I'm alive, for those who care. · 3:14am Oct 13th, 2013

So, first off, I'm not dead. Never did die. Been semi-active over on the [url=forum.cheatmasters.com]Cheatmasters forum, which is a bit dead as of late. Anybody interested in joining us there? If so, EmperorSkiratta recruited you.

Uh, what else? Haven't been here in a while. Decided to get on finally. I have all kinds of stuff back logged on blog posts and story chapters I got emails about. After I finish with this, I'll go read that stuff.

For those that care, this is still open:

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thank you for favouriting my fic. may you never know the limits of my love and appreciation for even this simple task that youve done for me. allow me to follow you.

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Stories in Progress/Story Ideas

Okay, so for those of you who care, this is where you can find any stories I'm working on at the moments, around where they are, and any ideas I have. I'll also list what's where on priorities.

In Progress:

Eyes of a Stranger Part 2 - A project that started from plot bunnies. This is the second part of the story. More of a sequel, with different tone and characters, so it go split into a separate story.

On Hiatus:

My Little Warehouse 13 - My mane project. Chapter 3 is currently in the works. Obviously priority one, and anything else listed here really isn't one, unless otherwise noted. Officially "on hiatus" while I get the next few chapters written.

A Pony's Journal - A set of two stories at the moment. Part of a head-canon I share with a friend who helped me (to a degree) come up with the original idea for the first Journal. Currently on hiatus and in development hell of sorts. Debating on rewriting some stuff, or just completely re-doing it in a different format than originally intended. Will still be the same stories for the most part, if they get changed. I might have to replace a character due to some developments IRL. (Character basis type stuff.)

A Kender Tale - Side project that's a crossover with Dragonlance. Will contain spoilers, which will be warned about in the description when I upload it. No real status, just a whenever type thing.
Star Wars: Republic Commando: Equestrian Contact* - Another side project. Anypony familiar with the Republic Commando series might be interested. No real status, just another whenever I feel like it type thing.
Vampire Equestria* - My third side project. Thought of while at work on 8/8/2012. This one will be based on the Vampire Earth series by E.E. Knight. If you've read those, it won't be just a ponyfication of the main story. Also, if you're reading/have read the Vampire Earth series, please help out at [url=vampireearth.wikia.com]vampireearth.wikia.com where I'm trying to make a resource for info about the series.

Eyes of a Stranger - The original story is finished, but I am working on more to continue what has been established, and tie up some of the lose ends I left.

*Working title. Subject to change at any point.