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The Doom-Guy

Hey world, I'm The Doom-Guy and I'm trying my hand at MLP related fanfictions for the first time. As long as my imagination keeps running at full steam, stories will flow forth!


The Legions of Hell are on the run, and Doomguy has finally found the portal that might lead him home. Emphasis on Might. For all he know's the portal could throw him right back into Hell.

Deciding to give it a go, Doomguy steps through the gate and finds himself in a place far more terrifying than Hell had ever been...Ponyville, Equestria. Worse off, the technicolor ponies who live there won't leave him alone!

Will Doomguy survive to kick-ass another day?

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4073334 doom guy has vocal cords and basic intelligence?! :pinkiegasp:

I'd have to say that my favorite type of comedy fictions, are Doom Guy fictions. Just the idea of a giant gun toting brute having to cope with the fact that he's in a place filled with marshmallow horses gets a chuckle out of me. Keep it up man!

This fic isn't what I'd call good, but it isn't what I'd call bad. I'd say that it is progressing along under the steam of it's crossover for the most part.

You have much potential, but I just don't see enough to keep me here.

A bit more double checking of your formatting along with longer chapters and this would be worthy of the feature box.

and where can I get a beer around here?

This is my kinda fic!

I had hoped for the Timberwolf to be introduced to a Bevertooth. (Personally I think that shotguns are over-rated.) But hey, to each his own.

Make us I.D. fanboys proud.

"Where the hell am I, who and what the hell are you, and where can I get a beer around here?"

Oh Doom-Guy, you are SUCH a card! Seriously, if Doom-Guy actually talked, and made wise-cracks like Duke Nukem or Serious Sam, that would TOTALLY be something in character for him to say.

Story's starting a little slow otherwise, but hopefully you can get the ball rolling soon.

I hope this is Brutal Doom guy because then everyone is in for a world of hurt.

Holy smokes Batman! I never expected this story to become so popular! Thanks for all the support, now off to complete chapter three!

>265 pounds of marine tackled it to the ground
>265 pounds of marine
>265 pounds

my brain is full of something.
other than me seeing r34 everything, this was good so far, and your writing doesn't make me want remove my eyes with a spoon, and that's something!

I'm happy with this, only hoping(way to much honestly) that Doomy ends up with a pet demon.


I am liking what you are doing with this and especially the fact that you are throwing Rose at Doomguy, but you really need to make another editing pass. Most of it is not too bad, but you have tons of random apostrophes (') in things that should not have them. It seems to be mostly centered on plurals (e.g. eye's instead of eyes), but there were some other related errors and the total count was enough to make the story a bit hard to read.

Lol way to go Doomguy! I love it keep up the great work.

Hehe... If this were a 100% conversion/ crossover; then DoomGuy would be running around at 57mph while caring over 200 pounds of guns and armor while kicking major ass in the process... But I don't think Equestria could possibly handle even a fraction of badasserie of that magnitude :twilightsmile:.

Thus, it is once again proven that; DoomGuy is, in fact, the most badass marine to have ever existed in the history of ever. No exceptions.:rainbowdetermined2:

Pinkie Promise! :pinkiecrazy:

Rip N' Tear Your Guts!!!!

Alas, this one didn't do so well for Doom Guy. I'd rather see these two and Duke Nukem team-up anyway. :twilightoops:

That writing is sooooo bad it's surpassed bad and become funny :rainbowlaugh:
Not the story it's awesome I mean the comic

Such a shame this story was cancelled.

Motherfuck. This story was REALLY fucking good.

The guy has not been on since 2014... This story is long dead.

The story is dead so is the guy's account so bugger off.

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