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Been quiet lately, hm? Thanks for sticking around my neck of the woods. I really do intend to update again soon... Feels like forever since I first posted those stories. lol

1565096 Wow... I never caught that claim, but I DO remember that bout of "discussion"! LOL! Me, an "Alt"... Right... Forbid there be more than one person with an opinion that differs than their own, thought somebadauthor. You know... ignore the trolls, starve the trolls... I've been around for quite some time, both here and at EqD... YEARS, in fact! Some people just don't put in the effort when they troll on people who's opinions differ. :facehoof:

No one is more intolerant than a person who expects their opinion to be universally accepted by all. :ajsleepy:
The tolerant understand that others may not agree with their opinions, and respect those differences. :ajsmug:

Greetings! You seem like a sane person. My first experience with you was on a certain blog post by RealityCheck, in which we were both accused of being his alts by somebadauthor. If we've both been accused of being alts for the same person, then I'd say we must have something in common :derpytongue2:

Yo dawg I herd you liked Cuddlequest of Earth so I wanted to thank you for doing that

Hey, Rich! Thanks yery much for the Fave of my story Dear Idiot! I greatly appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 188 - 192 of 192
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