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Queens to Check, Dragon to Mate - dracone

Spike and Chrysalis are now raising a family, but her "side of the family" threatens the peace when they arrive.

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Violet Emerald

Author's Note:

Warning: This chapter contains immense cuteness, it is advised before proceeding you have some sort of trained aid nearby in event you suffer anything akin to a heart attack.

Now that that is out of the way, enjoy the new chapter. As always, feel free to turn anything I provide you with into an art project, all I ask if for a heads up on it (and maybe a copy of the piece a link to it). Also, it looks like this is one of my longer pieces.

Chrysalis was holding a sleeping Focus Crystal in her arms when she trotted in to see five foals curled up on Spike; two on his shoulders, one on his chest and two in his lap; with the dragon himself looking like he was half way to nodding off next to a new small hole in the wall with another changeling foal curled up in it. The rest were scattered about the room also napping.

“So,” said Chrysalis as she came up next to Spike, “what did I miss?”

Spike shook himself from his groggy state to say, “Most of the usual, none want to leave the room without one of us still nearby. Although, there is this,” he handed her a green gem, “Emerald dug it up, she was able to sniff it out. It could be more than just gems or just gems, we'll know for sure in the coming months. How was your day?”

“Relaxing,” said Chrysalis, “and it seems Crystal really likes Twilight. We have a few hours until it's time to pick up the girls from school, I'll keep an eye on the foals while you're out. Besides, I need to work on getting Focus Crystal used to her sisters.”

“Got a new plan, again? Good luck, sweetheart,” said Spike as he carefully started removing the foals from his body and set them down in the most adorable bundle Chrysalis had ever seen, just beneath the hole with a sleeping foal in it.

“So, Emerald dug a little tunnel and came back with a gem,” she said while examining the green gem in her hold, “none of the girls were that proactive before today. Although, the fact that she gave you the gem instead trying to eat it probably says that she really wanted to impress you.”

“And I am, although her method will probably put me in the hospital if she does it for over an hour without stopping.”

“How sweet was it?”

“I could feel the sweetness in my veins.”

“I'll look after the foals while you go out and do something next week, you've been cooped in the colony grounds for a month. That might be considered acceptably healthy for earth dragons and changelings, but you still need to get out and touch base with Twilight and your friends. You can go and drop the girls off next week then spend as much of the day as you want doing whatever you want until it's time to pick them up.”

“When do you have to go pick them up?”

“Around noon, it's barely eight right now.”

“Crystal's still scared of me, you still can't leave her with me.”

“Hopefully, she'll grow out of it soon. I'll take Emerald out with me tomorrow, she needs to see more than these walls.”

“Most of the girls are that way, but maybe having her outside will help to better direct her energy in a manner that is a bit more productive.”

“She's only a few months old, but I see what you're getting at.”


It was noon and Chrysalis, with Focus Crystal in her hold, was waiting outside the school building. In an effort to further the education of all foals, including her own, Twilight had established Ponyville's first official magical kindergarten. She had the project started months before her wedding, but it hadn't been finished until a few months after she discovered she was pregnant. Unlike other magical kindergartens, which typically focused on unicorn education with a few lessons about the magic of different pony tribes, Twilight's kindergarten project was founded with the aim of accepting all kinds of children and teaching every youngster there about the magics of every culture while helping to foster friendships no matter what the students happened to be. When she had been to the kindergarten to sign her eldest girls up for the experience almost five months ago she had made sure to be polite and had asked Twilight to remind the faculty what the intentions of the school were. Some of the instructors had actually been in Canterlot on the the day of the invasion, and as such were reasonably distrusting of Chrysalis regardless of the years she had been with Spike and had worked towards making Equestria safer for its citizens.

Chrysalis smiled when she saw her girls, and Seeker, heading towards her. Twilight was a very busy mare, so it would stand to reason that she would trust her daughter to be picked up and returned home by someone she had grown to trust over the years. It was also a good routine to get into, the girls could all spend more time together and the standing security concerns Chrysalis had for the colony grounds would have a practice ready for if she was certain her home and family were in danger.

“Hi girls, said Chrysalis, “did you girls have a good time at school?”

“Yeah,” said Light Novel in her intelligent voice, “we all introduced ourselves and told everyone in classes what we were. We got a mean look from the teacher, she felt a little mad towards us when we told her what we were.”

“I felt a lot of withheld aggression from the stare,” said Satin Care in her gentle voice.

“Nopony tried anything mean, so I guess it was okay,” said Dusk Sentinel in her usual safety conscious voice.

