title m8 I'd r8 4/100.

6528476 on my honor, no sex in this. For a change.

Oh, yeah. This was definitely written while drunk.

You should expect nothing less of me...or maybe nothing more.

I don't see how Twilight finds this so bile. I mean seriously, it was a good solution to a problem she had, no need to hangover the petty details. She fails at liver and letting live.

I could easily see this as a longer story, something along the lines of a mid-80's college nostalgia fic a-la Animal House or Porkie's, with Celestia as the iron rod, by the book, no nonsense Dean of Students, Twiggles as the straight laced secret hot chick and two drink bisexual, and Anon as the head of the plucky, mischievous, but ultimately well intentioned psi delta kappa house. Throw in some pre war ideals, season with some post war cynicism, add a little AJ as the insatiable townie, and boom, you're a wizard, Harry. Or not. 'Cause that sounds like a lot of work.

Holy shit. I just realized that Animal House is a political statement about Vietnam.

6528336 Gotta love people like you, unable to look over something so petty.

“Anything!” Twilight cries out. “If it works, do it! Just please do whatever you want, I don’t care!”

Oh no...

Your voice drops to a whisper, and you lean right up to Twilight’s ear. Your voice trembles as you at last speak.



I was surprised when I noticed it was pencil, actually. No gore, no questionable consent, just some good ol' shenanigans.


Hey, I'm not always gore and stuff...though there was implied vomit, so I think my quota is met. ^.^
But yes, glad you liked it and got a giggle.


Hey, I already have to deal with one of you!


you had still always been curious to see if unicorns vomit sparkles.

*Looks at Lyra lounging on couch* Hmmmm...

*Sneaking like a Sneaky Sneaking Sneak Ninja who Sneaks Sneakily* Pony gut press!!

Hey wait a minute nothing bad happened to anon
I want my money back

Twilight paces back and forth in front of you, over and over again, her face registering ? but worry

Add 'nothing'

back from when I was in a frat in college.

I know what it means but I read it and first thought "I wonder who she was?":derpytongue2:

It’s filthy, and made this way so efficiently. In fact, you’re fairly certain most of that is some for of yak bodily fluid.

7167990 As long as a Yak yakked, it's a standard pencil work.:pinkiehappy:
I wonder if they partook of Chhurpi cheese?
wait for it....

Don't wanna see what the hazing is like...:twilightoops:

"Alcohol. The cause of – and solution to – all of life's problems."

They hate their beds, they hate their food, they hate ponies…they pretty much hate everything and complain all the damn time.

Made me think of this:


Bravo...BRAVO !!!!!!!

Loved this sober. Need to try it drunk. Someone should make a fic where the Barcast meet the mane 6.

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