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He had done it. The giant demon that had masterminded the invasion of Earth was dead, and Hell was in shambles. All that was left was to backtrack through Hell and go home to help rebuild the ruined planet...
But of course, it's never that easy. Just one wrong turn, and he arrives from Hell itself into a land filled with pastel-colored ponies. How will the man who had just destroyed Hell adjust to the sudden peacefulness after all he had been through? And is Hell really destroyed for good?

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FIRST! This is pretty interesting so far, and well written... can't wait for more! Thumb up and fav for you!


Now I gotta go play Doom 1 & 2 again!

Wow, that was kinda hardcore, gotta love doomguy.

F***! I was supposed to write this cross over. curse you laziness!

MORE! Keep it up bud! I'd very much love to see how all of this plays out! :pinkiehappy:

I can't stop humming the E1M1 music!

Doom + Ponies = Epic, with possibility of a massacre

For that you recieve:
1x Thumbs up
1x Fav
1x Banana

For possibility of gore you get:
Pair of socks! Now gimme some blood! :pinkiecrazy:

Part of him wants to go ahead and saw it like he sawed the demons

I -saw- what you did there.

Ah Doom, a classic in horror and carnage...and poines....they go togeather far better then I ever hoped!

Will the ponies tame the savage beast? :flutterrage:
Will the human learn the magic of friendship? :pinkiehappy:
Will the gates of Tartarus unleash a hoard of demons over Equestria? :twilightoops:
Will one man stand between the ruin of harmony or the salvation of ponies? :pinkiegasp:
Will he have ammo for the BFG9000? :moustache:
Will he succeed in inducing vomit from an ageless alicorn? :pinkiesick:
We can only hope! (that it's little sis) :trollestia:
Stay tuned as the demons of Tartarus are unleashed upon cute, colorful ponies! :rainbowderp:

You should have used.... Give me a minute actually sift through the book.

John Kane was the name I wanted. That was the guy in the novelization of Doom 3, which was actually just an updated version of Doom, giving it better graphics and more actual story links.

Ah, I love it when people/ponies react to the impossibility that is game characters holding on to so much stuff that it shouldn't be possiblie, it always makes me chuckle. :rainbowlaugh:

Honestly I didn't think the movie sucked, I actually like it (although I treated it like the Resident Evil movies and try to connect to the games they are based on as little as possible).:moustache:

Wow... some friend he is. Then again I have a LOT of dipshits on my steam friends...:ajbemused:

"Yeah, he's not a brony." i sort-off guessed that XD

Honestly, I thought that the movie was okay, just not a good Doom movie. Although the first-person scene almost salvaged all of it. Almost.
I've never read any of the books, so I wouldn't know. As for Doom 3 having better graphics and more story, that's right, but it just doesn't have the same fun "explosion-time" gameplay that the first two had.

Well, I Have 3 Things to Say

3) *E1M1 Theme*

Let's Roll

Poniville just got 20% of Doom:pinkiecrazy:

Just clarifying this takes place directly after you defeat the final demon in Doom 2:Hell on Earth?


Why Thank you my good man for a great fic. Love it

you disappoint cutie mark crusaders.:facehoof:
no ninja marks for you.:eeyup:

I like the new section, I just wish he could go back to being a little bit sterner. Also he should get a chance to explain how he got there.

Your friends seems like a nice guy

"the marine noticed that he subconsciously formed plans to kill Twilight and any nearby creatures with his bare hands"

everytime i read a line like that in stories like these they make me laugh, good job :D

i detected a shed mov reffernce aciedetnal or not

Doomguy in Equestria = mayhem

First! Suck it everyone! Sorry, BTW good story love how its going

i don't care if you was first. i'm better looking.

good story. needs a trenchcoat

I want Lyra to meet him soon. And you what happens when Lyra meets a human. :pinkiehappy: (There's no Lyra emoticon)

you going to include TNT and plutonia in this? I mean the ORIGINAL cannon doom ending really ended after killing the mother demon in doom 64 right?

P.S. no skulltag weapons huh?

TNT and Plutonia stories aren't going to be included, mainly because I can't figure out the story of either of them for the life of me. :raritydespair:
As for the Skulltag weapons, no, they will not make an appearance. They weren't originally part of Doom, so they shouldn't appear, because I want to keep this true to those first two games. Despite this, I find that fight scenes are easier to write if you imagine them happening in the actual game with the Brutal Doom mod, just with the classic pistol in place of a rifle, and without the guys you can save.
Also, the mod is hella fun. :pinkiecrazy:

I know I love that freakin mod! works well with mentori mori 1 and 2

yay new chapter :P
i also had a thought, if he could get in so easily whats stopping the endless swarms of hell spawn following him through :pinkiegasp:

Ah technology, screwing with the minds of ponies from day one, priceless!:applejackconfused:

Wow...its a good thing those three weren't able to see the vid...I think Applejack would have beaten the unholy tar out of Grimm if her sister got disturbed by his explorts.

I have to compliment you on how awesome this story is.

Why thank you. :twilightblush:
And to think, this story started life as the result of an all-night Doom session followed by pony binge. :moustache:

677092 Can't wait for a new chapter!

How you hold all that stuff in there?

Science. :pinkiehappy:

Ahhhh pony's and doom. Two things i just love rammed al together in a story, this is even a better idea that a bacon sandwich with bacon instead of bread.

677433 :O i need to try that sandwich

Now that must give nightmares.

I want Lyra!

So far, this idea is a great one! (i wanted to write something simillar. Curse you writer block!) i wonder if i could make a wad out of this.......all i need would be sprites. And acs practice.

P.s. There was a pistol modification for brutal doom made by the maker because some guys pissed him off by asking for a pistol over and over again. Wanna have the link?

No thanks, the pistol is mainly for old-school charm and all that. I honestly prefer the rifle when actually playing.

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