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This story is a sequel to I Am Sick

A few weeks apart doesn't seem so bad. Well, that is, until those weeks of being alone are actually happening. Then it can feel like hell. Fortunately for Berry, her absent love has left something behind to help her pass the days before he returns.

Warning: Contains discussions of death, depressing topics, mild sexual discussion, and the name Anon.

This story is a follow up to When You Least Expect It, but does not require that you read the rest of the series to enjoy.
Coverart by johansrobot

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Oh. I can just feel that this one is going to cut deep. I thought I was ready. I'm not.

Okay, liking this so far a lot. Clever scavenger hunt so far. And quite a bit of characterization for Berry Punch, here.

Oh man. I'm crying to this. BWAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!:fluttercry:



I appreciate you both taking the time to read it.

D'aww, that last bit. I got a little bit legit choked up.

Why not?? It's a decent story idea.

Damn. Just... damn. Incredibly well-written and done. Great insight into Berry Punch, here. Just... wish I had more to say. Sorry. But yeah, bravo. Bravo.

Awww, man, this is gonna be full of emooootions, but I love it! ;-;
Good start to this <3

Nothing like catching up with an old friend, hehehe, ahh... man, this is... I dunno, I don't know how to really word it... I'm horrible with commenting on stories that deal with this kind of stuff.

Wonderfully written Pencil <3

Damn, Pencil, just... damn.

You made me tear up just a smidgen, but that alone is amazing to me, it's veeery difficult to do that to me, unless you punch me like, super hard.

So... to you, Pencil, I say bravo, this was wonderfully written, and that bit near the end... aah, you gave me tingles. I was half asleep while I read this entire thing, but even so, it was a wonderfully bittersweet fic and some epic insight into Berry Punch.

Good Job Pencil, good job :heart:

Catch you on the flip side! Dustchu out.

Well thanks for reading. I did actually kinda sorta try with this one... so yeah.

its like im reading a sappy poem!:twilightsmile:
and its goooooooooooooood!:pinkiecrazy:

This was a cute love story/scavenger hunt. We get to know Berry Punch more and more with each line which I loved. You don't even need to read the previous stories related to this to truly get this story. Good job!

This was surprisingly sweet.

I don't mean that as, like, some backhanded comment or anything. I mean that, among the topics of depression and death, the tiny and sweet ways in which Anon thought of Berry as she went through the scavenger hunt still manage to be really heartwarming. It's a contrast that really nails it in showing the times of a relationship that I find, arguably, the most important.

The tough times.

But okay, I just find this story has a lot of depth and meaning underneath its surface. It's outside the scope of what I'd usually read, but there you go. Great work, Pencil.

Also that transition to realize the entire story was Berry Punch writing a reply was smooth af. I love it.

Well i think it's safe to say you succeeded, this was a sweet little story. Cute scavenger hunt and such, I loved it, so really, good job! :heart:

This story was great. I think the Berry stories are my favorite ones from you. It filled me with many different emotions and I am really glad I read them.

Also, what was the animal he had on his porch? My mind goes to like a badger or a wolverine but I'm almost positive that's not it.

TBH I just came here in the first place because of the clever phantom of the opera references in the title and chapters. But it ended up being a very clever, cute, and well written story. Nice job!

YES! I have been WAITING for the first person to catch that reference. :heart:




Well, I appreciate the kind words from you folks. I was hoping people would enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you.

Woo-hoo I'm first :rainbowkiss: must feel so good to have it be recognized right?:rainbowlaugh:

Considering the number of people so far who haven't caught on? Oh hell yes.

I'm sitting here crying, Pencil. I know this has been said probably a dozen times but this is just beautiful! I loved the way you wrote it as Berry's letter to Anon and the treasure hunt and the clues were just perfect. What a wonderful way to say ' I love you and I miss you!'.
I know you worked very hard on this story and it shines through in every line.
I know that most of us write what we know or feel. I hope you have a special some pony like this, and if you don't, I wish for you to find them. You deserve to have that, just because this story made me do happy !

Thanks for the story and the cry; I needed both of them today.

Ikr!!! I keep scrolling through the comments section wondering why nobody's said anything. I legit keep returning to the comments section to check every couple of hours.

Damn these stories have no business being as good as they are.

Well written. Deserves more likes. Underrated.

This series is gold. Precious, hard to find much like it, a treasure when you do.

Thank you.

I've cranked through this series today, totally need to pace myself but I don't wanna!

Loneliness is fertile ground! And this treasure-hunting idea is cute as fuck. Big fan.

Anon here demonstrating a level of thoughtfulness that is commendable.

Wow; this is beautiful. This series is in "my life is slightly richer for having discovered this" territory. ;)

Image doesn't work, so I'll assume this is some form of positive comment. :)

D-dawwww well thank you! I'm really happy to hear that, and I hope you like reading the rest of it that there is!

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