• Published 23rd May 2012
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Doom: Hell in Equestria - The card holder

After destroying Hell, Doomguy tries to go back home, but ends up in Equestria.

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Knee Deep in the Friends--Part 1

Grimm followed Twilight out of the room into a living room of sorts. He couldn't help but notice that the place was packed with all kinds of woodland critters skittering about. When they caught sight of him, they all hid behind something.

'Glad to see that I'm being welcomed warmly,' he thought to himself.

Noticing that a nearby couch was shivering, Twilight walked over to it and checked under it. Sure enough, Fluttershy was there, cowering and covering her eyes.

"Fluttershy?" she whispered, trying not to scare the pegasus. "Don't worry, he won't hurt you."

"R- Really?"

Part of the unicorn's mind was a bit skeptical, but she ignored it. "Really."

Cautiously, Fluttershy got out from under the couch. When she saw him, she nearly ducked back under it, but Twilight stopped her. Taking deep breaths to calm herself, she greeted him. "H-Hello... I- I'm Flu..." She trailed off, her voice too quiet to hear.

"You're Fluttershy?" Grimm asked. Cowering back at his voice, she nodded quietly. "Well, I'm John Grimm." He held his hand out to shake hands/hooves. She cowered back from it, but then saw the intention behind the raised appendage and nervously shook the hand.

Out of nowhere, Grimm felt something hit him on the back of the head. Turning around, he saw a small rabbit throwing various things at him, most of which are easily dodged or swatted away.

"Angel!" Fluttershy scolded, hovering over to the bunny. "Don't be rude to our guest! He wasn't doing anything wrong!" She still wasn't that loud, but this was the loudest that he had heard the pegasus speak this whole time. The rabbit made some noises to Fluttershy, pointing at him a few times. "Yes, I know he's something different, but that doesn't mean you can throw things at him." The rabbit lowered his head. "Now apologize."

Angel hopped over to Grimm, head still down. He said something unintelligible to everyone but Fluttershy, who smiled. "He said he was sorry for what he did."

Looking down at the rabbit, he felt slightly moved; he reminded him of his own pet rabbit... "Apology accepted."

Angel brightened up a bit at this, and hopped out of the room. Fluttershy sighed. "He's a good bunny, but he can be so short-sighted at times."

"Well, in that case," Twilight spoke up, "we should probably get going. The princess told me to introduce Mr. Grimm here to all our friends."

"Oh, well, goodbye then!" As Grimm and Twilight left the cottage, Fluttershy couldn't help but worry about what the creature could do to her friends if he really wanted to...

Outside, Twilight began walking down a path, with Grimm following her. "Sweet Apple Acres isn't that far from here, so we can see another friend who lives there, Applejack, next." She glared at him. "For the record, I still don't think this is a good idea."

"I don't either, but this isn't the first time I had to follow orders I didn't like." Uncomfortably, the marine noticed that he subconsciously formed plans to kill Twilight and any nearby creatures with his bare hands.

'Relax, you're not in Hell anymore. Don't kill anybody,' he told himself. As he did this, a nagging question he had since he got here resurfaced. "Say, Twilight?"


"What exactly do those marks on your backside mean?"

Twilight looked over her shoulder, spotting her cutie mark. "Oh, these are cutie marks. Everypony has one. It represents that pony's special talent. Mine shows that I'm good with magic, Fluttershy's shows that she's good with animals, and Princess Celestia's shows that she controls the sun."

'Cutie marks? It's like I came from Hell and landed in a cartoon for little girls.' Glancing at the midday-sun, he returned to his questions. "So what exactly is the history of this 'Equestria' place? Is everyone a pony?"

Twilight then dove into a lecture on the basic history and customs of ponies, explaining the three kinds of ponies there are, and the differences between them. As the history lesson went on, Grimm felt himself get more and more confused. Thankfully for him, they soon got within view of a farm, Twilight stopping just as she started explaining "The Helements of Armory" or something. Approaching the farm, he spotted an orange pony with yellow hair and a cutie mark of apples hauling carts of apples to a barn. From what little he listened to from Twilight's explanation, he knew she was an earth pony.

"Hey, Applejack!" the unicorn called out. The orange mare turned her head.

"Heya, Twi', what're you doin' out he-" She stopped when she saw Grimm, a confused expression entering her face. "Um, sugercube, ah don't mean t' be rude, but who's that?"

Grimm gave a short nod of his head. "John Grimm, marine."

"Marine? That like a soldier 'r somethin'?"

"You could say that, yes."

"Well, then, howdy!" She rather excitedly shook his hand. "Ah'm Applejack, and this here," she motioned outward to acres of apple trees, "is Sweet Apple Acres, home of the best apples in Ponyville!"

"Well, now that we're all acquainted," Twilight broke in, "where's everypony else?"

"I reckon Big Mac's out buckin' apples, Granny Smith's takin' her afternoon nap, and ah think Applebloom said she was goin' with her friends t' do somethin'."

"Oh. Well, I'm under the princess's orders to take Mr. Grimm here and introduce him to our friends. So I'll guess we'll be going."

"Alright, see ya'll two later!" While the two left, Applejack resumed her work of bringing in more apples. For some reason, that Grimm person seemed a bit... off.

Now traveling again, Twilight resumed her lecture, much to Grimm's dismay.

While Grimm was being instructed on what the "Elements of Harmony" were by Twilight, neither of them noticed some of the bushes on the edge of the path rustling, and didn't hear the whispering coming from it.

"Quiet, you! You'll give us away!"

"Ah'm bein' perfectly quiet! It's Sweetie Belle makin' the noise!"

"What! No I'm not!"

"Both of you shut up! We're gonna lose him, and I want to see what he is!"

"Why are we doin' this again?"

"Because, aren't you curious about what he is? Besides, we might get our cutie marks from this!"

"If you say so, Scoots..."

"Wait... Aww, drat, he's gone!"

"Well, ah'm sure we can find him again."

A cry of "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS NINJA FOLLOWERS! YAY!" broke out of the bush, followed by more frantic rustling, which was then followed by silence.