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Just some hidden brony with a s***load of ideas. Also available for assassinations (Not really, Deadpool does that.)


What do you mean we've been canceled!
AD17: I lost the ideas, so we're retconning to another possibility.
I'll kill you!
AD17: Gangnam Style.
Op, OPOP, OPA GANGNAM STYLE! Wait, where'd he go?

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Because yellow text on a white background is just the most readable combination ever invented. :facehoof:

This's HILARIOUS. :rainbowlaugh:

Why do I like it so much???

Also, for all the haters, here's a picture of Deadpool riding Pinkie Pie.

Argument invalidated.



I think he's trying to format it like the comics are but yeah. I hear ya.


I can already tell this is going to be amazing. Keeping my eye on this one!

I can't see that pic in the story, good author. Maybe add it to a comment down here? And I did try to refresh the page a few times. Also, I love that cover art. I could totally see Deadpool doing that.

Have you guys tried switching to dark? I actually prefer that for reading stuff on here anyway.

Of course. Deadpool + Pinkie Pie in the multiverse = hilarity and insanity. It's a winning formula.

Ohhhh snap! They be goin' into TF2 territory now. I wonder if those two will break the infinite stalemate on 2Fort?

*looks at ratings* 15 likes and 10 dislikes?! HOW THE HAY IS THIS FEATURED?! It doesn't have near the proper ratio! :twilightoops::facehoof::rainbowhuh:

I want you to look directly in these eyes and tell me you don't want to be Deadpool's best friend.


Now be a good friend and don't deny Deadpool being featured.

I see you changed the name, wise move, welcome feature box brother.
Brohoof /)

Just 'so much gusta'? Didn't you mean to say static2.fjcdn.com/comments/i+cant+stop+flicking+my+eyes+between+1990+and+2011+_4adefcb80db5f91be54f8250a3e49a95.jpg ?

There's a picture for everything.

Why, yes, I am being a jerk for calling you out on a positive comment. What of it?

Holy Fuck! I'm featured! Awesome! Thank you all!

lol, i drew a 16 x 24 in poster of your avatar nearly exactly, barely 3 days ago for friend at school....:rainbowwild:
anywaz I wanna see pinkie with her version of deadpools suit! :pinkiehappy:
p.s. there's gonna be a deadpool exclusive game for ps3 n xbox next year.......sorta like that xmen origins:wolverine but way improved


Just muckin' about in the commentary and bringin' up pictures of Pinkie Pool in the background.
Google is a wonderful thing.

Also, I have to go to bed now. The sugar from this Faygo is wearing off. G'night.

I would say it was rushed...but considering it's Deadpool and Pinkie Pie, it might even be too slow. I kinda want to see them go to the Halo universe and throw a party for Master Chief. Like a "Nice job pretty much eradicating multiple groups of aliens!" party.

I'm trying to laugh, sigh, groan, and face palm mentally at the same time...I think it's because of lack of understanding what I just read... :derpyderp2:

The randomness is swirling in my head and turning my brain into a slushie. I don't like brain slushies! What do I do?!

Anyways, go forth and continue!


1435564 A gun that fires cupcakes? But those fired cupcakes need the jobs they have to support their families!

Well done, featured again!

But looking forward for more.

1437033 Agghh...suddenly I feel like breaking a chair up and turn it into mushroom soup as I fly with the universal flying space whale, bringing six bags of rocks in case I find rock eating human plants....oh...and my clothes would be dolphins... :derpyderp2:

1437149 That is also normal. This is Deadpool man.

I don't really know what i read, but alright.

Deadpool... and PINKIE?! THE UNIVERSE CANNOT TAKE SUCH AWESOMENESS!! :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

Wow this fic went from 8 likes to 60 in 5 hours.

The style of writing is actually making me worry for the authors sanity... but fuck it, good story.

Deadpool...Pinkie Pie...Now where the hell did I put my tactical shitstorm alert? :trixieshiftright:

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