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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


Everything should be all fun and games in Ponyville, but it's not. Not for you anyway. Not anymore. You've been noticing a lingering shadow following you, a strange ominous shape, and it's driving you to the brink of madness now. It's almost like this strange being wants to remind you of something that you desperately don't want to remember...

Contains Anon, not a comedy.

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And I raan. I ran so far awaay.

And I raaann. Ran all night and day.

Couldn't get away.

What? Wanted a pun and not a song? Sorry. I have changeling desires from day to day.

....why did this happen? Is this a thing now? Are we gonna start having to harmonize in Pencil's comments? Because honestly I don't think I can.

You'll have to blame Priest for this one. I encourage the puns, but music is a new one on me.

Great story!! I saw the end coming, but I really like it. It has a heavy air of mystery, but is very satisfying.

Hopefully MOST people see the end coming. I didn't want it to be a huge "WOAH THAT'S OUT OF NOWHERE!" thing, so I'm really glad it hit you the right way.


I blame Priest for everything anyways so ill just add another of his bugs to the the list I made about why he enjoys running on the toes...

Don't judge me I'm new at this.

HAH not bad. Not bad at all.

6971205 Your stories went from horrible, evil, vile things against nature and humanity and quite possibly common sense, and now it is moving into the feels. Stop it, stop it. I can't take it, I can't escape from this mystery feels you are imparting upon me.

6971150 Is this gonna be the next thing. Song lyrics for your serious stories. Cuz if it is then I think I've got one for this one.
She won't leave me alone
And she's always in my home
Playing in my head
Messing with my pheromones
Cuz I know she wants an evil man
To dance with her evil plans
But I pray that she hears me when I say
Oh no, not you again!!!


Why? I just want to know why you just made me actually sing this like oogie boogie from nightmare before Christmas


Welp, apparently this is a new thing then. Feels stories with song lyrics. Fan fucking tastic.

And no worries, I'll still write horrible evil things too. Got a pretty fun (or...awful) thing in mind for next time. Though the colab I'm doing? Yeah, that's feels too, but it'll be a bit before that sees the light of day.

The fact that you got here before me bugs me.

Right? It's amazing how he can just wing it with those puns though.

Are you calling my pun bad? I will fucking bite you.:trixieshiftleft:

Careful, I might enjoy that.:heart:

6971585 Is it still bad that I still enjoy all of your horrible, disgusting stories? And the fact that a few even gave me the WHY? Boner, I don't know what black magics you hold on these stories but you need to pass that around.

6971083 i.giphy.com/l41lM8A5pBAH7UWWY.gif
The music's worse than the puns! Just barely though...

We already have one, we don't need another!

6971205 And you! Stop encouraging this! Puns are evil, evil things that should be exterminated!
Other than that, I kinda like these fics that deviate from your norm. I just hope you don't oversaturate with the serious.

6972220 What? Do you think that his puns are no longer punny anymore? If you don't like em then why don't you go eat a clock? It's very time consuming and surely by the time you're done eating them he will have improved his funny bone.

...now THAT is some quality punning right there.

6972914 Oh come on turn that frown into a smile! You've put a ton of effort trying to stop the puns.static.tumblr.com/7ddb8ef003b45d88723e3dd1a191eb9f/l2onwjb/DCzo04ula/tumblr_static_6g9nts84il8g00kwg0wsswkkk.png a skeleton!

6974078 Well i'd write everything i was planning on doing to ya with a pencil but it'd be pointless.

6976337 Oh come on i know you're smiling.

6976896 I am, and I hate it!

This is one of my favorites from your pastebin, purely for how spare and elegant it is. Like, this, these words right here, this isn't even the story. This is just the thin shadow of the story, but there's still more than enough definition to tell the reader exactly what went down and what happens next. Well done, pencil.

That's an... interesting cover pic you picked out for it. I could be wrong, but It kinda looks like the title from this one game online. I can't remember the name though, which might be for the best. Anyway, once again another great story. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Loved the story, legit crepy ... But sad ... This story I like it, ANOTHER


The original title was actually "Anon's Run" as based on a particular sci-fi movie I like. If that helps.

If I'm not mistaken that's the pic from the Chrysalis pov game on Newgrounds :ajsmug:


...it's actually from the show. From 'This Day Aria.'
Check at around 26 seconds in.


6971646 sorr, saw your pic and had to say this. Cutie mark crusaders terrororists go!

You've been noticing a lingering shadow following you, a strange ominous shape, and it's driving you to the brink of madness now

Is it the actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf?

Very good story! (Not as good as rainbow dash getting stabbed by scissors but I digress):rainbowwild: also the reason I am stalking you!

I came. I read. I upvoted.

Pretty damn good!

Pretty damn good!

6981209 aahh, a Logan's Run fan you must be. Damn, its been a long time since I saw that movie.

And great story as well, this site needs more good HiE dark fics (even if this one technically kind of isn't one). Ever think of doing something like A-hardie's Millennium?

got to say i loved that twist, "in the end he was what he feared"......does that make sense?:rainbowderp:
i don't know.......oh well:rainbowwild:
good job

I kept thinking this was older than its publication date.

What the fuck:applejackunsure:

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