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Universe… Unlimited space, the source of life and death, mother of all creation and destruction. Source of both religious beliefs and science. Nothing can be said for certain about this vast unshackled power except for one thing… It always naturally seeks balance, always manages events so that overall they lay in perfect harmony. However to reach such level of harmony a certain element must be introduced, as there cannot be order without chaos to fill the other side of scales. The balance of Equestria is dangerously disturbed as the only source of chaos, Discord, is trapped in stone. Even if freed Discord won't be able to stop the scales from falling. With no other options, the Universe brings forth a creature of pure Chaos, a human murderer and delusional psychopath, to even out the Scales of Balance in Equestria and destroy the blasphemous abominations... Destroy the Elements of Harmony...

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Interesting. Very interesting. It's like the Omen meets ponies...or something...

Slightly confusing layout, some grammar errors, but not a bad story at all.

You get my like and favorite. :twilightsmile:

I already like how this is going to turn out. That is one of the few details about MLP I don't like: there is no such thing as perfect order without chaos. Most people seem to overlook details like that in favor of ponyponypony.

519451 Well, thanks a bunch! I need to work on my grammar... Think consuming hearts of innocent women will help me with that? :pinkiecrazy: I heard they taste like chicken...:pinkiecrazy:

519841 That's exactly why I gave it a try with this fic. It's an amateurs attempt to write, in language that's not even his primary, but at least it refers to the basic element of FiM, overlooked so often... That and I like inserting a complete contradiction of this World, into it and observe the results...

Interesting, I look forward to more.:pinkiehappy:

Woohoohoo, i like your premise i will definitely come back to this.

this is the best premise for a hie story i have ever read.

543409 Thank you very much! I hoped it would be... unique :pinkiecrazy: Insanity always makes things unique... :pinkiecrazy:

true harmony through the murder of wielders of the elements of order.

wait... Quis Occisurum occidit? (who gonna kill the killer?)


Good question... Universe will always find a way though, the other question would be, will Damian like it?


i propose he spends the rest of his life taking huge horse dicks up his ass:pinkiecrazy::trollestia::moustache:

:facehoof: what the fuck was i thinking?

543554 That it does, just more reason to love being insane!:pinkiecrazy:

wow. the universe could just have hired a discreet human assassin.
not son of sam over here.

Very interesting, keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

568308 Of course it could, but where would be fun in that? :pinkiecrazy:
568535 Thank you! Keep it up I shall :twilightsmile:

less crazy more effective.
nothing is more scarier then watching your friend's head just explode in front of you.:pinkiecrazy:

570910 Gives me an idea actually :pinkiecrazy: Thank you!

His methods are rather... barbaric but I like how this is going.

Cant wait to see where this is going. I wonder what will happen when the princesses find out :unsuresweetie: bad ass imortal battle to the death? I hope

650208 Oh there will be action and destruction, you can bet on that :pinkiecrazy:
641773 Well Barbaric they are, but he has stealth methods also... He wasn't caught by the police, when he murdered people on Earth after all...

917746 Weeell, had to traumatize someone :pinkiecrazy: Don't worry though I have special plan just for Apple Bloom. One two I see you, three four there's some blood on your floor :pinkiecrazy: (that was out of the context... Have to say something crazy/random now and then to keep my... Image)

917769 So long as nothing bad happens to Fluttershy I'm happy.

917769So long as nothing bad happens to pinkie iam here

Hey, don't limit my unstable creativity! I had to take some pink pills just to write like a normal person! :pinkiecrazy: Nah but really Pinkie is a special kind of character, she will get special treatment... very special treatment... Bwahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:

918361oh will you turn her to evil side then :rainbowlaugh:

Well... yes and no... You shall see!

918390aha oke as long shes not dead then its oke

Hooray for showing an innocent mind the brutal reality of such a horrific death all in an instant!

I say a Dark story is not truly Dark when there are no heavily traumatized characters! So I humbly deliver the proper elements :pinkiecrazy: Also I like to crush innocent minds... It's a hobby :pinkiecrazy:

Do want.

Please, do go on with this fascinating story...


1051090 Oh you can bet I shall teehehehe... :pinkiecrazy: Also thank you for the comment!

to see Damian's true form does a pony just have to see death like a natural one or does it have to be by unnatural causes?

1054030 Ah, good question... Well wouldn't be much fun if natural death would make them see. Basically a traumatic experience would only grant them true sight... And there are not many Ponies who saw murder... yet :pinkiecrazy:

Though I do have a sadistic side to me that likes to see the mane six get into a violent fight with a OC (which is all too rare in fics these days) I don't like them dieing.

Will they be killed off or will they be a bit harder to take out than Damian thinks?

1165544 Hard to say really... There will be violence and casualties, also there's no fun in going down easily... :pinkiecrazy: Another thing is, that Damian has to destroy the Elements of Harmony and it is not clear if they are the Mares themselves or the fancy pieces of jewelry hidden in Canterlot... Everything can still happen!:pinkiecrazy: (Sorry for such a late reply, I'm kinda swamped right now, but planning to write another chapter as soon as I get some free time)

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