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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


Making money is kind of difficult in Ponyville, what with it being a small town. Luckily, Anon has found she's pretty darn good with kids, and there are plenty of parents who need a foalsitter. So far, nothing at all has gone wrong.
Until, that is, she's left taking care of a Pegasus foal. Nothing works like it should, nothing makes any sense! And it just. Won't. Eat! Hopefully, Rainbow Dash can lend her a hoof before the little darling starves to death.

Warning: Contains vomit. And Anon. Are you really surprised?
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I'm at work. I dunno how I'll read this... But I'll wing it

Is Rainbow Dash going to get all mother bird on the foal?

Don't you avian try to start that shit with me. I am so ready.
Ornithologist mom, remember? Don't try to bible fight a nun, bitch.

Short answer: yes.

I have a yearning need to read this for some reason.


What will I do to myself??


No wonder earth ponies are racist. XD

I find silence of the lamb more humane than this. The scene where he opens up someone's brain and feeds to him was far less disgusting than this.

She nervously glances at your ceiling fan, and you quickly pipe up to reassure her.

Ceiling fans are fragile, right? The most one has ever given me is a bruise.
I'm pretty sure the fan would break before the child did.

I feel like it's a bad thing that I've puked so much that I didn't feel even a little bit uncomfortable reading this. I guess you can only wake up in a puddle of cold barf that's been there for who the fuck knows how long once before you get comfortable with vomit.

I'm sorry, I had to make a comment while reading,

“I don’t want to miss opening curtain at Rarity’s show! Spike’s not in it this time, so it’s supposed to be a really good one!”

You remember all too well the last show and how Spike stuttered his way through each and every line. Sure, the costumes were great, but you’ve made up your mind never to go watch Pulp Fiction, The Musical ever again, no matter who’s directing. Spike even replaced all the ‘motherfuckers’ with ‘motherbuckers.’ Disgraceful.

Can you rekt Spike anymore? :rainbowlaugh:

My ribs are hurting now.

I'm assuming that Pegasus ponies also cool themselves off like birds. By shitting on their legs.


So...I'm gong to be honest...I actually liked this story. A lot. I like your writing style. It speaks to me, as strange as that sounds. Plus I got a good laugh from this.

My first anonpencil story. Read.

Going to indulge myself in the rest of your stories now.

Seriously, though, am I batshit crazy for liking this? :rainbowlaugh:

This is your FIRST story of mine?
Oh you sweet summer child, it only gets worse from here.


Oh goodness.

How much worse?

Bad enough where most are rated mature.
And many involve LOTS of pain surrounding the genitals.


Oh, joy!

I'm trusting your judgement, so I'm going to say this much: I can't promise I'll be sober while reading your other stories :raritywink:


Alcohol is a good decision when it comes to my work. Just remember, I'm here to make you cringe and laugh, and that's about it.

I regret nothing. :heart:


That, and you're a good listener :heart:


Alcohol is a good decision when it comes to my work.

Looks like I have more reasons to be drunk now.

I don't know what to say or think here...

It's an Anonpencil story.

Of course there's a warning.

Would you rather I stick it in dry?

7732242 Only on Tuesdays.

7732198 I always read your stories sober and managed to enjoy most of them.

Oh my freakin gosh that was awesome. I laughed the entire time.

I can't don't want to imagine Fluttershy doing this. . . Either on the giving or receiving end. . . why must you ruin best pony's image?

And I came hear intent on heaving a good time but you managed to systemetically destroy any chance of that.

Haven't read it yet, but somehow I'm mire surprised that nobody else thought to write something like this. Many birds feed chicks by vomiting food...

I really liked this story but why..... just why?

Would the kid have gotten drunk if Anon went through with it?

I'm going to say yes.

nature is so fascinating

I swear to fucking god, I do NOT have Emetophilia. I. Swear. To. God.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I swear to fucking god, I do NOT have Emetophilia. I. Swear. To. God.

I'm not even kidding.

I don't believe you.

I assume Cloudkicker's revenge scheme will involve dropping something big and white from a high altitude down onto Anons windscreen.

And by that I mean it would smash it, because Celestia weighs a lot.

Contains vomit AND ANON

Now you just need to make a story that includes Thunderlane as well to complete the trigger trifecta.

It's funny to me, because Cirrus is also a brand of aircraft, and they are a total bitch to move with a tug.

I didn't even care how disgusting the feeding was, that last scene with poor Cloudkicker just crushed my heart like a wrench tightening on a loose bolt... :fluttercry:

However... I may need to thank you later, Mr Anonpencil. The idea of mother Cloudkicker may have just given me an idea for my next story. Liked for idea giving, Favorited for Female Anon abuse, AKA humor.:rainbowlaugh:

7750181 Whenever you comment on a fic, I bet the Author of any of those fics has themselves a little freakout.

MLD is a good fic, but seriously...years old and still a big hit.

(Yeah you can just throw this on top of the millions of MLD related comments you've already received :3)

I wonder how you worked out the whole time difference thing...


Heh...hehe...hey rob, want me to fangirl over you and stuff? I'll freak out if you like, ya know. You know I'm capable!

Well... I...


I'll never look the same way at RD again!

Can't... unsee... Gulp!
Damn, if Flutters ever wants kids, SHE will be feeding! :pinkiesick:

Nothing will ever be okay again.

I actually feel sorry for the Anon in this story! It's amazing! I generally never feel sorry for others, ever!

I just had the good fortune experience of hearing Flutterpriest read this live. Wow... what can I say? This is now pretty much tied with Friendship is...GNYYYGH! for best worst Pencil fic I've read. :yay:

10/10. Would vomit again.


I knew what was going to happen... but it was more intense than i had though...

I'm going to try to forget I read this and it existed. I'm afraid of things getting sick and that was incredibly disturbing.😫

Oh, sweet Faust, WHY?!

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