“The other foals didn't think much of it,” said Luminous Seeker, “some of them thought it was cool that non-ponies were in the class with them.”

“Those foals asked why we didn't want to have a snack when the teacher said it was snack time,” said Satin, “the teacher asked the same question.”

“The look on everypony's face was priceless when Dusk explained why they didn't need a snack,” said Seeker.

“The teacher then said something about us stealing the love the other foals from them before school got out,” said Novel, "I explained how that wouldn't be happening, she seemed relieved about it for some reason."

"Mommy was responsible for a bad thing Canterlot a few years before you girls were born, auntie Twilight can tell you bit more. Especially since she was there, of course so was auntie Cadance."

"Why can't you tell us? It would make more sense," said Seeker.

Chrysalis gestured for the girls to follow her, which they did, before saying, "It's part of a time in my life I don't want really remember or relive. I taught Twilight a spell for visiting memories, it's something that I'll be teaching Focus Crystal when she's older," she smiled down at the sleeping foal in her arms.

"She doesn't like us very much," said Dusk to Seeker.

"She only seems to feel safe around mom," said Satin.

As they continued toward the palace Chrysalis said, "Actually, that's not true anymore, girls. She seems to have a positive reaction around Twilight, I actually left Crystal in her care for a few hours."

"She likes mom," said Seeker, "does that mean she only likes moms?"

"No," said Chrysalis, "we passed a few ponies on the way to Twilight's for a visit today, some of them could have been parents or parental figures. She just did her best get physically closer to me as we got closer to them on our trot."

"Oh," said Seeker, "maybe she reacts differently to alicorns, we could ask my aunts to test the theory."

"I suppose it's progress," said Chrysalis, "and you'll be meeting another one of the girls tomorrow, along with your mom."

"Who else will you be bringing? I know all the others are friendly," said Satin.

"I'll be bringing Violet Emerald," said Chrysalis, she gave a smile, "your dad just learned what she can do."

Light Novel, Dusk Sentinel, and Satin Care blinked a bit at their mother while Luminous Seeker said, "I thought you always knew what your babies were capable of."

"While that is normally true," said Chrysalis, "the magic of a changeling queen allows her to know what kind changeling she has her attention on, the distinct magical signature of Violet Emerald is one my magic is unfamiliar with. It means she's a new kind of changeling," it was at this point they were near the castle, and Twilight happened to have started overhearing the conversation a little bit prior, "which means it will be up to us to decide what to call the kind of changeling she is. Once that happens my magic will always identify changelings with a similar magic signature to hers as that kind of changeling, other hives won't be able to identify the kind of of changeling she is for an indeterminate amount of time after that."

"Sounds like a fun project," came Twilight's voice.

"Mommy," called Seeker as she rushed over to hug her mother, "I thought you would be picking me up with auntie Chrys."

"Something came up while you were at school, sweetie," said Twilight, "we'll be entertaining some guests in a few weeks, I've been spending the time since I was notified researching them as best I can."

"Seeker, how about you show the girls the room you and your mom set up for your afterschool activities and any homework you have."

The unicorn filly gave a nod and all four of the foals went dashing with smiles on their faces into the castle. Twilight gave a chuckle and waited until the four were out earshot said, "Don't worry, the guests I spoke of weren't confirmed, changelings. You still think they're coming?"

"Could already be in Equestria," said Chrysalis, "even if I didn't have a standing execution order hanging over my head before the girls hatched, a lot of the things I've done for you, your friends and Equestria would result in me getting one. Changeling culture is so archaic, now that I've been able to look at it from an outside perspective, I just hope that it can change the way it needs to before it gets too late."

"You've crunched the numbers?"

"If the changelings keep along the course they are now they'll ensure they will die out before they can give themselves the proper amount of time to change the way they need to."

"You might not like some members of your family, but at least you put enough care into the future of the culture you come from," she and Chrysalis entered the castle and the doors shut behind them.

"Where'd your assistant go?" Inquired Chrysalis.

"I gave her the task of continuing the research for our guests, I need as much time with Seeker as I can get. Did the girls tell you about any problems at school?"

"They said the only ones to give them bad looks were some of the teachers but said teachers didn't try anything. I suspect that will continue as long as they hold disdain for me and don't want to send the wrong impression to the foals in their care."

"Well, it's nice to see the staff I had a hand in picking out show that much sense of professionalism, regardless I think I'll call a faculty meeting later this week to address any concerns that some of the staff might have."

