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  • 560 weeks
    I'm alive, for those who care.

    So, first off, I'm not dead. Never did die. Been semi-active over on the []Cheatmasters forum, which is a bit dead as of late. Anybody interested in joining us there? If so, EmperorSkiratta recruited you.

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  • 586 weeks
    MLW13 Contest

    Okay, so for those of you who actually read these things, I've got a little contest for you.

    Back in chapter 2, which I put out a couple of months ago, I had Beatrix Potter's tea set. Both Luna and Celestia teleported away to get the elements.

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  • 595 weeks
    Author's Notes/Story Status Updates

    These happen to be the main amount of author's notes for My Little Warehouse 13. I am changing the full name to My Little Warehouse 13: Artifacts are Magic. If I'm going to mix titles, might as well go the full nine yards, right? I'll likely still refer to it as just MLW13 for simplicity, however.

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  • 604 weeks
    My Weekend

    So, what was it like?

    Not bad, but not too great, either.

    What do I mean by that?

    We went hunting.

    How is that bad/great/whatever?

    Our trip got cut short. Before we even made it to the campground. I was supposed to be back sometime yesterday afternoon, but ended up back about halfway through Saturday.

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  • 617 weeks
    Knew it

    Yep, no new chapter. We'll see where I am in a week's time.

    As for the show, it's getting good. I would say some stuff, but I can't without spoilers. You'll just have to watch it.

    Now off to Netflix for some X-Files.

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I'm alive, for those who care. · 3:14am Oct 13th, 2013

So, first off, I'm not dead. Never did die. Been semi-active over on the []Cheatmasters forum, which is a bit dead as of late. Anybody interested in joining us there? If so, EmperorSkiratta recruited you.

Uh, what else? Haven't been here in a while. Decided to get on finally. I have all kinds of stuff back logged on blog posts and story chapters I got emails about. After I finish with this, I'll go read that stuff.

For those that care, this is still open:

What else, what else? I haven't done much writing for this site at all. Actually, I don't think I've even touched any of my pony stories I was working on. I came up with an idea for a forum RP back in March, I think. *checks* Yeah, March. I came up with the idea on my way home from work, while listening to Rush. Anyway, didn't last long. Not a big surprise, given how dead the forum's been. A few weeks or so later, I decided to... *closes group notification* That's new. As I was saying, I decided to turn it into an original story. The original concept can be seen on the Cheatmasters forum still, though it's changed somewhat. I actually stopped working on that for a while, and started again about a month ago, maybe a little more. And no, it will never end up here. It's something I intend to be completely separate from anything I do pony related, except maybe a reference by a character old enough to make one, and that's a long shot.


D&D's been going good. Actually had a session earlier today. We've got about three different campaigns going, one in Next, and two in 3.5. I'm running one of the 3.5 games, which is a Dragonlance campaign. The Next adventure was supposed to be reminiscent of Tomb of Horrors in that it was a PC grinder. I lost three dwarf clerics and a gnome monk. The first cleric was lost to me being stupid and not thinking when the DM asked if I wanted to do something. He was eaten, literally. Didn't even have a chance to fight.

I need to get back to making LPs, now that I think about it, much like I need to get back to ponies.

Once I finally get back to writing pony stuff, I'll probably work on Eyes of a Stranger, which I'm turning into something a bit different than I had originally planned.

Oh, and for those waiting for Warehouse 13 to return to TV, we have a date of January 1, 2014. Unfortunately, the last season is supposed to be around 5 episodes. Which sucks.

Oh, I also got a second laptop, this one and Asus Republic of Gamers. Used it infrequently for a while, then got a monitor and FFXIV: ARR, and the hardrive crapped out on me. Doesn't help my cousin broke the screen, and the main damage is right above the HDD. Should be able to salvage it with the right amount of money and taking it somewhere. Problem is the screen, though.

Anything else? Uh, friend gave me his copy of Kingdom Hearts now that he has 1.5. I've never played that game before he gave it to me.

School's been going good. I actually want to get one "game" I started working on turned into something that I can put out for free on Kongregate. Once I know enough with programming, I want to actually make a text based adventure that I can sell.

Oh, anypony know of any good Cthulhu Mythos stories around here? Wouldn't mind finding one now that I'm thinking about it.

I think I've run out of things to update you folks about. Feel free to ask about anything above in the comments if you wish to know more.

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