• Published 23rd May 2012
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Doom: Hell in Equestria - The card holder

After destroying Hell, Doomguy tries to go back home, but ends up in Equestria.

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First Blood

"Did you really have to do this?"

After three tense minutes of drinking, Grimm and Pinkie had both managed to empty the entire hot-sauce fridge. The impromptu contest between them was called a draw as a result. "Hey, it was all in good fun, right?"

"But look at the mess you two made!" Twilight motioned to all the empty bottles of hot-sauce littering the ground of the library. Pinkie bounced up to her and rubbed her head.

"Oh, don't worry, Twilight! I'll have this cleaned up in a jiffy!" In a whirl of movement, she picked up all the bottles faster than eyes could follow.

"How did she do that?" an incredulous Grimm asked.

"I find it much easier to maintain sanity if you just ignore most of what Pinkie does," the purple unicorn responded.

Shrugging in response, the marine watched as the party began to wind down. Suddenly, there was a series of rapid knocks on the door, followed by the three fillies Grimm met earlier tumbling through. Applejack, Rarity, and Dash were the first to react, going up to the three.

"Good heavens, Applebloom! What's wrong?"

"Sweetie Belle! What ever is the problem?"

"Scoots? You okay?"

The fillies began talking rapidly all at once, making it impossible to understand any of it.

"Girls!" Twilight silenced all of them. "One at a time, what's wrong?"

The orange one started explaining. "We were near the Everfree Forest, and-"

"Now why in the hay were y'all near the Everfree Forest?"

"We were trying to get our cutie marks, and this big... monster came out and roared at us!"

"What kind of monster was it?"

Sweetie Belle spoke up. "It was big... and tall... and it was kind of pink... it looked kind of like those minotaurs we read about in school."

Applebloom interjected. "And it threw green fireballs at us!"

The whole time, Grimm was taking in the description of this 'monster'. Suddenly, a bolt of recognition hit him. Without saying a word, he walked quickly out of the library.

"Grimm?" Twilight asked. "Where are you going?" She chased after him, the rest of the ponies following.

"Solving this problem." He began putting his armor and helmet back on, soon fully outfitted.

"But you don't know where it is, or even what it is!"

"Oh, trust me, I'm sure I know what it is." The mare suddenly remembered that tape, and fell back with the rest of the group, explaining the situation to them. As they exit the town, Applejack trotted up to Grimm.

"Ah ain't lettin' you do this alone. That thing nearly hurt mah sister, and ah ain't lettin' it get off scot free from that."

"It's probably better you let me do this alone. I know what it is, and I know how to take care of it." He then sprinted off in the direction of the forest, ready to deal some death. Applejack still followed closely behind, intent on helping whether he needed it or not.

Soon, Grimm came across a burnt tree, a trail of heavy hoof-steps nearby. He followed the trail slowly, ready for anything. Ducking into a bush, he saw what he feared: Up ahead in a clearing was one of those pink bastards, accompanied by a slightly smaller, tan, minotaur-esque demon, and a flying red one. Behind him, Applejack creeped into the bush.

"Just what the hay are those things?" she whispered.

"Demons." Grimm pulled out one of the black syringes. "Now, I need you to stay out of my way." After thinking, he added, "And keep the little ones from seeing this."

"What? Why?"

"Because it's about to get real messy," he replied, removing the cap on the syringe. "Now go!"

Reluctantly, Applejack obeyed. Now alone, Grimm injected himself, instantly feeling the chemical's effects. His vision turning red, he stepped into the clearing, getting the attention of the hell-spawn. Staring them down, the marine cracked his knuckles and his neck, before saying, "Looking for me?"

The demons roared in response, before throwing green and blue fireballs in his direction. He sidestepped them before running forward, heading for the flying one first. It hissed at him before shooting another blue fireball, which he dodged with ease. Now in striking distance, the creature flew forward, hoping to catch the marine in its massive jaws. At first, it seemed like it succeeded, but it realized too late that was what he wanted, as Grimm tore the top half of the demon from the bottom while letting out a roar of his own, coating him in its blue blood. Turning to the other two, he saw Rainbow Dash flying around them, easily dodging their fireballs while occasionally landing a hoof on their heads.

"You two are pathetic! I've flown through clouds tougher than you! I thought you were supposed to be some kind of big bad de-" Her insults were cut short as the tan one lands a claw on her, sending her flying into a nearby tree. Before they can finish her, however, Grimm ran up and punched the tan one square in the face. Regaining their attention, Grimm dodged more fireballs with ease. He started to focus on the pink one, but barely spotted the other lunge at him. He rolled under the creature before turning around and punching through its back. Laughing maniacally under his helmet, he retracted his hand, now holding the spine of the demon, head still attached. Now facing the sole remaining enemy, he started using the spine as an improvised weapon, wailing on the pink demon's hide until it literally crumbles in his hands. Not wasting a single moment, he plunged one hand through the chest of the creature. His other hand does the same, and he liberated the creature's left half from its right. Now completely coated in blood, the marine felt the rage wearing off, replaced by exhaustion.

'I can never get used to that...' Turning, he saw the group of ponies, minus Applejack and the three fillies, looking at him. All of them were horrified and repulsed, save for Rarity, who had fainted, and Twilight, who was busy attending to the injured Rainbow Dash. Grimm ran up to the two, seeing the damage: her wings were bent at what he thought to be unnatural angles, as well as two legs. There were cuts all over her body, the largest one being on her forehead. She, like the marine, was covered in blood, the main difference being that this was her blood. Twilight kept using some kind of spell on her, but the unicorn's expression kept getting more and more distressed.

"I... I don't think she's gonna... make it!" she stammered out. Not saying anything, Grimm removed one of the white syringes from his pack, getting ready to inject it. Twilight moved aside as he inserted the needle, the chemical contained inside nearly working instantly. The cuts started to fade away, although the wings and legs were still broken. Taking out another syringe, he injected it as well. The wings started to crack back into shape, followed by the legs. She was still bruised badly, but she was in much better shape now.

Backing up, Grimm sighed. "I said to let me do this alone."

"I- I'm sure she j-just wanted to.. help..." Fluttershy spoke up. "Is- Is she gonna be... o-okay?"

"She should be fine. That stuff I gave her is pretty heavy duty, although she's not used to it, so she might be out for a few hours." The group started to hug him, then stops when they remember that he's drenched in blood. Twilight, meanwhile, investigated the now-empty syringes that the marine had left.

"We should get back to Ponyville," Grimm broke Twilight out of her study. "We have some business to deal with."

The group began walking back to the town, Grimm carrying Rainbow and the still-fainted Rarity. Taking one last look at the carnage behind him, he sighed.

'As much as I love using my fists, I will need a gun. A big gun. Maybe even the really big gun.'