"Well you did head the project for Ponyville's magical kindergarten, and the additions to the town's schoolhouse."

"Education is always important, and with the kindergarten following the philosophies of friendship I've learned over the years we can help make better strides towards lasting relationships. It's actually a good thing you enrolled the girls in the kindergarten, it's an unplanned test to see how well the teachers can follow through on what the school was founded on."

"A practice what you preach sort of thing, I get it. You can make all the declarations in the world, but if you don't follow through on what you are telling everyone it's effectively a lost cause, I know from experience on that sort of thing."

The two took some seats in the study, they could hear the girls enjoying themselves through the indistinct noises that were coming from one of the back rooms. "How so?"

"I said quite a few times that the changelings as a culture need to change themselves at quite a few of the hive meetings that are usually held once a decade or so, it's more a show of power sort of thing than anything political. However, queens are free to speak a piece and offer chances to support their arguments, at the meetings. I made a few declarations that the changelings themselves needed to change or we as a culture might end up in a situation we couldn't save ourselves from. I couldn't find any ways to change back then, and now my hive is all about change in regards to the changelings. I have twenty-four beautiful daughters, and not one of them is anything like the typical changeling worker. And now one of them is a new kind of changeling that we're just starting to learn about," Focus Crystal gave a cute yawn, this caused the two mares to giggle a bit, "and you should probably know, queens and some males are the only changelings known for having a sense of self."

"Those males were probably not used in the best of ways, were they?"

"They were only ever seen as useful for having a newborn queen take on the role of the old queen if her demise was not through that of another hive."

"Well, that a little morbid."

"That's changeling politics, if at least one assassination attempt hasn't been made you then you're doing something very wrong or very right, hard to tell the difference most of the time. When we manage to get whichever hives come our way to sit down at the negotiation table it would be wise for all present to remember that fact, that includes all the princesses that decide be part of the talks."

"I'll forward your reminder to everypony that it should concern. Although through his behavior some of us would probably hope Blueblood is the target of an assassination attempt."

"He's that full of himself?"

"Pretty much."

"Changelings tend to target oblivious narcissists, I've been told they make excellent puppets, I never followed through on that policy."

It at this point Focus Crystal gave another cute yawn as she seemed to wake up and turned her attention to her mother's face before looking around and found Twilight's face, she babbled the words, "Auntie, fun, fun," and reached with one arm while holding onto her mother."

"I guess earlier wasn't a one-time deal," said Twilight as she took the changeling foal, "although I am worried," she bounced the infant a bit before setting said filly on her lap, "from what you told me she doesn't feel safe around her siblings or Spike. Care to elaborate?"

Chrysalis gave a warm smile to the foal that was now in Twilight's lap, this earned her a short laughter of joy from the foal, "She's a spell collector, that means she's usually attracted to high magic creatures and individuals. Maybe her properties make it so that she's only comfortable with places and ponies that have a naturally high magical capability or potential. You're an alicorn, that means your natural magical capabilities are typically through the roof, I as a changeling queen am one of the most powerful sources of magic she'll encounter in the majority of her days."

"But dragons, like Spike, also have very powerful magical properties."

"That mostly goes towards maintaining their bodies and systems, what little she's picking up isn't enough for her senses to register as safe. I think she's identifying high magic sources as something safe, you and I are the two greatest sources of magic she's been able to pick up."

"That makes sense, we need to find a way that helps her feel more safe in the right situations. With this quirk of hers, she might decide to get comfortable near something potentially dangerous."

"You're right, but I'm having trouble finding how to do that. Ever since we became aware of her willingness to only be near me, which has been the case almost since she hatched, I've tried dozens of methods to get her more used to her siblings, none of them have worked. I have a new idea that I'll be implementing tonight, and tomorrow I'll introduce you to Violet Emerald."

"She has a nice name, any particular reason why?"

"Just gather up your best friends, I'll explain it to all of you."


After a few hours, Chrysalis and her girls had to leave Twilight's, everyone had lunch there. When they got home Chryslis made dinner and made sure that all her girls ate it, some were more interested in turning their citrine laced fruit salads into art projects than eating it said food. Keeping twenty-four changeling foals in line at the dinner table was far more difficult than it sounded on some days. After dinner Chrysalis decided to retire to her room, it was time to execute her plan. She had whispered to Spike almost as soon as they had gotten home, he was always on board with her plans to help the girls grow closer to each other. The plan was quite simple, around half the girls would sleep with Chrysalis while the other half slept with Spike. The idea was that the girls would get so used to each other in their sleep that even Focus Crystal would feel safe around her sisters.

