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When SG-1 embarks on a mission, they find themselves in castle on a planet filled with magical ponies. When they are turned into the local populace by a magical spell, what will they do for the week it takes to wear off?

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Small issue, his name is spelled Teal'c, not Tiel'c.

I loved SG-1. But I don't recall any instances when they would stay there that long except for
1. Hostility problems
2. DHD/Stargate problems

Usually they'd spend a couple hours then report back if I'm remebering right. Or something like that. And I doubt he'd have them delete their IDCs.


Interesting, and I can only imagine what Jack go through next.


HOLY SHIT a stargate crossover:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

621905 aaaand new story picture.

621659 really? Thanks! Will fix!

621697 yeah, I had to find a good reason for them to stay. If you read the end, you will know what Daniel was planning. Muahahahaha. Back to writing!

Changed them to Ponies? Ugh, no, in Star Gate that just feels wrong, killed this fic for me. Multiverse Sci-fy can do that, Interplanetary Sci-fy shouldn't. And O'Niel won't accept it under any circumstances.

Also, it was kind of hard differencing who was who in the dialog.

622244 sorry, I'm not the best writer. But Jack doesn't go along with it. Daniel was trolling them.:trollestia:

Not sure if want, but you certainly did a good job with O'neill here.
I'll be cautiously tracking this.

I'll read this later. You've actually got the first Stargate crossover I've seen that isn't based on SGU. Seriously, Altantis and SG-1 have perfect set ups for cross-overs.

I'm actually writing one fic and I've already got some of the sequel written, because it wouldn't leave me alone, and I plan on using Stargate with the sequel. Not saying anything, though.

I would like to see how this turns out, it shows great promise and I'm glad that some pony has written an SG-1 crossover. Coincidently, I am working on a SG-1 crossover as well... What are the odds?

Dude, where did you find that image of the Mane 6 in the Gate Room of the SGC?! I must have it!!

I love Rarity's face as she looks around. All that grey, and the uniforms!


Looks good, I'll keep my eye on this :twilightsmile:
Also, if I may make a teeny tiny suggestion, would it be possible to change the name of the fic? (I've never submitted one before so not sure if you can do that) It's just that "Stargate in Equestria" seems a tad... bland :twilightblush:

622453 Yeah I was uncreative when i wrote that.

622485 yeah, you didn't know?
pretty good story, has a part two, but has stopped. I think it is on here too.

also, stopped reading the moment they changed form. No offense, but i hate stories like that. the way it was written was too corny, and some of the characters were slightly off character. Still, not enough to warrant a thumb down on my bias or the story style written.

622904 I'm sorry about that. But I've always LOVED stories like that. Weak spot for me I guess.

622963 eh, blame the conversion bureau stories, they put me off on the whole human changing pony theme. gentle genocide is still genocide.

Moved too quickly. Character portrayal was ok. I'll wait for the next chapters before I decide.

A true Gater never kisses and tells.

They would also never say to Google Stargate FiM and look in Images.

You do realize how many will do that now, right?:facehoof:

622453 the name has been changed!

The term is "Xenocide" which is to exterminate an entire species (eg. The griffons trying to exterminate the ponies). Genocide is to exterminate all of one race (eg. The unicorns trying to exterminate the earth ponies).

Ok, I have not seen SG 1, but this looks good. On my watch list you go.


Then go watch the original Stargate movie, all 10 seasons of SG-1, Both SG-1 movies, all 5 seasons of Atlantis, Both seasons of Universe...

I was chanel surfing and came across SG-1 playing on Space, so I figured, why not search fimfiction for SG-1 stories? Low and behild I found myself here.



I know. It's going to be a revetting best-seller that will be made into a hug Hollywood blockbuster, I can see it now. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, also, I liked how in character all the SG-1 character were in your story. Jack was snarky and sarcastic, Teal'c was stoney, Jackson was over-excited to meet the princesses, Carter was... Carter.. :moustache:

Carter will always be Carter. I made the ponified versions of them and I will post them next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

It's not genocide unless it kills you.
Hence the "-cide" part.

I feel so hypocritical wanting to critique your work without ever going through the process myself. I see potential for a great crossover but so far the characters are a shade off, won't stop me from reading the next chapter though. It's just that I keep picking at trivial bits and I don't want to detract motivation from the next chapter. Just keep the quill level and the hand steady.

First SG-1 crossover I've seen with SG-1 willing being turned into ponies by Celestia and Luna! Poor Jack O'Neill - he's going to have a hell of a time working with hooves! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I have so many plans to work with that. So much planning...

A hug hollywood blockbuster? No way!:pinkiegasp:

I just accidentally read your name as "Pinkie Carter" Not prism smasher.
Then i was like oh. Derrrrp:derpytongue2:

You better keep updating this... or else I shall sick my flying internet pony monkeys on you

Don't worry, I'm 11 words into the next chapter!:trollestia:
But I will write soon. Worry not.