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Special Thanks to Dominatus Imperator for his input on my story, parts of the plot and a few characters wouldn't have happened without him.

Hell has stirred, its eyes have turned onto Equestria. Since the death of Equestria's leader there has been a power vacuum that one demon means to fill. His armies gather and ready themselves for war.

Meanwhile, Equestria is completely unaware of the new danger it faces. Unprepared, its very survival will be uncertain.

Darkness falls on Equestria.

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Been looking for a Doom Crossover, its about time.

Sweet story dude! Definitely a like and fav from me!

sorry about that i wasn't trying to drown you guys in walls of text

So...many...words...and I only just checked the page...you should really space out your paragraphs...but other than that, a little rushed, but still awesome.


3112024 thanks for the fav and it only gets better and bloodier

I almost flinched when he ripped Celestia's horn out...almost.

3119503 really excellent so how do you like it so far. also he didn't break the horn he ripped all of it out of her head

Space paragraphs and grammar. Periods. Definitely periods.

3120452 thanks for the feedback though it does get better in later chapters

I saw this on the front page and immediately started whistling the bunny tune from Doom. I keep having visions of a Doom/MLP crossover where Fluttershy stands in as the Doom Guy. Her rage face from the wedding episode would be a perfect fit for mowing down hordes of imps with the minigun.

3121741 thanks for the comment and thanks for reading. also I'm trying to keep the characters as close to the show as possible with as few changes as possible

Finally I've seen a Doom crossover. I was thinking about writing one!

3169190 your welcome i hope to read your eventually

You really need an editor. A damn good editor

grammar aside, this story is great, and I hope to see more of it soon!:raritywink:

3242135 Thanks the feedback is always welcome
also what do you like about it?


There's a few on here. They're all pretty damn good too.

Wow... Is that it. Clearly hell didn't throw everything they had at the ponies.

3439354 Of course, Hell isn't united, Gorrog leads a much smaller faction than normally would be used for an invasion of this scale, a much larger one is due for book two, It will a lot more in-depth about Gorrog and his past, and for those who are more familar with Doom this takes place after Resurrection of Evil.

Congrats on finishing your story! It was very entertaining.

3497777 thank you, next one will be coming out soon

Congrats on finishing your story! You got much better as you went along. I am very pleased with your progress!

3950213 Thanks and I wrote a sequel called Thy Flesh Consumed

I can already tell that Spike is gonna be Doomguy.

My god, you need a proofreader and editor! There are so many errors!

Is doom guy in this?

Entertaining story. Got a quick question. So when is the Doom guy going to pop in and go all Sly marbo on all the demons.


that is one of the most glorious quotes i have ever heard

Still no Doom Marine... A shame.

Where was the Doom Marine, blessed with the ultimite power to kill a thousand fold of demons.

Comment posted by OlDreaddy deleted Feb 20th, 2019

The Doom Marine will most likely be at the end when all hope seems lost for the ponies.

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