"Alright girls," said Chrysalis, "I'm headed to bed. Who wants to join me?"

All of the girls that were not in near her, Focus Crystal physically close to her mother. "Um," said Satin Care, "why did you say that, mom?"

"It's part of new plan," said Chrysalis, "some of you girls will join me for the night while the rest of you join your father, now I'm headed to bed," she scooped up Focus Crystal in her arms and snatched up Violet Emerald (with the gem that she had dug up and was now suckling, but not trying to eat) in her magic and headed to her room. Novel, Dusk and Satin scurried after her, along with several other foals. The rest rushed to their father's sleeping area, when they got their Spike was visibly surprised, but also quite happy that so many of his daughters wanted to join him. All in all only eleven foals were joining Chrysalis while thirteen were joining Spike.

Her small collection of foals ringed her on the bed, making a sort of nest about her, the only exceptions to this were Focus Crystal, who cuddled up her her mother's chest, and Violet Emerald, who was cuddling up on her mother's tummy. Spike found himself with a similar configuration. Before long, the sound of everyone sleeping filled the chambers.


The next morning Chrysalis woke to a camera flash and the sensation of the two foals that had used her as an overly large pillow doing their best to get as close to their mother as possible for comfort. Chrysalis blinked the bright light away to see the image of Pinkie with the newest model of camera in Equestria in her hands and a big smile on her face, said mare was also in a circus themed dress with her daughter in a carnival themed dress next to her holding a clipboard that had Pinkie's cutie mark emblazoned on it.

"Pinkie," said Chrysalis, who then looked like she took a moment to think, "it's five in the morning on a school day, and you thought it would be a good idea to bring your daughter here this early so you could take pictures?"

"Oh, don't be silly," Pinkie giggled, "we just brought the cameras to take pictures of some of your chambers for a point of reference, some of the foals with birthdays coming up told us they wanted a cavern themed party, we thought some of your tunnels and chambers would make a great point of reference."

"But then when we saw you curled up with your foals on the bed mom just had to get a few pictures," said Cherri, "it was just too cute to not memorialize."

"Care to explain why you couldn't have waited for a more reasonable time to visit," said Chrysalis, "you just frightened the two foals I was going to go visit Twilight with. Crystal needs to develop a sense of security around several different ponies around town, and your behavior this morning didn't quite help to endear her to you. Actually, I think you just made it so all the girls in here might be a little afraid of you two."

"Well, I have to go to school at seven and mom really didn't want to all this stuff without me," said Cherri.

"And I really can't do this sort of thing in the afternoon, that's when things always seem to pick up," said Pinkie, "I really sorry, I'm usually a lot better with foals, I absolutely adore them."

"Well, you've just made it harder to connect with half of the girls. Novel, Dusk and Satin might have developed a resistance to your eccentricities, but the rest of the girls are only a few months old, they're still getting used to a lot of things. Add the fact that at least one of those foals has security issues and we just recently learned something important about another one of those foals, which I am planning to address to you and your friends later today, and you have a recipe for some possibly traumatized foals. It probably wouldn't have been as bad if you'd left out the flash."

Pinkie and Cherri both drooped their ears as the sobering realization fully dawned on them. "Oh no, they're going to hate me forever," cried Pinkie.

"They'll probably forget how scary it was by their first birthday," said Chrysalis, "besides they'll have to start getting used to new things eventually, they won't be spending their entire lives in these tunnels. Spike's a better digger than me, when he wakes up you can discuss with him on how to emulate the cavern look or when my meeting with you girls later today is over we can discuss making some 'Party Tunnels' near your place."

"I think we'll go with with both," said Cherri, "mister Spike might be the better digger, but you're more knowledgeable about underground networks. I mean, look at this place, it's incredible."

"I also had no input on it, my prior hive worked made this place without my knowledge and dropped me here with a certain ritual that also happened to drop Spike in the place as well. I oversaw the creation of the colony in the Badlands, which is now sealed off as a memorial tomb."

"Oh," said Cherri, "but the same changelings that made this place made that one too, but since this one's newer it's more refined, right?"

"In a way, yes," said Chrysalis, "but that one was made with the intent of holding a few thousand members, the most this one is meant to hold is a few hundred. So, it's actually much smaller than its predecessor, but more detail was put into its creation. The throne room, in particular, was actually more intricate than its appearance would let on."

"What throne room? I don't remember ever being to a chamber called that before," said Cherri.

