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My stories are converted from greentext, so take that into account. Also all my characters name's are Anon. It's an /mlp/ thing.

Latest Stories

  • TAvian Politics
    Following the events of Soft Diplomacy, Anon's spent his months working his dead-end job, but he's fine with that. In fact, everything looks good for Anon. However, fate is a cruel mistress, and when he follows his friends, he sets out on a
    Bastinator · 33k words  ·  44  5 · 986 views
  • TThe Anons of Equestria
    Eight men are taken from their homes, each from a reality differing from the others. Seven veterans of Equestria, but one man is new to this land. He only has one wish: To go home.
    Bastinator · 43k words  ·  44  11 · 1.5k views
  • TDead Anon
    Following the events of Hero Anon, a long-dead hero finds himself amongst the living once more. Anon will do what he must to fulfill an old promise.
    Bastinator · 37k words  ·  31  7 · 1.5k views
  • TRisen
    An ancient race once thrived upon the surface of Equestria, but they were exiled for their brutality. Anon, is a member of that race, and when someone is foolish enough to bring them back, Anon is ready to bring them back to their former glory.
    Bastinator · 49k words  ·  90  24 · 2.8k views
  • TTwo Tracks
    Anon's done well for himself, but a surprise visit from Princess Sparkle, the subject of his long-held affections, brings up the past in ways he has tried to forget. Why did things turn out the way they did? Why did they take two different track
    Bastinator · 19k words  ·  37  7 · 993 views
  • TTo Be Human
    Death is a part of life that no one wants to think about, but he's not so fond of it either. After an eternity of work, Death finds Rainbow Dash, but instead of taking her away, he decides to stick around and find out what it means to be 'H
    Bastinator · 168k words  ·  112  15 · 3.5k views

Prospective Story Ideas

SaiyAnon (DBZ) – A saiyan warrior sent to Equestria as a baby to eradicate it’s population. Goku-esque story.

Predator Anon – An unblooded predator seeking recognition lands on a new world, beginning a hunt of his own.

Jumanji Anon – A simple board game traps Anon inside, trapping him in Equestria.

Ithkul Anon (Master of Orion) – Anon, an alien parasite known as Ithkul, crashes in Equestria and works his way through pony society.

Minecraft Anon – After entering an ominous looking portal, Anon wakes up in the wilderness, his tools and equipment nowhere to be seen.

DnD Anon - A couple nerds play a game of DnD set in Equestria. What they don't know is that their imagination is far more real than they expected.

Joker Anon - After a traumatizing encounter with the Joker, Anon is forever scarred. He copes with the pain by taking up Joker's own mantle, this time in Equestria.

Swat Anon - Anon finds himself in Equestria where he joins a team known as HOOF, Harmony's Operatives Of Friendship.

Dead Anon (Prequel) - After the events of Dead Anon, he's taken back to when he was still becoming a hero. Told from the viewpoint of his younger self.

Avian Politics - Set after the events of Soft Diplomacy, Anon is forced to get back in the political saddle when his friend is in need.

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it does suck if you came late to the party, just be glad that most of these writers decided to not nuke there bins!

*Sigh* All the great writters are gone...
I wish i was there wheb you we're active...I guess i was too late...

I'm still in this hell

So, after finishing Anonymous in Equestria and Hero Anon, I have to ask: are all of your tales contained in the same universe?

Where is the sequel to Adventure Anon?

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