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Hi there! I'm a girl who likes to write clopfics!

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Why did you delete all of your art on Deviant art and Derpybooru? I can't find anything when I type in your artist name! You made a lot of great animations that are gone now! So much content has been deleted and it seems like it was very uncharacteristic of you, did you get hacked? Has something come up that caused you to do this? What happened?

2047320 Thank you very much! :) Unfortunately, I do not take requests, as I tend to get distracted and may not be able to complete requests in a reasonable time. I am curious to hear what you would like, though!

I really love your stories! I was wondering if you take requests? I have a few interesting ideas i think you'll like...

1974485 Well, I was just checking if you were up to it.
It's okay if you're not.:eeyup:

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