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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


After an unexpected spa day with Rarity, Rainbow Dash looks just so cute you just can't stand it. No, really, she's adorable! It's downright hard not to do something about it. You know, like booping her on the nose. Nothing bad could possibly come of doing that, right?

Warning: Contains Anon, contains violence.

Listen to a full narration of the story by Fire Rain HERE!

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Anon should have known that she'd fight tooth and nail for her dignity.

Dear god, how long have you had THAT one waiting.


I would have done the same to all ponies I cross. Nopony would be safe from the 'boops' and 'awws' of me!!

Warning: Contains Anon, contains violence.

My body might be ready

Always bragging, pretending she’s better than everyone else, never putting out when you suggest you go lift weights together and then have sweaty post-workout sex.


Your pupils dilate as your finger charts its usual course to her nose, only to find a waiting, open, and flat-toothed mouth there instead.
You have a sense that you’ve made a terrible mistake.


There’s a blood-freezing ‘CRUNCH’ as her teeth sink into your skin, then downward through your flesh.


“Being mean to others will just come back to bite you in the end.”

God dammit

8/8 gr8 story m8

Keyword, might.

I wasn't ready for this, only partially.

Who knew pushing impulsively violent people would lead to horribly crippling dismemberment? Go finger.

AND THEN HE INSTALLED MIGHTY AUGMENTATIONS AND BECAME AN OVERPOWERED CYBORG AND ELEMENT OF ROBOTIC HUMANS AND THAT'S HOW EQUESTRIA WAS SAVED!! 010010000110000101101001011011000010000001110100011011110010000001001111011011010110111001101001011100110111001101101001011000010110100000100000001100000101111100111000

It's not sweaty post-workout sex, it's either a a fucking blow job or having a threesome with you, Rainbow, and the Deez Nuts guy.

(I have a comepletely fucked up mind. Cards Against Humanity has taken a toll on me.

I kind of want to look just to see what way you'd find to possibly make this concept horrifying, but I also kind of don't. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, have faith, I did find a way!

I believe you there, sight unseen. I have complete faith in your abilities at that. :rainbowlaugh:

Was all set to call this my new favorite, but then...

“Being mean to others will just come back to bite you in the end.”

and of course...

6952306 Hey! Don't be pointing fingers now! Puns are a wonderful invention...

Might you say they're punderful?

Sorry Lupus, had to do it.

6952387 Straight to the point, I like that!

You have no idea as to what you have just unleashed.

Welcome to my comments sections. You'll find you're among your people here.


It could be worse, I could start replying in gifs.
Oh wait...


Oh my god I'm so sorry.

God damn it pencil, I wake up to find this waiting for me, and now I cant even remember what I was going to do this early.

Reminded me of this:

Sans? Is that you?

Man this story has something special about it, but I just can't put my finger on it.


I happened to like his oppression of all things good and right to make puns that make me cry from sheer disappointment of the human race.

There's a pun to be made here, but its not popping up in my head. At least this story wasn't too long and went to the point fairly quickly. Regardless, another good story with the usual Anon shenanigans as always. :rainbowlaugh: Looking forward to your next one whenever its posted.

In Rainbow's viewpoint, could you say she took a bite out of crime? Meh, it was the only thing I could think of XD

*puts on sunglasses*

That story had some real bite to it.

Well... Anon got in Rainbowdash

I'd like more of these Anon mishaps where he tries something and ends up somehow getting major bodily harm and/or framed crime he didn't commit forcing him to make a group of ponies with special skil-I need to lay off the A-Team.

>Anon mishaps

Literally everything I write.

6959587 Can I marry you?

Maybe next time Anon won't push his luck, and he closer to post workout sex, after all he got a finger in her, they should dash to the hospital now, or Rainbow might eat him because he is so finger- licking good. I've gotta hand it to u Anon, (horribly disfigured as that hand is) this was good. :rainbowdetermined2:

You know, like booping her on the nose. Nothing bad could possibly come of doing that, right?

*sees the gore tag* :rainbowderp:

Mmmmm butterfingers...

Was it worth it

To write all that just for that last sentence

Cuz if so I commend you sir, I laughed

That lesson doh! :rainbowlaugh:

Ooookay then

I'd bleed on her, out of spite.

Spite blood.

Eh, I don't need that finger to fap.

To the author and everyone in the comment section; you are all terrible people, and should be ashamed of yourselves :twilightangry2: you are all great and beautiful people, you all should be proud of yourselves!:twilightsmile:

I enjoyed the buildup to the terrible great pun at the end!
Good job.:twilightsmile:


Thank you for introducing me to that video.
You're the MVP of my day today (it is currently 12:38am)!

The part where he describes it as an assload of ponies and one donkey, is kinda reminiscent of Ponyville.

All I want to know it, Where did the finger go?

I've heard of finger food, but this is ridiculous!


Rainbow said it herself. She swallowed it.

7800486 Must've skipped over that part

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