Dear Princess Celestia,

My name is Lexicon. I am one of the librarians here in Canterlot. Included with this letter are some papers that indicate an incident in Ponyville some years I ago, and I just found them recently. I'm sure you're aware of what had been recorded in them, but I feel they should be brought to your attention. I have not shared this with anypony. Tomorrow, I will hand this to one of the guards to be taken to you. I trust your judgement in regards to these records.

-Lexicon, Canterlot Librarian

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Author's Notes:
I came up with a story idea on my way home from work one day. The idea was sparked by the song "Eyes of a Stranger" by Queensryche. This is what that idea turned into. Upon viewing the music video, it seemed to convey a message similar to this story, and I had never seen that video before the idea for this story entered my head.

I now have plans for a second chapter, thanks to a few questions a friend of mine raised after reading this. Those things he pointed out gave birth to some plot bunnies. That second chapter is actually going to properly link this to my head canon now.

This fic's synopsis is not visible from the front page. How interesting. Not that the synopsis is useful in any way.

That is interesting. And I might actually revise that again to provide some more details, but still try and avoid some things.

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