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This story is a sequel to Remnants of Equestria: SSTT

Not many can claim to have a relationship quite like the members of team SABR (Saber). Spike Sparkle, Ember Abagail, Zecora Brooks, and Sunburst Rivia have been placed together, for better or for worst. Nevertheless, the team aims to be the best there is.

And that can only be proven at the Vytal Festival.

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*Reads just because of the Spike picture*

Spike is the lone-wolfdragon badass and Ember is freaking adorable when she tries to act like she don't care.:rainbowlaugh: Glad to see this is back.

Hmmm spike story where he gets to fight and possible ship with ember.......you get a fav

7435017 I like it too. Can't wait to see more from this!

(Sees title) Can't resist the reference:

7434841 Did it tickle your fancy?

7435017 Good to see you back, Nova.

7435572 Cool, a fav.

7436082 I always wanted to get into Fate/, but could never find the beginning.

7443335 You can find the series on most anime streaming sites like JustDubs or similar sites.

Ooooh~ I loved that! Is Sandy an Original though? Don't think I know 'em. Also, GET REKT GARBLE! XD Awesome job, Prince!

7902276 Yes, Sandy is an original character.

So Ember's semblence is turning into... lava?

And btw there are Ember and Sunburst tags now.

Rly Ember? You think joining a bunch of mass murderer extremists is "fun"!? You can't be that messed up nor desperate for freedom.

7902674 Yes and thanks.

7903931 Ember in this sense is a dick to everyone, basically. She doesn't see them as extremist. She sees them as people fighting against the world that oppresses them, which can be argued.

7904318 While indeed the White Fang fights against oppression they do tend to do that in worst way possible.

Also, why nearly erveryone in this AU is either a jerk or downright messed up? Normally I dig personality flaws and characters that are far from perfect, but... I don't know for some reason some characters in this fanfic (and it's counterparts) are making it very hard and nearly unpleasant to read.

I am aware that Remnant is one of the most horrible fantasy/fictional worlds that I've seen, yet some characters from RWBY managed to stay good people and/or despite their flaws you want to see what happens next. Heck, even with all things going from bad to worse in the Vol. 4 you want to continue watching the show.

While I think this fanfic and it's counterparts are some of the best crossovers of RWBY and MLP, I am having a hard to decide if I want to see how this AU's story will end or not.

7904357 I suppose you make a decent point.

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