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Dear Princess Celestia,

My name is Lexicon. I am one of the librarians here in Canterlot. Included with this letter are some papers that indicate an incident in Ponyville some years I ago, and I just found them recently. I'm sure you're aware of what had been recorded in them, but I feel they should be brought to your attention. I have not shared this with anypony. Tomorrow, I will hand this to one of the guards to be taken to you. I trust your judgement in regards to these records.

-Lexicon, Canterlot Librarian

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What happens when Warehouse 13, also known as America's Attic, and the agents who run it receive a mysterious artifact from the Regents? The artifact activates somehow, of course.

In the wake of this particular artifacts activation, the warehouse agents, along with the warehouse itself and all the artifacts contained within get transported to another world, much different from their own.

Now they must track down the artifact and others to return home.

A/N: The teen rating is more of for later, as I plan on some fights and possibly some language, though not likely too much. I don't have any deaths planned from the start, and I'm not likely to include any, even though it happens all the time in the show (Warehouse 13). Seeing as how this is the warehouse, expect some comedy here and there. I am trying to write so that each chapter contains one episodes worth of content.

Thanks go to Radon18 who provides some help on the story.
I am looking for an editor for help with grammar, and to pre-read the story for quality control. You get a mention in my notes/story description (like Radon), so if you want that, apply for the post. Just send a PM.
But there are some requirements:
1) You must have Skype, but you don't need to be able to participate in calls.
2) I need somebody to help motivate me to write. Think you can do it? (WARNING: I may be playing D&D in a Skype call sometimes.)
3) The grammar is American English. I only say this because a friend of mine was dating a Canadian for a little while.

Chapters (2)