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Writer of human-like demons and wacky green-skinned, question-mark faced humans named Anon. Also Anon Filly best OC.


For those that are still around or care. · 11:33pm Nov 15th, 2018

Okay, I'm gonna be blunt; I won't be able to update Anon's Misadventures for a while. Laptop motherboard got fried up a couple months ago. Without my laptop, I can't continue. I have been paying on it for the repair, but can only do small chunks at a time because of rent here.

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Ur gay lel

2125930 Heheh, not used to someone saying that :scootangel: You don't have to worry about disappointing me. I've read some of your stories and really liked them. Also, I enjoyed your random blog posts on topics since I found it to be quite funny, especially the one about the Zodiac signs :rainbowlaugh: Whether you continue a story or write more random posts, I'll be looking forward to it and hoping I get more laughs from them you funny person you! XD

Thanks for the follow you beautiful sonuvabitch! I promise not to disappoint, unless I already have :twilightblush:!

I figured why not since you and Flutterpriest seem to know each other, as well as writing about AiE. Was just browsing through some of your stories and have to say I find them pretty funny to say the least XD While not exactly meant to be read by everyone, nonetheless I think they're done very good. While it may take some time depending on if you're busy, I look forward to seeing more of what you write. Just don't try to rush yourself too much if you do. I believe I've seen others get cramps from that. Regardless, Here's wishing the best for you and to more funny stories you end up posting!

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