Pinkie giggled a bit before saying, "Chrysi and Spike converted it into a family room after the triplets were born."

"Well, to be more accurate," said Chrysalis, "we did that after Luminous Seeker was born, after we got back home from Spending Hearth's Warming and the New Year celebration with Twilight's family we went about turning the throne room into a family room."

"Well, Cherri," said Pinkie, "we got all we needed to. Let's leave Chrysi to her day."

Chrysalis would have asked if they had given the same treatment to Spike, but she surmised she already knew the answer. She spent the next half hour calming her daughters down before making her way to the kitchen area, which amusingly was another converted chamber. While she couldn't actually cook anything in this kitchen she could still make some of the more chilled foods.

As she had done many times before she started getting out the ingredients for the meal she was making for her girls while humming a tune and doing a kitchen dance. The girls were all dancing along in their own distinct ways, her three oldest were showing how much they had improved over the years while the younger fillies had a much more adorably awkward way of dancing. Today's breakfast was a garden salad with a light sprinkling of star sapphire dust, the younger foals dove into it a bit too ravenously for the liking of some ponies while the three eldest were far more methodical in the consumption of their meal.

After making sure there was enough left over for the rest of the family, and further calming of her daughters, Chrysalis went to check on Spike and his half of the brood. Chrysalis and her portion of the brood didn't hear any sobbing, she figured that was a good start. When they all came up on Spike's room they found him trying to comfort the changeling foals. Who were apparently so scared they couldn't make a sound.

"I woke up to Pinkie and Cherri, I'm sure you heard it all," said Chrysalis.

Almost felt it," said Spike, "the party must be really close if they're pulling stunts like this. I don't mind helping out with making real underground chambers, it's just that..."

"With both of us preoccupied on such things you're worried about finding the right ponies to watch them all. Rarity's dealing with her two-year-old daughter, Applejack has her triplets that are around the same age as our first three, Fluttershy's been expecting a new one for a few months now, Rainbow's busy with her Wonderbolts career and I'm pretty sure Twilight doesn't have enough staff for that."

"The Apples love big families," said Spike, "they're used to that sort of thing, all we have to do is know enough days in advance and we can ask them have some of their extended family come down to help watch the little ones."

Chrysalis just shook her head, "If Focus Crystal hasn't broken free of her extreme attachment to me that might prove more difficult, not to mention how much of a little troublemaker Violet Emerald is." Emerald playfully stuck her tongue out for a few seconds.

"It's a good thing you're seeing the girls later today, it looks like you're going to be talking about a bit more than you anticipated."

"There's some salad with gem dust mixed in on the kitchen table, how about you take your share of the brood to go eat, I'm taking my share to the nursery."

"Thanks, hun. Alright time get some food, girls, you'll get some time with mommy later."


A few hours later Chrysalis was taking her three eldest to school, with Focus Crystal and Violet Emerald in her hold. She was in a sky blue dress with a forest green hip pouch, her infants were in light green foal outfits while her three oldest were in magenta blouses with dark blue skirts. Crystal was showing discomfort at having to share her mother as a ride with her sister, but she seemed less discomforted than she normally did. This led Chrysalis to believe her plan was working, at least based on the first day after the plan was put into action, she figured Pinkie's less than enjoyable appearance had somehow played into it as well. After dropping the girls off at the school, and giving some greetings to some of the foals there, Chrysalis made here way to Twilight's palace, with Crystal and Emerald now riding on her shoulders with her hands supporting them.

Soon as they arrived at the castle she noticed Twilight was already outside, said purple mare waved a greeting to her. When they got closer Twilight said, "And who is our new little friend?" She took Focus Crystal in her arms shortly after saying this, said changeling foal giggled with delight when this happened.

"This is Violet Emerald," said Chrysalis with quick bounce of the infant, which induced a giggle from the foal, "she's a very special type of changeling, and what I want to hold meeting with you and your friends about. Pinkie kind of scared her, Crystal, and a few of the other foals this morning."

"Well, she means well. And the rest of the girls will be here in a bit, they just have some important stuff they need to take care of before coming over."


A couple of hours later everyone was sitting around a meeting table, Crystal was still in Twilight's hold while Emerald was still in Chrysalis's hold. Everyone of course had to gush over the cuteness of the visitors for a bit.

"So," said Rarity, "what is the purpose for this visit?"

Chrysalis gestured the foal in her hold, "This little darling, her name is Violet Emerald, and she's a very special kind of changeling."

