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This story is a sequel to Queen Takes Dragon

It's been almost five years since Spike and Chrysalis started living together. They are now raising a family of considerable size to a pony, but considered small by changeling standards. With 24 individual changeling foals, some with distinct properties that might make them more mischievous in the coming years, the two can have their hands full from time to time. However their peace becomes threatened when Chrysalis's "side of the family" makes an appearance, things seem to only get more complicated when Chrysalis and the princesses try to take the peaceful diplomatic approach.

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That part with the gem stone... I think my heart stopped for a moment at the cuteness.

KO sequel can't wait to see more awesomeness of Spike and Chrysalis adventure together. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

An exposition chapter? Seems like a weird way to start.

I think we can all agree that we're all just thumbing through all the political and scientific mumbo jumbo to get to what we really want to read: the adventures of new life and parenthood, and whatever other adventures come their way

That is adorable

Wonder what Emerald's "caste" name is, Seeker, Digger, or Dowser

(Explanation of where Dowser comes from: Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials without the use of scientific apparatus.)

6692132 Still trying to decide, maybe I'll have one of the Mane 6 make suggestions (and which ever one Emerald like the most that's what will be decided as the kind of changeling she is).

:scootangel: chapter me like... Uhhhh:rainbowhuh: I ment to say I love this story :yay:

Is emerald a gem diger Or a diggy diggy hole diger or a uhhhh...

What was I talking about agen:rainbowhuh: oh well :pinkiecrazy:

My nose is running and it is rau. So yah :pinkiesick:/:pinkiegasp:choo

Don't they still have that 'no clothes' rule?

6696296 before the primes hatched it was revised to the Clothing Optional rule

Yay just finished the previous story and I can't wait to read this one :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: you get 5 awsome moustaches

I would also expect she'll develop her skill as she grows, probably eventually learning where dangers like fault lines, sinkholes and other underground hazards are.

After all, as a digging race, I think they'd need to know, so they don't accidentally bury their colony in a volcanic tube or an underground lake, now would they

And then all the other queen lost their hives due to structural sabotage

6753152 Well, with how I've described Changeling culture it's always a possibility. Queens traditionally focus on expansion through military force. Compromising the structural support of another queen's colony grounds is always a viable option to them.

6753326 I see we are on the same page then, all is fare in hate and war.

Maybe her Violet Emerald's cuteness of paralysis can take on even the strongest.

Any word of the pet thing?

6755832 just put up blog regarding that a little while ago.

Inb4 Twilight teaches Crystal a few spellbooks worth of spells.


Oh god the cute! Hnnng! *clutches his chest and collapses*

Huh, a hen seeker caste.


6753152 Snrk. I can see that happening.

6755832 Best protection, she goes around scouting out resources abs paralyses all hostiles work cute.

Plus, the heart doctors will be thankful to her for driving their businesses.


hi, are you going to continue this wonderfull saga or checking ever day for update is futail?

7059069 Yeah, I'm a little stuck on the next chapter, hopefully I should have an update ready shortly.

7182850 Slow, I'll post the next chapter when I finish it.

You can put this into Advertisements if you want! :twilightsmile:

It's alive!

Nice chapter and a cute pet. Chryssie's family is growing~

7207307 your thoughts on said pet? What are your thoughts on what the pet is?

7207366 It's pretty cool, though I can imagine taking it on a walk in the forest being problematic, with it setting the woods on Fire. Great for winter moths, though.

7207633 go back and read what Fluttershy said about it again, that particular kind of creature needs high heats to maintain itself.

7207875 Yeah, but Chryssie also mentioned that it's good that their clothes are fireproof, so I got conflicting signals.

7208916 you have to remember there are over a dozen changeling/dragon hybrids in the home she shares with Spike, and it would be a bit of issue if one of them accidentally sneezed out fire on either of them while entertaining guests. The mention of the fireproofing spell was more a case of something that's making sure some sort social taboo is avoided during social calls and visiting.

Good to see this up, and I'm glad you like the name. However I'm a bit curious when these sisters are going to show up, it's something that I want to see, especially how Chrysalis will react and how her sisters will react to Chrysalis' mate and new allies.

7209662 I've got some concepts, but nothing down on paper yet. Feel free to PM suggestions.

This meeting is going to be a cluster fuck of epic proportions.

7243309 you're probably right, I just hope I get the jumbled mess down in a way that is effective at conveying it.

KO nice chapter, something tells me that te visit is not gonna go so well. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

The stakes are ass-kissing high!!!

I want to see Queen Arachne at the meeting if only to be able to call out any that claim Emerald as a fake.
I also imagine one as old and experienced as you've written her to be would be at least curious about a queen becoming fully associated, let alone integrated, into pony society.

7245920 I actually do have plans to have Arachne show up to the meeting.

An hive with only 24 members can't work well, is the couple going to make others. Are we going to see new sex scene in the near future?

7483582 More are planned to come along, as for more sexy fun times between Chrysalis and Spike, that's still in the works. The only reason Chrysalis is keeping it so small right now is because she has support from an external nation state and due to the fact her offspring are developing slower than changelings usually do she wants to make sure she has some members around a teenage level of development before knowing more are on the way. Because you are right, the size is nonviable for a self-sufficient hive. A minimum of 50 to 60 members is needed for something like that.

So the only way for Chrysalis to relink communication with Spike is that those two have to have sex?

7660113 nope, it was a one time deal that came with Chrysalis's first pregnancy

Great chapter,loving the story.

Nice chapter. The meeting is coming and we get weaponised cuteness.

Spotted a few missing or superfluous words, like missing verb of what the Queens actually do each few decades.

7660530 Thanks for spotting that, fixed it

7660318 So regardless if they have sex again?

7660698 Spike's being part of the hive link was a one time deal, the story's said as much a few times.

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