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After seeing huge bursts of power from one universe a Q decides to investigate


Ryan Danver was a Stormchaser. he loved Mother nature at it's wildest but when he was struck by lightning he ended up in Equestria. In the body of a cyan colored pegasus.

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Seems intriguing, I'll read it soon

5409306 remeber this is just the first chapter. there is still more to show.

5409330 okay what's your prediction on how the story will go?

I can understand people being annoyed at "overused" ideas, but don't take it out on specific stories. For some people this would be the first story of this type that they'd ever read. I'm adding this to my watch list for now.

5409356 This is my second series of this rough idea but taking a different approach to it. At least i didn't name the human Anon.

ok this has a interesting start. mite spend a little more time proofing your work a few words either don't belong or are missing.
in all I will hold my vote till I see more of the story.
but yes I do want to see more.
harts fire.

5410112 the UE stand for unedited, my editor has it now and will update that chapter when it's done.

got you some how I missed that sorry.:facehoof:

5410174 it happens. the reason i post the UE form is i have been burned greatly in the past by former editors. I won't wait on them now. As long as you understand what i'm saying I'm happy.

Will Rainbow Blaze(canon name for RD's dad) make an appearance?

5411044 wouldn't be blaze as her dad. I didn't know he had one. But you will be meeting him in the next chapter.

5411069 Yeah, the cards have his name as Rainbow Blaze and the blurb is him saying he taught her everything she knows.

5411100 I was going to do Rainbow Blitz, but since this is Au i think I'll keep it since it goes better with where I'm going with this story.

This is interesting.

Okay finally read it, have to say you need to do two things.

1 Pacing, that went way too fast, you only gave us three paragraphs of human Ryan then BAM ponified

2 You need to look this over and edit it, or find an editor, I found a ar amount of missing words or misused words (like you accidentally used "fart" when you meant to use "far" at one point)

Otherwise, I like this. A lot actually,.

5413527 It's in the hands of my editor. so waiting for him to get back to me.

Not bad, let's see where it goes.

this is interesting, really caught my eye:twilightsmile:

well this was and still is a pleasant surprise, looking forward to more

stay classy:moustache:

ok you get a thumbs up from me and a may we have another sir this story is starting to tack to the air.

ok bad pun intended.
yes I am starting to really like this story and I am looking for the next chapter.
harts fire.

5487201 That was PUNNY!

Sire my soup has a problem.

What problem?

A small problem.

A fly in your soup.


5504894 This will be long story. at minimum, to Discord

5505011 And when will you update it?

5505062 be a bit. currently working on Queen Meets Princess and Nightmare at CHS then likely I come around to this one.

really like where this is going. Can't what to see how his life as Rainbow unfolds and especially when he meets up with the other mane 6. It'll be interesting to put the event in the show in a new light like this. Keep it up and update soon please.

5505218 This I can tell you. Ryan Dash will still have the ego, and competitaveness of Rainbow Dash, But he won't call Twilight an egghead. and the BIG even is Discord.

“Well there was a strange rainbow colored lightning bolt that struck main street, but it should be too fart away from the weather factory to be from them.

“Well, there was a strange rainbow colored lightning bolt that struck main street, but it should be too far away from the weather factory to be from them.

“Well I have some good news and bad news Rainbow.

“Well, I've some good news and some bad news Rainbow.
The word 'was' is a past indicative of 'be'. In case you don't know this.

Don't forget about the cutie marks. Because they are based on their special talent.

5524630 hence why I don't really mention them since this is mainly from Ryan's POV most of the time. and this is before Rainbow gets the cutie mark

You gonna continue this?

5572809 working on the next chapter right now.

Lost me at the third paragraph. Too many typos and poor sentence structure. Reading your stories out loud before posting is helpful.

squee this chapter is just so tender I love it. :heart:
it sounds like R D D is truly at home with loving parents.
Harts Fire


5582006 So...I was wondering...will you change anything in the canon? because this guy supposely had 20 years of life before...some of the immature streaks could've been cut off already.

5582132 Some will be different. some the same. the big one will be when Discord happens. Ryan is more logical and experianced then Pure RD but will still have the basic core there.

Note Ryan will never refer Twilight as an egghead.

5582149 Well...At least it is not copy-paste the canon.

Weeeee, amazing RD/Human story. I can't wait for the exit chapter. :pinkiehappy: This story is 20% cooler :rainbowdetermined2:

5409306 Who gives a shit if it's overused? Is the story bad because of that? If you think so you are a very shallow person...

sweet truly im looking forward to the next chapter

stay classy:moustache:

5583127 the next one for this story will have you Squee

5583242 i dare you to try:pinkiehappy:

stay classy:moustache:

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