• Published 23rd May 2012
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Doom: Hell in Equestria - The card holder

After destroying Hell, Doomguy tries to go back home, but ends up in Equestria.

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Inside the literal tree house was a library, with bookshelves running wall to wall.

"Since you don't have a place to stay yet, you're free to stay at the library for now, despite my better judgement."

"Alright then." Grimm took off his QSU and started looking through it.

"Wait, I thought you gave all of your weapons to the princess?"

"I did." He placed a syringe similar to the one he used earlier on the table. "Despite what I said, I don't carry only weapons." He placed three other syringes on the table, along with two that had a black case instead of white. Next, he simply held the QSU upside-down and shook it, causing a large amount of skulls and cards to fall out, all of which were either red, blue, or yellow.

Twilight looked both scared and confused. "How exactly do you hold all of that?"

"The wonders of modern technology," he said, holding up the now empty QSU. "Every marine in the UAC has one of these."

"Which reminds me, what's your story? What is the 'UAC'?"

Grimm then gave a fairly basic explanation of how he got into the military, only for him to start explaining the history behind humans in general at Twilight's request. He did his best to tell the history, keeping it as basic as possible. Much to Twilight's suspicion (and horror), the human race had so many wars that most people just stopped caring about it. Grimm used this explanation of war to start talking about how his family had been in the military for generations, leading to him joining when he got out of high school. A spot was open in the United Aerospace Corporation, so he took it. There was no war going on at the time, but there were protests due to the recent rapid advances in technology. Because of this, he found himself in a situation where he was ordered to fire into an unarmed group of civilians.

Twilight gulped. "So... did you..."


She nods.

"Nope. Punched my CO in the face, instead. Got transferred to Mars because of it. And let me tell you, it was boring as hell. All we'd do is stand around and guard various scientists from nothing, since only the UAC currently had access to Mars. Some of the things they worked on were weapons programs, as well as a teleportation project." He sighs. "One day, the teleportation labs on Phobos, one of the moons, sent a distress signal. In response, they sent a team of marines, which I was a part of." While he was telling his story, he inspected his helmet, seeing a faint red light just above the visor. "Hey, I forgot about this. We had to start our helmet cams every day, as part of regulation. Mine had been going this whole time, and I just forgot about it." Fumbling around with the helmet, he found a button for playback. The visor started up a holographic screen, much to Twilight's wonder. Fast forwarding, he started it again at a certain point, the screen showing the inside of a ship.

"Ten seconds to touch down!"

The screen moved to a window, showing the surface of Phobos. The ship flew close to a hanger, landing outside it. Nine marines, dressed in similar armor and helmets to Grimm, started to file out, each grabbing a shotgun from a rack. A hand emerged from behind the camera, but the last shotgun is grabbed before the hand can get it.

"Sorry, Grimm, looks like you're on guard duty."

"Screw you, Jackson."

Twilight recognized the voice as Grimm's, and realized that the video is from his point of view. The marines filed out of the craft, all but Grimm going inside a nearby building. While he just stood at the door with his pistol, the others talked over the radio.

"What the hell happened here?"

"I don't know, stay alert."

"Wait, I got movement."

"Hold your fire, we don't know if it's hosti-SWEET JESUS!"

The sounds of gunfire and screams came through the radio, eventually stopping with a final gurgled "Send help..."

Grimm entered the building, the walls covered in bullet holes and blood. As he ascended some stairs, he was attacked by zombies wielding shotguns, which he dispatched quickly. Taking the guns, he continued through the area, killing more zombies and a few demons.

As the video went on, Twilight became more and more sickened at the bloodshed. In the video, Grimm sounded shaken up at first, but then it starts to sound like he enjoyed it. A couple of times, she had to stop to empty her stomach again, Grimm stopping the video until she returned. Despite this, she insisted on watching the rest of it. Grimm fast forwarded the video past the more repetitive parts when needed.

Eventually, the video arrived at the point where Grimm had came to Equestria, at which point he stopped it. "Well, that's my story." Looking over to Twilight, he found her just sitting in shock. "Umm... You okay?"

She shook her head, breaking out of her stupor. "Y- Yeah, I'm f-fine..." She was shaken up from the video, and it showed.

"I warned you it was a bit... graphic..."

"I'll just... go to bed now..." Shakily, she walked upstairs and got into bed, falling into an uneasy sleep. Meanwhile, back downstairs, Grimm started looking through the books, wanting to learn a little more about the local area. He glanced to the pile of keys he had, thinking.

'Where am I gonna put all those...'

Outside the window, a tower made of three fillies toppled over.

"Ow! Why'd you drop me?"

"Ah dropped you 'cause o' your fat flank!"

"You two stop fighting! Did you see anything?"

"He made some light come out of his helmet, and him and Twilight watched it for a while. Twilight looked kinda distraught by something-"

"'Distraught?' What're you, a dictionary?"

"Let me finish! She went upstairs, and he just started to read."

"Well, that's boring."

The three trotted off, arguing the whole way.