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I'm alive actually... · 1:30pm Mar 7th, 2013

Yeah, well... It's only now that I am done with all the pointless stuff I had to do past this month (Mostly connected with my thesis and University related business). Finally I can take a breath and do something I like, use the free time. Today I'm going back to writing I suppose (hopefully not another empty promise :P). Was just today I watched the last episode of 3rd season - my reaction:

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Do you will continue your Division 48 story anymore?

Sooooo. About that Dishonered story hmm.

I just made a story I think you'll enjoy. :pinkiecrazy:
Satan Visits Equestria

Still saddens me.
Have a good day sir.

Aww damn! I knew someone will eventually connect my name with Borderlands 2, but it's not from there :P I picked it many years ago... Damn coincidence...

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