"All o' yer girls meet that description," said Applejack

"We have to know," said Rainbow Dash, "why did you say it that way?"

"Because she just showed the first sign of what she's capable of yesterday," said Chrysalis as she reached into her bag and pulled up the green gem Emerald had unearthed, "she found and dug this up all on her own, and her father says if he has to watch her do that again he'll suffer a heart attack."

"It was that precious? Oh, now I want see for myself," said Fluttershy.

While they were saying all this Chrysalis set the gemstone down on the table, within arms reach of the infant, and said infant picked it up and started suckling on it.

"Augh, my heart," said Pinkie and Rarity at the same time as they clutched their chests and fell out of their chairs, in their own distinctive fashion.

"I have to admit the sight is adorable," said Twilight, "but you said she found it herself. We need to see what else she can find," while the lavender mare was saying all this Emerald gave her now drool covered gem back to her mother.

"I agree, but we need to find out how to test it. Also for some reason she refuses to even try eating this gem, in fact she goes out of her way to keep anyone from trying to eat it."

"Well, she can't divine where the gems are, unlike my gem finding spell," said Rarity, "can she?"

"No, she sniffs around for what she's looking for," said Chrysalis.

"If that's the case, then maybe we should go outside and have her show us," said Twilight, the other five mares nodded in unison.

They got up and headed outside, after they were outside Chrysalis set Violet Emerald on the ground and said, "Okay, Emerald, go find something for us," the changeling foal just blinked at her a bit then tilted her head a few degrees to the left before giving another blink. She then started sniffing around, Rarity clutched her chest again, this time Applejack and Rainbow Dash followed suit. Emerald trotted around a bit as she sniffed, she stopped a few feet in front of Fluttershy and started digging, after a few minutes she came back up with what looked like a wet clump of dirt, to give some sense of reference they weren't near any known large water sources and it was pretty dry morning.

"I think she just found water," said Fluttershy.

"In a sense she's like a dowsing rod," said Twilight.

"She can sniff out potentially vital resources," said Rainbow, "do you know how awesome that is?"

"Dragons like to eat gemstones," said Rarity, "so developing an ability to better find them with Spike as the father makes sense, but for it to go as far as being able to efficiently seek out other potentially vital resources as well is remarkable."

"Yeah," said Chrysalis, "she's a our little surprise miracle, my magic is unfamiliar with the kind of changeling she is, which means that she's a whole new kind of changeling. One with the ability to seek out resources. I brought her to you girls for two reasons, the first being giving Spike a break from her potentially cute acts."

"Yeah," said Rainbow, "we've only known her a few minutes and she's already threatened to stop our hearts."

"And the second being," continued Chrysalis, "to allow you girls to come up with a name for the kind of changeling she is, once the name is decided and I officially recognize it my magic will always identify changelings with her distinct magical identifier as what kind of changeling she is.

"I don't have an idea of what to call what she is, other than something awesome," said Rainbow.

"I don't know what to call her either," said Rarity, "but it should be something elegant."

"Seeker sounds good ta me," said Applejack, both foals just blinked at her.

"I'm letting her decide," said Chrysalis, "so ,if she doesn't go for it then it doesn't happen."

"Resource Hunter has a nice ring to it," said Twilight, "although that last part might have a bit of a bad connotation to it."

"I think it should be something cute," said Fluttershy, "like Cuddle Burrower," this caused Rainbow and Rarity to give her a deadpan stare, Applejack and Chrysalis facepalmed and everypony else just shook their heads while the foals just blinked at her.

"Twilight said it best," said Pinkie, "after all her abilities do make a bit like a 'dowsing rod', so how about we call what she is a Dowser."

"That sounds like a poorly named video game villain to me," said Rainbow.

Emerald on the other hand clapped her hands and giggled with delight."Well, I guess that settles it," said Chrysalis, "we'll call the kind of changeling she is a 'Dowser', after all, I did leave the decision up to her."

"Well," said Twilight since she found water in front of the castle I'll start a project bring it up for the town to enjoy, maybe a fountain or well. Rarity, you have a better sense of aesthetics than me, Applejack is usually the most practical among us. The three of us will work on drawing up ideas for the project, although I think it only be fair that Violet Emerald be involved in this project as well, after all she did find the water, so it's only fair that she have some involvement in the project. Besides, this for the whole town, and maybe having a foal decide on some of the drafts could help us, I'll see what books I can dig up on the subject."

"Tell us when you're starting your planning session," said Chrysalis, "but I should warn you, Emerald is bit of a troublemaker and is overly playful at times."